Review: Astrolux S1 3D Flashlight

It helped me! Thanks a lot. I have blinded myself sooooo many times trying to change the modes. Got it today and the number of blinds are >20 already.

This thing is bright. On Turbo it so bright and warm that it burns the skin from 5 cm when held for about 10 seconds. Awesome!

Can’t get it working with the short tube though :frowning:

it in in flash sale at the moment for 25

Rolz, as you have both A6 and S1 - could you please check if the tubes are interchangeable or the threads are different in both lights? I’ve read conflicting reports but many people were sent 18350 tubes with wrong threads so this may account for the mess.

Sooo, any hints on making the short tube work? Maybe contact BG for a working one?

One thing to try is to reverse the short tube. I learned the hard way that the knurling on the body tube must face towards the HEAD of the flashlight. This is true for both the 18350 and 18650 tubes.

Hi Altonx. I just tried the S1 18350 tube on the A6 and it fits well, no thread issues. Testing with a battery it operates as expected.

Received my Astrolux S1 a few days ago and am impressed despite driver issues.

Using a brand new, freshly charged Samsung 30Q the first three modes are identical. Seems they are all Med1, so no Moonlight or Low. Med2 through Turbo seem fine (or “scary”, depending on how you look at it).

Reversing through the UI gives same incorrect modes, in reverse.

Two more anomalies:

- Hidden modes work apart from Batt Check which does not flash despite cheap DMM showing 30Q at 4.17V

  • I can’t get into Config Mode despite numerous attempts at 15+ taps, although somewhere along the way I seem to have enabled Mode Memory without any blinking sign that I’d entered Config Mode. User incompetence or broken driver?

The BLF A6 troubleshooting thread reveals a few others with somewhat similar issues so I’m assuming it’s a badly soldered or defective 7135. I’m reluctant to try to open it up and fix this myself so I’m waiting to hear if Banggood will send a new head.

If further confusion were needed it arrives in the form of a $4.95 partial refund BG issued prior to shipping to compensate for an odd error that pushed up the price by that amount after I added it to the shopping cart during a recent flash sale. The order details under My Account show it as simply “Refunded” so I may have an extra hurdle there.

A long time lurker I followed the BLF A6 development from the very beginning, signed up for the GB but held back for QA issues to settle. Finally pulling the trigger has taken me long enough to disqualify me as any kind of serious flashlight enthusiast, no matter what friends may think :wink:

Wait a while longer, fingers crossed.

Update 7th June: Banggood CS responds but suggests that it could be faulty switch. I waste a minute testing with knife blade and reply that it is most definitely a faulty driver.

Update 8th June: Banggood CS agrees to send a new head :slight_smile:

Just got mine yesterday and I am pretty impressed with this light. Only thing that i think is missing from this is the Moonlight mode on the 4 mode option, both 7 and 4 modes should have a Moon included. But i’m good, it’s not really a complaint.

I have a question about the output of the S1, what are the lumen for the 4 mode config?

Low ?? lumens
Med ?? lumens
High ?? lumens
Turbo ?? lumens

I’m using Olight 3400mAh battery.

You will probably have to search the original thread for that answer but the output does change from battery to battery whixh means there arMoonlight however is only available when using 7 modes.

I have a Astrolux S1 and I have put in it a “20mm 15 Degree Cree XM-L LED Lens” turning it to a more throw capable light.
So I ask if there is a more narrow beam optic for the same light.

Lens (TIR optic) will have less throw than reflector.

Are these rubber caps the same on the S1?

Are these rubber caps the same fit as the S1? LED Taschenlampe Leucht Silicon Taster Hats Sale - Banggood Deutschland-arrival notice-arrival notice

At work at the moment but will remind myself to check the dimensions of the cap tonight and respond.

Checking the spare switch cap supplied with the S1, the dimensions are approximately

14mm(cap diamater)x 18mm(Brim diameter)x 7mm(cap height) x 8mm(total height)

This is the right size :

Order them , they are very nice …

Thanks a lot for the help guys. I appreciate it.

I am having a hard time switching from turbo to strobe, i am still not used to its UI. :frowning:

I received my second Astrolux S1 today which I was buying as a present, oddly enough it came in a brown box instead a black box like my first one. I thought I would test it and to my disappointment it does not fit the protected cells I have. It appears the wall on the tube is thicker in the newer one, it also had a slightly more matt finish.

This really annoys me as I had originally ordered the Astrolux S2 based on my satisfaction of the S1 and S3 only to find it did not fit protected cells and now it appears the same has happened to the S1.

I do have a couple Keeppower that fit but most of my cells are protected Panasonics. Has anyone else ran into the problem of cells not fitting?