"Review": Amutorch Stainless Steel XPG3-S3 AA flashlight [Modded TIR Lenses]

Not bad! Like having little aspheric lenses up front to smooth out even a wide-angle beam.

@ Jerommel

First, thanks for your words and tips :wink:
Sorry for the heavy pics! I guess I will resize them in IMGUR before posting here. Normally I don’t do because I was not sure about what size would be better/acceptable. But I will resize them :+1:

About PWM, yes, low and medium has it, but not visible through human eye, just through a camera (or cellphone). And the small noise you may listen here and then in Low and Medium modes, also, but just if you are in complete silence or if you put the hear close to the light :smiley:

Hum, despite the clip looks one of those attachable to some lights (like those in Convoy store) this one is shiny stainless steel, and I guess it fits perfectly this light! Perhaps the design could be more innovative or different, but it does a great job, it is very strong and deep carry, only the very little top of the light is seen when on a pocket! :+1:

The original lens gives a narrow output that I didn’t like, so I bought other lenses, and it improved a lot!! I now use the flashlight more frequently because it is and looks more useful and beautiful spill/beam!
I will try to put a reflector in from a small flashlight I bought (on the way from China) and then will compare.

With few mods (mainly the lens and driver…and eventually the LED if you don’t like CW), believe that this is a pretty EDC light!
Thanks for

@ Lightbringer
Following vwpieces suggestion , I bought the lenses from here: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/219000?spm=a2g0s.9042647.0.0.a6FCsV

They are not 14mm, but closer to 15mm (without the holder). They fit well and the rest its above in the photos :wink:
The “hive” one is the one I like the most here, but I guess it’s a personal preference :sunglasses:

TIRs with a “hive” (usually called “pebbled”) are often the best, i agree.
Frosted ones are nice too.
Yajiamei (they have 2 stores on AE) has A LOT of choice in optics…
Do you have a link to the specific pebbled TIR you bought?

Thanks for telling the specific name of the lens type :wink: I just “hive’d” it because of the look! And yes, for flood beam is pretty good. I have one frosted for an S2+, but didn’t try it yet!
Yup, I just recently discovered that store (before this thread) and they have good choices in several shapes and sizes!

These are the links for these specific lenses I bought:

These have the closest size I could find on the store (and on AliExpress) for the Amutorch flashlight. Maybe there are other places, but I picked these and they’re good so far (specially the “pebbled”) :wink:

Thanks for the links. :+1:

edit: The links don’t work… :frowning:

Maybe i can search by the product ID which is in the link…

Hey that works :slight_smile: You can enter the product ID number in the AE search bar and presto!

The pebbled ones:
Available in 15, 30, 45, 60 and 70 Degree.

:person_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming:
I just clicked on the links in my purchase and put them here, so of course they wouldn’t work properly :person_facepalming:

Glad you managed to find the products and thanks for fixing the links :wink:

Yup, there are several degrees both for the pebbled and the others . Mine were both 60º degrees lenses, as the original already produces a narrow beam and I wanted floody :wink:

(Now I’m trying to put a reflector on this light, maybe today or tomorrow I’m able to write it down here :wink: )

MascaratumB - Thanks for posting this review and documenting your mods. I may just get myself one of these and a ‘hive’ lens.

Would it be worth lining the inside of the white plastic holder with some kind of shiny foil? Do you think there would be any perceptible increase in brightness?

Not worth the hassle.
Yes, some light will hit the inside of the holder, but it has to make its way back through the transition from holder surface to air to TIR at a shallow angle so most of it will bounce back from the TIR instead of joining the rest of the output.
I think even silver plating a TIR doesn’t make a significant difference.

What you could do for ‘fun’ is put some glow in the dark tape inside the head.
Enough light will excite it and you have a green after glow (but not a lot in the direction of the beam)
This only works when you don’t use the reflector shaped plastic holder.
You could put the tape in the straight holders though.

Hi Intio! Thanks for your words, glad you liked it :wink:
Hum, I must tell you that I’m not an expert on this kind of things (lenses, reflectors….I’ not really an expert on anything, I think :person_facepalming: :stuck_out_tongue: ), but my guess is that it wouldn’t bring more brightness on this, specially using a “pebbled” (“hive”) lens.

I’m not sure about what I’m saying, but my guess is that using this lens with or without holder will produce the same brightness. I’m just using the holder to help to fix the LED in the lens.

(….and just checked it and I confirm: there is no significative difference using it or not! Maybe in a light with a bigger head/bezel/led/reflector that can make a difference, but not on this one!!)

Also, as you may have seen, the holder was cut so there is not much space to place the foil. Plus, maybe that could also damage the led, unless if meticulous placed (with glue or something).

(I just looked to the holder and… I guess it doesn’t worth it (to put the foil), in any sense! Neither the brightness, nor the work that it would imply to make it go perfectly).

I’m just writing an experience with a mod with a reflector and glass lens, and a comparison between this and the TIR lenses, you can take a look later or maybe tomorrow ! Maybe that helps you to decide on the light and what to do later to mod it :wink: :+1:

Thanks Jerommel! I was writing and couldn’t see your answer! Yup, it doesn’t worth the work!
About the tape, that’s nice :smiley: Never though about it and maybe I’ll try that :+1:
Nice idea :sunglasses:
I like this funny ideas :smiley: :smiling_imp:

So, my quest in modding these Amutorch flashlights continues :wink:

Today I received a small and very cheap flashlight I ordered after seeing this review by mizou51: [REVIEW] Cheap 14500 flashlight with COB light side and little modding .
(Btw, this is a pretty light for its price, and very useful with the COB part! For indoor use, it’s pretty nice despite tint, beam and UI)

I asked him to make some measurements on the reflector to check if it would fit in these lights and…it fits!!!
So, I picked one of the already modded Amutorch (that had a 60º TIR lens), and put the reflector and glass lens of the other COB light in it.

I will show you the comparisons I’ve made! (click the photos for a bigger picture)

BEAM / SPILL with reflector

COMPARISON [L to R: Reflector > Original TIR LENS (10º-15º) > Pebbled/Hive TIR lens (60º) ]

(HIGH MODE, no PWM. Only the camera focus has changed)

COMPARISON [L to R: Reflector > Original TIR LENS (10º-15º) > Flat TIR lens (60º) ]

Pieces used with the reflector and with the Flat TIR lens

(HIGH MODE, no PWM. Only the camera focus has changed.)

COMPARISON [L to R: Reflector > Original TIR LENS (10º-15º)]

Some “conclusions”:
1 - While the pebbled TIR lens seems to drift to Neutral White, the reflector reinforces the Cool White tint;
2 – Also, the hotspot seems to produce a “yellowish to greenish” hallo (more identifiable in human sight than in these photos). I guess that a LED with NW may solve this pretty well;
3 – I couldn’t test the throw in a wider space, comparing the original TIR lens and the reflector, but it seems to me that the original lens may have a bigger capacity to throw as the beam is narrower and more concentrated that the reflector;
4 – The reflector creates a concentric circle in the outer side that is not annoying, but that at a close range is more noticeable.
5 – The PWM “buzz” (Low and Medium) that the light produces sounds the same, comparing the three lights. HOWEVER, in the one with the original TIR lens this sound is louder, a bit more, but still louder.

“And that’s all folks!”…for today :wink:

(BTW, sorry about the not-so-good quality of the images…cellphones are good but they do not capture what human eyes do!

@ Jerommel - I followed your suggestion and resized the images! It’s really light!!! Hope this works better for everyone here :+1:

So you noticed the ‘tint shift’ you get with a normal reflector.
Cool white spill and a warmer white beam (spot) with an even darker yellow ‘corona’ around it.
Sometimes the inside bit of the beam (spot) is a little darker than the edge of the beam.
This is even worse with the most modern LEDs (XP-G3, XP-L2, XHP50.2 and the latest Nichia LEDS too.)
Here’s a picture of an XP-L2 5000K in a 20mm normal reflector:

In real life it’s even worse…

So that’s the fried egg that Lightbringer raps on about so often… do OP reflectors counteract or at least reduce this?

Yeah, a little…

This helped though:


The head of that light is glued, so i can’t replace the reflector with a TIR.
So i stuck on a piece of DC-fix (adhesive diffuser film)

Yup, there’s a tint shift yes! This is a small smooth reflector, made from plastic, so the quality may not help!
As Jack Kellar asked, I don’t know if a OP reflector would avoid that shifting, but I haven’t found such a small OP reflector to try it here!

I also think that a different tint LED may not shift so much, namely NW ones.

The best option I found, so far, was the pebbled lens! The others always leave something not quite well, the beam, the spill, the spot…
At least, the pebbled creates a uniform spill.

About the DC-fix, I couldn’t find it yet, but I also didn’t search that much too!
Is that a Sofirn SP32? Mine has that same effect. But so far I’m not yet annoyed with it :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be a “flood” i think.
Spill is the bit that is not collimated by the reflector.
A TIR has a little lens in the centre to collimate what would normally be the spill.
(So a TIR is usually a ‘Total Internal Reflection’ optic plus a small lens in the middle)

Member ‘Boaz’ sells pieces of it, there’s a topic somewhere.
You can search the forum for it, and i believe a French member also has some for sale.

Yep, that’s a Sofirn SP32. :slight_smile:
I volunteered to review it so they sent me one.
It’s a nice light. I like the Cree 3A tint (5000K)

I agree, in real life you can live with it, but i think tint shift is very annoying when you notice it.
And once you have noticed it, you always notice it… :smiley:
I have another XP-L2 light with a 20mm 30° pebbled TIR and it has virtually no tin shift, not even on a white wall.

Yep, nice yellow “yolk” in the middle, cooler/whiter “white” around the outside.

I wondered how a 4C could look so yellow when it’s really not. Ceiling-bounce from my S2+ (when I scalded myself leaving it unattended 5-10min) looked quite nice overall, nowhere near as yellow.

Finally dawned on me that it’s the tint-shift doing it. Actually, that’s a misnomer. It’s not “shifting” any overall tint. Yellower light that comes out at more oblique angles hits the reflector and is focussed into the hotspot. Yellow! Less-yellow light coming straight out from the LED normal to the surface doesn’t hit the reflector but continues straight out to form the spill. White!

Through a TIR where you’re doing a better job collecting all the light no matter what the angle, it blends everything together quite nicely, giving that 4C a real 4500K look, or whatever it’s supposta be.

Thanks for the explanation about what is the spill! Sometimes I use the terminology in incorrect ways, so fell free to correct me whenever is necessary :wink:

About the DC fix, I already saw one of those posts and already participated in the thread, I may search for it! I guess that some lights can benefit from that, and maybe the SP32 is one of them, although I still like to have it like it is.
It does have that spot and tint shift, but I’m not unhappy with it !
And I agree with you, I’m becoming more and more attentive to the beams, spots, tints, tint shifts and all of that!!! :open_mouth:

Gotta try the DC-Fix to see what happens! Maybe I could apply that to other lights too… :sunglasses:
Thanks for the tip and help on this !

Yup, agree too! However, I’m still using the original OP reflector that came with the light! :stuck_out_tongue: I have some TIR around, so maybe I will try them someday !!

I just made a review / comparison between these Amutorch XPG3-S3 and with a similar flashlight from Neal using a Nichia 219C.
You can take a look at it here: Comparison: Stainless Steel AA Flashlight – Amutorch XPG3-S3 vs “Neal’s” Nichia 219C :+1:

The XP-G3 is one of the things that attracted me to this light , but is probably the worst part of it! , cool hot spot , wide yellow ring around this then a dark unlit ring , then spill, Like a target!

The change in colours across the beam is unpleasant to me, But understand this is a symptom of the newer Cree design (xp-g3, xpl-2 etc) with the phosphor higher up in the dome.

Swopped a XP-G2 into it , This gave a more uniform colour across the beam but with same rings.

Lastly put in a XML-2 , Jerommel said it would fit under the TIR nicely and he is quite right, This gives defused hotspot and less rings with no colour change , I have settled on this set up.

The rest of the light I really like , very well machined and good looking , using it with a Lifepo4 14500 , this boosts the output a bit over NIMH , modes well spaced.

Clicky is nice to the feel and stainless cap good , is a bit “ping- pong” rather than “click- click” in sound, different but fine.

Clip sticks out over the top of the light above screws and gives a wobbly tail stand, fairly easily fixed by removing clip and filing it down a little so it sits below top of light and is stands stably.