Steel EDC AA XP-G3 from Ali ? (Amutorch S3)

Got one with Nichia from Neal and I love it :slight_smile:

Good to hear XXX man, do you have any pictures or beamshots?
how long did it take for shipping?
I have ordered one from Neal 2 weeks ago, should be on its way now, hopefully it will arrive soon!

Not yet.
Will try to do it tomorrow.

It was about 3 weeks, standard time from China to me.

I’ve got a Nichia on the way too…
Almost forgot about it. One nice SS/AA light. Can’t wait to have it in hand. Now i wish it was there. :slight_smile:

While waiting for one of Neal’s, I’ve done some experiences with those I have, with TIR lenses and a reflector!
I’ll leave the links here you wanna take a look!


Buy the nichia, you wont regret it. Its cheap too. Can be giveaways for you love ones

Received a Nichia one from Neal today.

Real nice and compact SS AA light with SS tail clicky. Nice NW tint but rather floody for what i’ve quickly seen so far. Feels great in hand but a tad heavy to my taste (it’s SS right).

One small issue i’m having is the battery lose contact easily if i bump the light…


I have received mine from Neal today and i experienced the same issue, so i took it apart, lubed all threads since they came clean without any lubrication and i have stretched the spring from the switch a littebit and assembled it again.
Now it works flawless and i really like it!
Made a small comparison against my Reylight Pineapple, both on AA and max level.
You can see that it is clearly brighter then the Reylight as the tint is about the same (4000K Nichia 219C)

It also gets a littlebit warmer though. Overall, i’m very satisfied and happy with it!

@ patmurris
I put a small magnet in the top of the cell to help it maintain the contact with the driver. It is not the best option, but it has been working so far. But I admit that stretching the tail switch spring (as Yokiamy did) or placing a spring in the driver are eventually a much better option!

@ Yokiami
Does the Reylight have PWM on High mode? In the photo it seems and I wanted to confirm that, please!
Yesterday I placed a Reylight driver in one of mine Amutorch (first with XML2 U2-1A and the with the original XPG3-S3) and I noticed that it has PWM. I didn’t know if it was defect or a driver’s characteristic, but it seems to be a characteristic, right?

Also, I agree with you that with the stock driver on AA or Ni-MH it produces higher outputs than the Reylight.
But with a 14500 battery, it seems that the Reylight produces the same or even a bit more than the stock driver.
I updated my post in case it helps anyone on this: "Review": Amutorch Stainless Steel XPG3-S3 AA flashlight [Modded TIR Lenses] - #64 by MascaratumB .

MascaratumB, apparently it does.
This post from Toykeeper is very informative, it seems that newer versions are running on a higher frequency which makes it impossible to see for the human eye.
I bought it from Bg, which was the 1st version according to Rey

Thanks Yokiamy!! Despite the driver is good, the PWM and the specially the “bzzz” are a bit annoying, mainly on 14500 cells! It’s a pit that Rey hasn’t made spare drivers of the new version… :frowning:
Thanks for the info! :+1:

@Yokiami: how did you get to the spring? The tail cap does not seem to come apart? That was just a quick look and i don’t have the light with me right now. Tweezers then?

@MascaratumB: a magnet on the driver side seems to be a good way to create a short if it so slightly shifts?

Yes, you can unscrew the tailcap with tweezers in the notches and the switch can be taken out.

Hey Neal,
Sent you a PM last week. Hope you got it. :smiley:

So far, it didn’t shorted! The pressure posed by the battery helps to get the magnet “stuck” on the top of the cell’s button (on Ni-MH). On the 14500 (flat top), it may shift a bit, as the cell is smaller but it also didn’t produced any short. The force of attraction makes it get “still” where it is placed.
But one of the best ways to solve the problem is to stretch the spring in the driver to avoid other complications! You can open it easily through the bottom as Yokiamy said :wink:

I sent him a PM about his Nichia version of this a few days ago, but I haven’t heard anything either. I’m pretty sure he’s caught up in the work involved with coordinating the GT deal. Once the next major step in the GT payments is announced, we should get a reply.

Seen on gearbest at ~15$. Nearly same price as Aliexpress.

Got a link?
Is it with XPG or nichia?

I bought the nichia version from Neil, i quite like it!

It is the standard XP-G version. Just search “amutorch” on GB.