Steel EDC AA XP-G3 from Ali ? (Amutorch S3)

Yep, getting to that conclusion :smiley: Should’ve tried to compare it to the Thrunite T10 as well (more fitting, as it’s the exact same 1xAA platform), but all is good in the hood.

Not yet, I fear that it would be more slippery but OTOH I prefer a reflector rather than a TIR…
But it doesn’t have a clip…although maybe the convoy clip would screw in the lanyard holes… could you check that ?

Eheh, same reasons I ordered it :wink: Using it with a 14500 can be a plus, but 1AA (Ni-MH) will be enough :wink:
The quality seems really good! :+1:

Hum, aren’t those a bit harder to find? Never had one of those… And normally I don’t seem them when searching for the 14500! Or maybe I just overlook them :expressionless:
The “funny” thing about this model (i don’t know if it is exactly this light) is that on the Amazon store where I found them, it is mentioned that they can be used with 14500 batteries. Being the Li-Ion the most common, I believe they refer to that type of battery…
I’ll just have to try them when I get them :smiley:
Thanks for your information about the LiFePO4 14500 :+1:

They are easy enough to find on eBay (at least for me). But, I failed to mention that they don’t hold as much energy, so run-time will suffer, even compared to Alkaline AA. :person_facepalming:

A bolt on clip isn’t really going to work but the clip from a Klarus Mi7 or DQG AA could work, may need epoxied in place.

Hum…despite liking the higher outputs, I guess that a longer runtime will may be a more important aspect for my use! Especially because I use these AA lights for longer periods of time, indoor or in places that don’t need to be light-blasted!
So Ni-MH and eventually the Li-Ion will gain some predominance!
Thanks again :wink: :+1:

Btw, CRX, that’s a quite nice one!!
I have a SS 3xAAA / 18650 light on the way, and I guess that the clip tip will be a good one to fit that light :wink:

Yeah that’s one of my ludicrous builds, one of the smallest clicky AA lights you can get with an MT-G2 , one of the largest emitters we use :slight_smile:

I received my flashlights today! I’ve done a small “review”, you can find it here :wink:
I can’t give more “numbers” or technical aspects, but here you have a glimpse at a pretty light! :wink:

With an XP-G3 ?
I would strongly prefer a TIR with those modern tint shifting LEDs.

Well, I swapped my Acebeam M10 XP-G3 (6500K) for a much warmer 2700K one and don’t see any tint shifting neither before or after.
I guess Acebeam designed the reflector specifically for this emitter.
That said, TIR are good for EDC (see Olight S series, all equipped with TIR) for close range use.

I have this one

with XP-G3 /Nichia 219c option

any one want can PM me

Do you have these Neal?
I would really like one, still doubting between xp-g3 or 219c


I forgot to insert the link :person_facepalming:
Here it goes "Review": Amutorch Stainless Steel XPG3-S3 AA flashlight [Modded TIR Lenses] .
Having seen this tint, yes, a more warm (or even neutral) tint would favour a lot this light. As well as a different lens or a reflector, to give it flood!

Ordered one (with Nichia) from Neal today!
I will keep you guys posted when it arrives

I received mine 2 days ago.
Ugly beam with the XP-G3, there is a clear tint shift around the hotspot with yellow corona :confounded:
That and the 6000K+ cold white made me swap it for a 4500K 4000K 219C… and here is my new EDC :smiley: (I have a thing for AA lights those days)

@Neal: just PMed you for a Nichia but forgot to ask which led it is? Which CRI?

I have two Nichia versions on order from Neal. I did not ask what CRI they are either. 90 would be a nice surprise…

Wow, the 4500 must be a great EDC! You got some from Clemence?

Woopsy, mine is a 4000K from Kaidomain sorry… I’ll edit my post :slight_smile: