[Review] Fireflies PL47 gen II (XPL vs SST20 versions)

Fireflies is a very interesting micro-brand that most of BLFers know. Though it produced few models, but they are all really interesting. Anyone can easily find them in past reviews.
And now, after much more than the planned time, I post this review. Thought i`ve already done it, but with so many of reviews, i`ve forgotten what had already been done and what hadnt` been. Nevertheless, i believe that even with such delay, review will be useful for those, who wanted to buy powerful 21700 headlamp with flexible UI.

And it happened that I pair two of them, with different LEDs and that`s why review will be way more informative.

You can buy Fireflies PL47 at

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A very primitive design, but quite reliable cardboard box

The kit is different. I received a full set from the manufacturer, but when buying through banggood, you need to be careful - there may not be a headstrap and a replaceable tail cover with a magnet. Actually, they are also optional when buying from the manufacturer directly - you need to be careful here.

The headband is extremely cheap and simple. i left link to better one above.

The headlamp itself is made in an L-shaped format and its design is far from anything attractive. Overall, it looks like some kind of crappy aliexpress headlamp. But the audience of Fireflies knows perfectly what they are buying, and this is exactly the case when an unprepossessing appearance hides a decent filling.

In general, the flashlight is quite compact.

I placed clip wrong direction here, of course. What makes the L-shaped format of the headlamps convenient is the ability to attach the forehead to a pocket or backpack strap using a clip

The magnet in the tail is strong. again, you should buy magnet tailcap separately.

The headlamp can be disassembled into three parts.

Both the springs are thick.

The thread is large enough, greased without enthusiasm. To add lubrication or not is up to the buyer.

The button is recessed, quite convenient and it is not difficult to find it blindly. There is also a backlight (which for the headlamp, I think, is more of a decorative option than something really practical).

Cooling ribs are of medium depth, numerous and rather wide. However, with such maximum brightness, I would not overestimate their influence.

A bunch of 4 main LEDs and TIR optics above them are responsible for the light. There are also decorative additional LEDs that flood the optics with pleasant illumination in addition to the main LEDs. It looks really cool, believe me! For a headlamp, this is not as appropriate as for a hand flashlilght, but let it be - you can turn it off if dont need.

That, in fact, is all. The headlamp looks very simple, the eye only catches the nice-looking button and LED backlight.


well known Anduril

How the Fireflies PL47 II shines

I had two versions : bright XPL-Hi 5000K 4500lum and SST20 HiCRI 4000K 2500lum. And even though the latter is almost half as bright, 2500 lumens is still extremely high level ror a headlamp.

It is worth noting that when buying on the manufacturer’s website, you can choose flood or long-range (throw) optics. So, if desired, with the same XPL-HI PL47 will shine surprisingly far.

It is clear that you should not wait for long-term runtime at maximum brightness, the turbo warms up the flashlight quickly. In general, stabilization is normal for a headlamp of this size, and if you do not climb into level 6 and higher, then the brightness will not descend . And, frankly, there is no special need for this - there is more than enough light at level 5 even for outdoor use, and there will be airflow, with which the brightness is stabilized. And for a indoor use 4\75 will fit with a bang, and this mode will be enough for the whole night.

Well, if you need a bright headlamp that can keep high brightness for a long time and stable, then I can only name the ACEBEAM H30, the only headlamp I know that is cap

Hey. Thanks for this great review. I am almost to order one but I have a dude. I am looking the brighter model in 5000k. I have this options.

SST20 10W 5000K NW

PL47G2 Nichia 219B

Which one if brighter and closer to the 5000k?


SST20 if those are your requirements.

Thanks for the review! Output and regulation looks great except for the 7/7 brightness setting, looks like it’s not using the latest version of anduril with improved PID temperature regulation?

The size of the PL47 always amazes me.

Thanks a lot. By any change do you know how to contact them in the site? It show me a error when I send the message.

The email ff-light@hotmail.com doesn’t work?

Thanks. I will try it

I pull the trigger yesterday. Waiting to be shipped. I cant wait to received. I have a camp trip next month.

I just got a sst20 5000k one yesterday and tried it out lat night. I was worried i had messed up because of the green tint that everybody says comes with sst20’s .Maybe i am colorblind but it looks great to me.

Post some pictures please :slight_smile:

If somebody if interested the xpl-hi is 55$ in amazon. Normal price is 65$ in the site.


Thanks for this stellar review. I looked at the headband and Shockli 4550 on AliExpress, but I don’t understand the language (is it Russian?) and have no idea how to order. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Here’s the AliExpress page in English - Taschenlampe stirnband für convoy H1|Tragbare Beleuchtung Zubehör| - AliExpress

No translation. I ordered from Banggood instead.


Sadly, Aliexpress has a tendency to make it very difficult to select the correct language settings.

I haven’t figured out what causes it, and I can’t always fix it when it happens to me. But usually when I get linked to AliExpress, it ends up in a language I don’t speak (despite the link looking correct to me).

No problem. Thanks for trying.

“It is worth noting that when buying on the manufacturer’s website, you can choose flood or long-range (throw) optics. So, if desired, with the same XPL-HI PL47 will shine surprisingly far.”

I’ve been using the light (XPL-Hi 6500K) Along with great brightness, Anduril is the icing on the cake. However, even with the 10 degree optics I find the beam mostly a flood. In fact, it isn’t nearly as focused as my D4SV2’s with SST20’s and XPL’s. This was a real disappointment, and I was hoping for a thrower with a nicely focused beam along with enough spill to make it a practical light for walking in certain terrain near my house. My poor vision made a well focused beam especially important.

Even thought my D4SV2 with SST20’s isn’t really designed as a thrower, its beam is more than adequate for my use. (Vinh modified another D4SV2 into a truly remarkable thrower, whose beam is a bit too tight for my general use) I have various headlamps: Acebeams, Nitecores, Thrunite, etc, but the one I’ve finally found that is closest to ideal is the Thrunite TH10 V2. It is a marvelous little beast with great throw and adequate spill. Plenty of lumens at 2100. Back to Fireflies - I wonder if they sent me the 30 degree optics rather than the 10 degree. Really great light, but not for my use. I’ll give it to a friend.

Any runtime graphs? How is it with stabilization and temperature management?

Skilhunt H04R RC NW or FireFlies PL47G2 SST20 4000K?

Sorry, don’t have any of that. However, Vinh is modding one for me with different leds and his optics to make it into a real thrower. I’ll post about it when I (eventually) receive it.

The optics of the D4Sv2 are significantly larger and can focus light more tightly than the <25mm ones of the PL47, D4, FW3A, etc.