"Review": Amutorch Stainless Steel XPG3-S3 AA flashlight [Modded TIR Lenses]

Hi BLFr’s!
This is my first review attempt on the forum!
I don’t have enough expertise, knowledge or tools to provide a “full review”, so this one will focus just on some of this flashlight characteristics.
Feel free to ask questions if you want, and I’ll try to answer them the best I can!! :+1:

More or less 1 month ago I found this flashlight in a AliExpress store. Having seen the specs, I sent a message to the seller asking if it would take 14500 Li-Ion batteries, and the answer was negative and that it would only take AA batteries. Still, I gave it a try.
When buying 2 of these small flashlights, another would be offered for free! So, today I got 3 flashlights! :money_mouth_face:

Link: https://tinyurl.com/ycvyfogs (non-Affiliate link, the original is huge)
Shipped in: July, 25th // Arrived in: August, 11th
Price(for 2 lights, with seller and AliExpress coupons): 27,95€ (got 1 free light, so the price was below 10€ each)

Brand: Amutorch
Name: Stainless Steel Cree XPG3-S3 :question:
Material: Stainless Steel (body; deep and integrated pocket clip)
Emitter: Cree XPG3-S3
Batteries used: AA (I’ll talk about this later… :exclamation: )
User interface: Low-Medium-High. (Full click to get it ON; half or full press to switch mode; full press for OFF; full press and a quick press for ON will enter the next mode; always starts on LOW; doesn’t have strobe, SOS or other blinky modes) :smiley: :+1:

The package
It arrived well packed and protected, no scratch outside or inside!
Each flashlight and extras arrived in an individual tough cardbox, with a brand sticker on top and an identifying sticker on the back side.
In each box I found a flashlight, a spare switch and a spare o-ring (for the head).

The body
Very well made, no scratches, very soft to touch, but also a bit heavy. With a battery inside it is heavier than a Manker E11 or a Sofirn SF10, both AA lights.

Size comparion with: Convoy S2+ / Sofin SF10 / Manker E11 (with magnet in the tail) / Amutorch

The front and LED
It uses a TIR plastic lens that produces a narrow beam.
Considering the specs, it uses a Cree XPG3-S3, that seems legit. However, I’m not a LED expert, so…I’m just following the specs! :smiley:
Everything seem seems well centered, but due to the opacity of the lens, I cannot tell it accurately!

It has a sealing ring in the head, above the lens!

The lens
Some details on the lens…

The Tint
The tint is not greenish as it seems here, no way! The human eye perceives a blue or white tint, not green (at least not like the Zanflare F1).
But…this is the only way I can show them to you, and I just have a cellphone to take some pictures… Sorry about this!
Low and Medium mode have PWM on the photos, both using Ni-MH and 14500 Li-Ion batteries. High mode doesn’t have PWM.
The tint is more Cool White looking, more than a Convoy S2+ XML2 U2-1A, towards the “blue”.
This aspect was what disappointed me the most, the thint, but I guess this is an issue that can be surpassed with a few mods :wink:

Pictures taken with cellphone at 40cm from a white wall, and 5cm above a white surface!



Tint and beam Comparison (Amutorch / Manker E11 / Sofirn SF10)

The tailswitch and pocket clip
It has a metal (SS?) reverse click switch.
It can be easily disassembled through the outside of the tail, taking the pocket clip out and then unscrewing the metal part of the switch.
The switch is inside and gets out easily too. It seems very well made, and has a sealing o-ring.
The pocket clip has a specific space to be screwed in, and there is also space to put a lanyard.

The Pill and Driver
The pill is made in aluminum and it is not very thick.
Its extraction was bit hard, it was really well screwed in! I used pointy metal tweezers to unscrew. The driver got a bit scratched, but it works properly!
I didn’t took the driver out, but I’ll do it eventually to swap it for a new one.

Batteries used
Concerning the batteries…well, the seller said it wouldn’t take 14500 batteries.
However, I tried it with a Sanyo 14500 (unprotected) and it worked.
But: a) on HIGH, the light got very hot, hotter than what I felt with Ni-MH battery; b) as this is a flat top battery and the driver doesn’t have a spring, I had to use a small magnet in the top of the battery.
Also, I don’t know if the driver holds a 14500 for a long period without frying…Maybe I’ll try that later, though :smiley:
In terms of visible outputs, the differences are significative comparing the use of Ni-MH or 14500 cells.

Beam comparison between 2 of these Amutorch (AA Ni-MH vs 14500 Li-Ion) (1m from a white wall)



My overall appreciation
Yes, I like these lights :wink: But, some small explanation points below:

Pros, or the reasons why I like these lights:
a) the size, as they are really portable, thin and have a nice pocket clip to attach them wherever we want;
b) the host, as it is very good looking and with no remarkable machinig flaws;
c) versatility, as they can take AA alkaline, AA Ni-MH, and 14500 (despite with these it gets REALLY hot in a few moments)
d) damn, they are really good looking!! This is my first stainless steel light and I liked it a lot
e) having a free light when buying 2 of these or 1 of the bigger lights on that store! Really cool, thanks to the seller!

Not so “pros”, or some reasons that I didn’t appreciate that much:
a) the tint, as it is more Cold White than Neutral or Warm White, and on a light like this I would prefer other (warmer) tints as this will be a indoor light or close range light;
b) the TIR lens, that narrows the beam and I’d prefer to have a wider one more “spread”;
c) pill, it is thin aluminium, not copper, and it seems to let the heat pass a lot to the head. Maybe this is because of the body in stainless steel, though
d) o-rings, are a bit fragile, those in the connection between the head and the body. I’m glad they sent a spare ring for each light!
e) the mode spacing, as I’d like to have a lowest low mode, whatever was the used battery.

Options to mod
1) probably I’ll change the driver and put a driver like those used in Reylights. Despite the driver is 15mm and the pill base is 14,5mm, I think that filling it a bit well help the driver to fit the pill! But, further measures have to be taken :wink:

2) If I can find one, I’ll replace the lens for a OP reflector, or,
3) If I can find one, I’ll replace the lens for a lens that allows a wider beam
4) eventually, change the LED tint if it starts to annoy me

Sorry for not having numbers of lumens or decent photos for the beams, but this is all cellphone power, no cameras here!

Hope this helps those interested in the flashlight! :+1:
Best regards!

Very nice review :+1:

Funny that they provide a replacement switch, let’s hope it’s not too fragile.

Really like the look of this one. SS lights are good looking. I am a little concerned about the switch and it looks like going to a conventional switch will be difficult at best.

Thank you for your review and pics !
I can’t wait to have mine ! I’ll swap the stock emitter for a ~4000K Nichia and use it with Ladda Ni-Mh

Hum, the swicth concerns me a bit too, especially for what you’ve mentioned: they sent a spare one!!! :expressionless:
I don’t know if it is common for manufacturers to send extra switches, and I hope that is not a bad signal too.

Concerning the emitter, yup, a warm one would be good and I’ll probably make that swap too.
I guess that as a host and as a good looking light, this is a winner. The pill may be a bit thin, but the body itself is really cool!
Modders will mod for sure and get pretty good lights with this one :wink:

By the way, I have a question: which would be a good neutral/warm tint emitter for this one and where to buy?

I bought some LEDs on Convoy Store to make some mods (yet to come) but I don’t know what kind would be preferable for a this light.
XML2 T6-4C ? A warm XPL-HI? A warm XPG2? A….???

I need a bit of help on this one folks… :slight_smile:

Interesting review, thank you :+1:

It occurs to me that if this had the right LED in it, it would almost be an AA version of the BLF-348 :slight_smile:

My ad-blocker didn’t like your original link, by the way, but here’s one that works for me which I think is the same item:


If you contact Neal, he can ship it with 4000K Nichia :wink:

Nice review! Thanks, you are to modest :wink:
Nice light as well

Hey! First of all, thanks for your words and help!

@ Phlogiston
Yup, I think that you’re right! Another emitter would (will :smiley: ) make this a better light! Although I prefer this host to the BLF-348! Both are simple and (as far as I perceive) good, but this one has a more classy touch :wink:
About the link, I’m sorry :person_facepalming: When they are too big I normally use tinyurl.com to make them shorter and avoid lots of lines!
But yes, that is the light I’m talking about! And for what I’ve seen, their store seem to have some interesting stuff !!

@ Yokiamy
Hum, thanks for the tip! I’ll take a look at the link you sent and see what’s there for me! I don’t know if I’m ready for a Nichia, but I like a lot the tint of my Convoy S2+ XML2 T6-4C, so…maybe I’m closer :smiley:

@ The Miller
Thanks for your words! I just tried to do my best, trying to share some things and trying to learn too! That’s what BLF is for me :wink:
BTW, this light will look good side-by-side with the FW3A :sunglasses: It’s a pretty nice light that just need some modifications to be top !!! :smiley:

I have a Convoy S2+ with T6-4C as well, which is quite nice, but since i swapped another S2+ with a 219C 4000K, i rarely use the cree anymore.
If you are into T6-4C bins you’ll love the Nichia.

If you try a Nichia, you’ll not be in 4C anymore :-p

Hum, I guess I’ll have to consider that one then :smiley:

Funny thing is, when I started reading about flashlights and got my 1st good one (Convoy S2+ with XML2 U2-1A), and saw lots of things about the Nichia 219, I always thought “I’ll never get one of these, I don’t like the “yellowish” tint it has”. Now I’m considering to use a Nichia to mod some lights :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your indications!

BTW, another question, if you can help me!
These Amutorch, as mentioned above, use those TIR lens, with a 25 degrees angle, so the beam is very narrow.
I wanted to give it a more floody look.
However, I’ve done some search and I can’t find TIR lens with a more wide angle (45 to 80 degrees). Nor can I find small reflectors that fit this light.

Does anyone know if or where can I find lens or reflectors (diameter: 14-15mm; Height: 10-11mm) to fit these flashlights with a more floody type?

I’m already considering to buy some fake Hugsby flashlights to swap reflectors with these if I can’t find a place where lens or reflectors are sold…

Got an order of the SS AA in with Neal via PM. Really good price with the 219C shipped to USA. So good I bought 2.

here is a page on AliExp. with some TIR lenses.
The 17mm in the holders can be removed and are 15mm OD.

Very nice review :smiley:

@ vwpieces
Thanks for the link! I didn’t thought about that, to get the holders out! :person_facepalming:
I guess I’ll try those :wink: Last week I got some TIR lens from them but they have a larger diameter…

Meawhile, I found these OP reflectors, that seem to have approximate dimmensions:

Hum, may I ask the price of the one you got from Neal? :smiley:

@ firedome
Thanks you! :wink:


Thanks for the help Ronin42!
I spent a while reading the thread, ’cause I’ve never heard about this product! Seems quite nice to give it a floody aspect :wink:
I guess that first I’ll try to get a floody lens or a reflector, and then I’ll try this DC-fix it I can’t find a matching one.
And for what I’ve seen Boaz has been off for a while, so I’ll wait for him to get back :wink:

Thank you very much :wink: :+1:

Welcome, and sent you a PM.

Hmm, this light with the nichia sounds like a really cool setup. I have a LiPo 14500 sitting around that would work for it.

@ vwpieces

Gonna check it and reply :wink: Thanks!

You bet on that :wink: After giving it a nichia or a warm tint, we’ll become “BLFs” (best light friends) :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

When giving feedback to the seller I stressed that giving it a better tint would make more buyers happy! I don’t know if they’ll change it for a stock light, but I’m crossing fingers :wink:

BTW, I don’t know if the pronlonged use of 14500 batteries will damage it or not but, so far, the reason I found for the seller to say that it only takes AA batteries is the lack of a spring (or a solder blob) to make contact on the bottom of the driver. Or the fact that it gets a bit hot on the highest mode.