Steel EDC AA XP-G3 from Ali ? (Amutorch S3)

With an XP-G3 ?
I would strongly prefer a TIR with those modern tint shifting LEDs.

Well, I swapped my Acebeam M10 XP-G3 (6500K) for a much warmer 2700K one and don’t see any tint shifting neither before or after.
I guess Acebeam designed the reflector specifically for this emitter.
That said, TIR are good for EDC (see Olight S series, all equipped with TIR) for close range use.

I have this one

with XP-G3 /Nichia 219c option

any one want can PM me

Do you have these Neal?
I would really like one, still doubting between xp-g3 or 219c


I forgot to insert the link :person_facepalming:
Here it goes "Review": Amutorch Stainless Steel XPG3-S3 AA flashlight [Modded TIR Lenses] .
Having seen this tint, yes, a more warm (or even neutral) tint would favour a lot this light. As well as a different lens or a reflector, to give it flood!

Ordered one (with Nichia) from Neal today!
I will keep you guys posted when it arrives

I received mine 2 days ago.
Ugly beam with the XP-G3, there is a clear tint shift around the hotspot with yellow corona :confounded:
That and the 6000K+ cold white made me swap it for a 4500K 4000K 219C… and here is my new EDC :smiley: (I have a thing for AA lights those days)

@Neal: just PMed you for a Nichia but forgot to ask which led it is? Which CRI?

I have two Nichia versions on order from Neal. I did not ask what CRI they are either. 90 would be a nice surprise…

Wow, the 4500 must be a great EDC! You got some from Clemence?

Woopsy, mine is a 4000K from Kaidomain sorry… I’ll edit my post :slight_smile:

Got one with Nichia from Neal and I love it :slight_smile:

Good to hear XXX man, do you have any pictures or beamshots?
how long did it take for shipping?
I have ordered one from Neal 2 weeks ago, should be on its way now, hopefully it will arrive soon!

Not yet.
Will try to do it tomorrow.

It was about 3 weeks, standard time from China to me.

I’ve got a Nichia on the way too…
Almost forgot about it. One nice SS/AA light. Can’t wait to have it in hand. Now i wish it was there. :slight_smile:

While waiting for one of Neal’s, I’ve done some experiences with those I have, with TIR lenses and a reflector!
I’ll leave the links here you wanna take a look!


Buy the nichia, you wont regret it. Its cheap too. Can be giveaways for you love ones

Received a Nichia one from Neal today.

Real nice and compact SS AA light with SS tail clicky. Nice NW tint but rather floody for what i’ve quickly seen so far. Feels great in hand but a tad heavy to my taste (it’s SS right).

One small issue i’m having is the battery lose contact easily if i bump the light…


I have received mine from Neal today and i experienced the same issue, so i took it apart, lubed all threads since they came clean without any lubrication and i have stretched the spring from the switch a littebit and assembled it again.
Now it works flawless and i really like it!
Made a small comparison against my Reylight Pineapple, both on AA and max level.
You can see that it is clearly brighter then the Reylight as the tint is about the same (4000K Nichia 219C)

It also gets a littlebit warmer though. Overall, i’m very satisfied and happy with it!