Review: Haikelite MT02


updated: 18th August 2017
Haikelite is a relatively new player in flashlight business they just celebrated their first anniversary. I have Haikelite MT07 and it is a solid thrower that is the reason why i bought another Haikelite and this time it is the Haikelite MT02. I am planning on buy more Haikelite flashlights which i will be reviewing.

Simple UI with 1 button only, i found MT07 to be more complicated with 2 buttons operation but not much
The Size is good for hand gripping.
Using 3x18650 in paralel but can also run on single 18650 but i would recommends at least 2 18650s.
Good Run-time, and usable High Mode without getting too hot.
Finishing is good, no obvious flaws
Small light but throws quite a distance this light can be classified as a thrower with good spill.

With 3x18650 MT02 is heavy.
Hot on Turbo.
Not enough flat surface to avoid rolling over your table, the flat side of the switch is barely enough to stop the light from rolling.
Soldering on the spring is not good, some user reports that the spring(s) come off. If you received yours it is recommended to re-soldered all of them.
No spring on the head so bumping/droping the light could switch it off and damage the battery positive

Data from Manufacture
—Emitter: CREE XHP35 HD
—Aluminum Alloy body with HAIII Anodize black surface Finish
—Battery: 3x18650 (Recommend Sanyo GA 18650 3500mAh )
—Aluminum Reflector
— Ultra Clear Double-sided AR coated toughened Glass lens (99%light transmittance)
— IPX8 Waterproof underwater 2 meters
—Max Brightness: CW 2500 Lumens
—Shot distance: 800 meters
—Full Current Regulation; Boost driver ; Real driver efficiency > 91%
— Build-in Anti-reverse protection in flashlight driver.
— Anti-discharge protection;
Accessories: Gift Box ;spare O Rings ; Landyard ;

Brightness Levels:
Low Low 50lumens 75 hrs
Low 250 Lumens 15 hrs
Middle 850 Lumens 5 hrs
High 2500 Lumens 105 minutes
Strobe: 2500 Lumens

User Interface:
Click on — Click off
Hold switch for 0.5 second to change mode
Dolbe click Hidden Stroble
With Last mode momery

LOCK-OUT Function:
When the light is on, fast single click + long press to lock out the switch. Fast click + long press again to unlock the light.

Attention: In turbo mode, the light will become hot , Please do not continuously use Turbo mode for over 10 minutes. If the light gets too hot in turbo mode, please switch the light into a lower brightness level to let the light cool down. The 500 Lumens medium mode is bright enough for daily use.

One thing to notice, the modes is not correct it should be:
Low Low -> Low -> Middle -> High ——> Turbo (double click)

The manual which come in the box is simply incorrect, And also the lumens figures in the manual are also wrong. I dont have accurate light meters but comparation to my other light i can say that Low low 30Lumens, low 220lumens, Medium 600Lumens, High is 1100 Lumens then Turbo is around 2000Lumens.

This have come to my attention that the soldering on the spring is not good (reported by few users) even on the last batch on my MT01(15 of August 2017). Solution is to re-soldered them. These boards came from both of my MT01 and MT02.

this is how the light is package from Haikelite. A rather flimsy padded plastic box, i supposed this is sufficient to protect the light in shipping and could also be use as a storage when the light is not in use but this is not your typical Pelican Box.

You got 1x MT02, 1 lanyard nicer than the one i got from MT07 and two spare o-rings with different sizes, unfortunately no holster. I prefer a holster with the light this heavy.


A Distribution board at the tail of the flashlight, this is not the place to insert your batteries, dont be confused.

Tailcap, you dont need to remove this to insert battery. Batteries are inserted from the other side of the tube.
Notice the three spoke pattern on the tail, yes it can Tailstand and there is a hole for a lanyard too.

The inside of the tailcap.

Single button, this is an E-Switch with press or hold activation.

Smooth Reflector and XHP35 emitter. Clean reflector no dust found inside with purple AR coating.

Square thread and enough grease, but i added more anyway. Not easy to cross threading which is nice.
Thread also anodized so mechanical lockout is possible.

This is where batteries are inserted (facing the head) up to 3x18650 can be use for long run-time.
Use less than 3 for emergency only since the light draw plenty amount of amps.

The head, and the driver.

Inside of the battery tube, 3 springs are visible which soldered to the distribution board earlier.

Size comparison to my MT07, another Haikelite flashlight.

Side by side with MT07(right)

MT02 in Hand.

The Hotspot is quite intense, this is a thrower with big spill. This is not a dedicated thrower but a thrower nonetheless.

MT02 Beamshot. (CW)

Convoy L6 (NW)

Haikelite MT07 (CW)

Burn Test on Turbo
0 Minute Mark, Ambient temperature 29c.

1 Minute

2 Minutes
Oh oh, not confortable to hold.

3 Minutes,
Getting toasty, it is already painful (for me anyway :smiley: )

This is a good light, it has a big intense hotspot probably not suitable for walking. i think SC02 and MT01 is more suitable for closer range since it’s hotspot should be less defined. The spill at the lower level is not bright enough, in the mode where the spill is bright the hotspot is too intense so if you are looking for a mid range thrower with small footprint this light is perfect and i also like the long run-time that the triple batteries offers (compared to single 18650) For a walking flashlight i think SC02 or maybe the MT01 will be more suitable especially SC02 with its flood character.

Additional data:
Battery draw Single Samsung 30Q.
low = 0.19A
mid1 = 0.57A
mid2 = 1.5A
High = 2.8A – 3A
Turbo = 6A(start) 6.15A(few seconds afterwards)

Update: Candela figures
Haikelite MT02: 69120cd / 525m (800m Claimed)
Haikelite SC01: 92160cd / 607m (600m Claimed)
Haikelite MT07: 163584cd / 797m (750m Claimed)

Video Review:

Thanks a million for the nice review. We will keep working hard to supply quality light.

A new haikelite EDC 18650 will come out soon.

The one with the display? Looking forward to it, as well as seeing more other offerings. :+1:

Cant wait to hear more of it. Sent me one :smiley:

:+1: :+1: Is it possible to compare beams and output to a stock C8 (convoy) for example? Thanks for the review. :slight_smile:

nice review :slight_smile: they look to be quality built lights. :+1:

unfortunately no, i dont have Convoy C8 but i have the old Ultrafire C8 with XML (not xml2)
The Convoy C8 with xml should have smaller hotspot.
This is Ultrafire C8 with the SMO reflector. It might not represent Convoy C8 in brightness but should be similar in beam pattern.
The Convoy C8 XPL should have even more throw i think and also smaller hotspot.

Does this light work with both flat top and button top batteries? Are unprotected cells OK to use in it?

It work with Samsung unprotected 18650 30Q with solder blob, doesn’t work without it.
Fenix 18650 ARB-L2 (68.3mm) protected batteries is too long.

I think any unprotected 18650s should work if you add solder blob, but LG HE4 should work without it as it has slightly elevated positive.

Thanks. I wonder if 18650GA protected would fit.

What might work if the batteries are a bit too long is the following trick:

- Remove tailcap

- Remove the 3 screws

- Place a ring (three times) on the screw, between the battery tube and the spring board

- Tighten everything, and make sure the o-ring is not exposed

  • This increases effective battery tube length

Cheers. :partying_face:

yeah that might work as there is a space behind the board.

Nice review Thanks.

Wonder by recommend cell is Sanyo GA 18650 3500mAh ¿?

Great review! Thank you!

Did you measure Cd?

I think Haikelite’s people are very optimistic. I achieved 127.000 Cd (712m) with original XHP35 HD dedome.

The original flashlight barely reached 500 m.

Because it provides maximum runtime while delivering reasonably high current.

Thanks. By ‘ring’ do you mean a washer?

Sorry, yes that is the correct term. :beer:

This is what i got:

haikelite MT02: 69120cd / 525m (800m Claimed)
Haikelite SC01: 92160cd / 607m (600m Claimed)
Haikelite MT07: 163584cd / 797m (750m Claimed)
Convoy L6: 78336cd / 559m

not sure why haikelite claimed MT02 as 800m throw lights? since other Haikelite throw is actually spot on.

yeah they seems overly optimistic regarding MT02.

My readings on MT02 are very similar to yours. I thought mine was underdriven. I feel better now.

Thank you.

I thought they changed to XHP35 HD because they couldn’t get a hold of the XHP35 HI emitters. Perhaps they tested with the HI version and just used this lux value.