Steel EDC AA XP-G3 from Ali ? (Amutorch S3)

Does anyone know this model ?

It seems to be really compact with only 17mm in diameter and 88mm in length.
Basic L-M-H boost driver, SS tail clicky and TIR optic, on paper this is a great light for 18$ !

EDIT : Mascaratum B did a review and it seems to be a winner :slight_smile:

It looks like a Convoy clip.

looks decent, and cheap, small.

they don;t show beam pattern or color though.

or lumens for L M and H


I got 3 on the way! 2 bought, 1 as an offer! They may arrive next week, I hope!
When I get them I can make a “sort” of review. Not that technical, of course :smiley:
But for the comments on their store, it seems to be a nice light!
A similar model is/was sold in Amazon, I guess, but this seems to be better and made by a “professional” company! The other lights on their store are quite nice too!

EDIT: I asked the seller if they take 14500 batteries, and the answer was “No”! However, a buyer mentioned he was using 14500 batteries without burning the driver! So…this may be a really nice deal, if one can use them with AA (alkaline, Ni-MH) and 14500 Li-Ion!

This look pretty.
I think most of us will hope that the pill isn’t glued.

I have the JM20 and love it… not a barn burner but good runtime and plenty of brightness! I might have to try this little guy!

That looks very nice. Hopefully the clip comes as nicely smoothed on the edges as the photo.

Nice find, I bet it’s heavy for its size tho

Yes, will be heavy, but do not expect it to be as heavy as the old C3 stainless.

Nice :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m proud to have found it by myself :innocent:

I’ll buy it this month I think so I’ll make a little review :slight_smile:

I like the look of it. I think it could be a nice gift light. A gift to myself? :innocent:

Looking forward to it :smiley:

Looks good! Though I think I’ll prefer function over form and get a Zanflare F2, unless a review shows that comparatively speaking, it is a bad idea because this one is AMAZING :smiley:

I don’t know for sure about the F2, but the F2S has a XP-G2 not XP-G3 as this light has. It is also a 2AA light, whereas this one uses single AA. And, this light is steel, compared to the anodized Aluminum F2S. The Zanflare F2S seems to me to be a very well-made light, but it isn’t directly comparable to this one in any way. What is it that you’re going for?

Battery platform. What really matters to me is that it’s AA.

Well, in that case, the Zanflare is probably a better light for you. It takes 2xAA, so it will have better run time than this light. And it’s cheaper than this one by a couple USD. More-for-less! :money_mouth_face:

I just ordered it.
What matters to me is : 1*AA, as slim as possible (17mm), good enough driver without strobe and a tail clicky

Looks like a good host.
Did you order the other light you asked about, that’s even shorter & slimmer.

I was going to say something a couple days ago regarding the use of a 14500 cell, but I forgot. If you want a little more output without burning up the driver, you should try a LiFePO4 14500. Most of these boost drivers are actually rated for either 1S or 2S alkaline. So, the LiFePO4 max charge voltage of ~3.6V is close enough. Most of these boost drivers do happen to survive the 4.2V Li-Ion max charge as well, but that’s way outside the range and could cause problems.