Review: Astrolux S1 3D Flashlight

Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture? … BG says this is not possible.
I am such a trickster I’ll tell ya, now how could I have made a BLF part thread onto a Astro S1, simple really.
Please send video, or picture and sorry for your inconvenience, geez if I ever hear that again I think I’ll crook.
Big time quality control issues, and one nicely blown up light with one click of the switch.

What it should look like:

dumb question but that state flow diagram shows no way to turn it off
how do you turn it off?

Push the button full press and release to turn off
Simple reverse clicky switch

I bought a short black one couple hours ago with “2016FNL” coupon for € 15.68

new questions:
( i have one now )

1. can it use primary lithiums ? {CR-123A - goal would be to run it down to zero, not stop at 2V }


I can’t wait to receive mine ! after watching a bunch of reviews , I ordered the short blue one + a black extension tube !

it’s nice, but who the @#$ has 18350 batteries?
you can also use 16340s, they fit

trying to decide what to get, how do the best 16340s compare to the best 18350s?

I have just received my S1, what I have bought at BG’s clearance, and there are further improvements:

A double spring at the tailcap:

Spaces for tailcap leds maybe:

And two additional rings on the short tube (plus 2 in the bag, from which I had to use one because one on the long tube was torn)

i found out it does not use lithium primary cells well, it cuts off early, thinking it is a rechargeable…
plus they are not very bright either


It is a DD driver for high modes
For low mods 7135

It is not designed to be used with primaries.

For max brightness you need a 18650 high drain cell like
Samsung 18650-30Q
LG 18650 HG2
Sony VTC6

Also good cells
Samsung 18650-35E
Sanyo 18650GA
LG 18650MJ1

One thing is missing from mine: there is no ring between the glass and the bezel, meaning the front glass is pushed to the metal housing. Below the glass there is a ring, next comes the reflector, centering ring, emmitter, etc…

I don’t know how water resistant is the light this way.

it wont affect the water tightness

the oring is still making contact to the body and the glas if the reflector is designed to push the oring outwards
half the lights I have are designed that way, only better would be on both sides

you can easily check unscrew end cap of light and try to blow air in the light like in a balloon

if its not tight unscre the bezel and switch the position of the oring

is there an extra dumb guide to changing the modes and memory? this is my first light that will allow me to change it and the diagram isn’t registering with my brain. ha.

i’m going to re-read this thread again too. there was one post on how, but i was still a little lost. i want to have 4 modes and memory on. :slight_smile:

Planning to get ASTROLUX S1 soon as my first EDC thrower 18650 light. Was wondering if there’s any issue with this light before I order them. Any advice? :wink:

Edit : hv just notice awhile ago that “wle” uses the same avatar as mine. Is it a coincidence or I accidentally copied “wle”. Am pretty sure I didn’t copy “wle” avatar……btw i hv no problem at all but just in case I did copied hl”wle” avatar. :laughing:

It's not really a thrower, but my BLF A6 (basically an Astrolux S1) is awesome!

Hi blf a6/astrolux s1 has orange peel reflector and a small head. So its more of a flooder than a thrower. :wink:

Oh gosh! Wasn’t aware of the orange peel relector on S1. But from beam shot reviews i see it throws better than S41? No?

As far as i read BLF A6 & S1 is eaxctly the same right?

With the light on, do 15 quick taps to get into configuration mode. The light will blink twice quickly, turn the light off (supposedly between those two flashes, but maybe right afterwards) to toggle between 4 and 7 modes. Leave the light off for a few seconds to get out of configuration mode and then turn the light back on to see if it worked.

For memory, do the 15 taps again, wait for the first two blinks and then turn off after the second two blinks (or in between them) to toggle memory.

I have one of these (blue ano 18350 S1 3D) as my ECD for the last few weeks. Running it on a Keepower 18350 IMR. I really like this light so far. I run it on 4 modes with no memory so it always starts on low. The tint is so nice on this light I dont want to use any of my older lights. I ordered an SMO reflector for it to maybe help it throw a little more. (still waiting so I cannot comment if it helps yet)

I was considering the OTR M3, DQG Tiny IV and Convoy S2+ shorty.

My only issue was that I couldn’t stand the clip that it comes with. I replaced it with the Convoy style clip (BG item #1029484). Even that took a bit of bending and sanding to get it closer to my liking. I used a small file on the Convoy clip to smooth out the edges and that helped. The clip that comes with the light is way too tight at the top to fit over anything other than some very thin material. It also sticks out from the light where it clips on the body, which even thought they put a “ramp” there it still wanted to tear my jeans apart. I just know the clip can be better that these two.

My previous EDC was an Ultrafire A40B. That had such a smooth clip on it. I plan to get my hands on some piano wire and see if I can bend a similar type of clip for the S1. My biggest issue would be how to attach it, but I have some ideas.

I just received a blue Astrolux S1 18350 XP-L 3D tint (With Toykeeper firmware and DD driver) from the BangGood USA warehouse. I AM blown away with this light. I have a lot of very nice lights, all much more expensive than this little econo gem, and still I am so impressed with this light. The turbo output is incredibly bright. This is essentially a high-dollar custom light at a steal of a price.

I love the beam, as the hot spot is relatively large with a clean transition to a nice wide and bright spill. Though it's not exactly a "thrower", it is quite capable of good throw on turbo.

Feeding mine with an AW IMR 18350 cell, which can provide 12A continuous current and this thing turns night into day. You definitely want a high current cell to drive this light, otherwise you're really missing out on a stunningly intense turbo output.

I'm so glad that I got the 3D tint; which is so beautifully warm/neutral. I'm thrilled. This light puts most other more expensive single cell lights to shame. Output, beam, tint, low voltage protection, mode memory, 4- or 7-output level modes. Fantastic.

I prefer running the 4-mode with Memory mode ON and am very thrilled with this pocket rocket.

Not using the clip, but I do use a custom lanyard.

I also have the 18650/18350 Astrolux combo S1 and a red Astrolux S1 18350 version in bound from BG's China warehouse, as well. I will drive the 18650 version with a Sony VTC6 high current (20A) cell.

We are living in the golden age of flashlights right now! HUGE THANKS to you folks here who were responsible for getting Astrolux to produce the S1 with these particular specifications. Every flashlight lover should have at least ONE of these! Amazing light.