[REVIEW] JETBeam E10R 1xAA USB Rechargeable Flashlight

What is the perfect EDC flashlight?

Between how you carry (keychain, pocket, backpack, tool belt, etc), modes (quantity, sequence, memory, programmability), size, shape, battery chemistry/size/capacity, brightness, throw, tint, runtime, primary usage, and a host of other factors, there are probably as many possible answers as there are number of people looking for an EDC light at any given time.

What gets my attention these days, is a 1xAA light capable of running both NiMH and Li-Ion (along with alkaline and primary Lithium). If it also has USB internal charging, even better.

The UTorch UT01 comes close. It ticks all the right boxes, except for internal charging. No big deal, I can live without that feature.

But then, I saw the JETBeam E10R. It has most of the same features that I love about the UT01, plus it can charge both NiMH and Li-Ion 14500 internally! Could this be the perfect EDC flashlight for me?

Banggood sent me a copy of the E10R for review. Use code 62e5dd at https://goo.gl/amRdAu for 20% off, if you’re interested.

First, the official product description (with some additions and corrections):

Features and Specifications:


  • Reflector Type: Smooth

  • Output / Runtime:
    1x AA battery:
    High: 190 lumens/1.1 hours
    Medium: 46 lumens/9 hours
    Low: 4 lumen/100 hours
    1x 14500 battery:
    High: 650 lumens /0.5 hours
    Medium: 46 lumens/9 hours
    Low: 4 lumen/100 hours

  • Beam Intensity: 4100 cd

  • Throw Distance: 129 m/423.2 ft.

  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter

  • Water Resistance: IPX-8 (Submersible to 2 meters for 30 minutes)

  • Direct recharging function via micro-USB port (NiMH and Li-Ion batteries only)

  • Multi-LED battery charging indicator

  • Remembers last used mode via memory function

  • High efficiency circuit board provides up to 35 hours runtime on lowest output level

  • 3 unique brightness settings

  • Powerful defensive strobe mode

  • Multi-function side switch

  • Stainless steel pocket clip

  • Tailstand capable

  • Titanium ring protects bezel from damage

  • Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body

  • Anti-scratch Type III hard anodized

  • Compatible with NiMH, Li-Ion, alkaline, and non-rechargeable (primary) lithium batteries


  • Weight: 1.25 oz/35.4 g

  • Head Diameter: 0.75”/19.1 mm

  • Body Diameter: 0.75”/19 mm

  • Length: 3.85”/97.7 mm

    Included Accessories:

  • Spare O-Rings (x2)

  • Stainless steel pocket clip

  • Lanyard

  • Micro USB charging cable

  • Warranty card

  • User manual

The JETBeam E10R is a handsome looking flashlight. Clad in smooth, dark gray anodization with only minimal knurling on the tail cap. Titanium ring on the head adds a classy touch to the look. Build quality is very high.

Square cut threads are anodized, allowing for physical lockout. Tail cap is magnetized but is not strong enough to support the weight of the light with battery installed. Consider the feature non-existent.

Clip is rather large and not reversible for clipping to hat. However, I like the fact that it is the loop type, not a clamp-on. This helps avoid scratching the anodization of the flashlight.

The E10R tail stands very well with its flat tail cap. Roll resistance is nicely facilitated by the clip.

Operation is simple with three modes. Sequence is H-M-L. Single press to go into last mode used, press again for next mode. Press and hold for one second to turn off light. Hidden strobe is activated with a double-click.

Modes are well spaced, and useful for most everyday situations. Although I would prefer that it has an additional sub-lumen firefly mode.

Sole tint available is cool white, probably around 6000-6500K. It is pleasant enough, although I generally prefer around 5000K.

Rather unusual for a small tube light, the E10R is equipped with the Cree XPL-HI LED and a smooth reflector, specs usually reserved for bigger throwers with larger heads. The result is a beam pattern between that of a small floody light and a thrower with a tight, distinct hot spot.

Comparison of beam patterns between the UTorch UT01, JETBeam E10R, and Astrolux S3 (please ignore tint and brightness differences)

Decent throw while retaining a good amount of spill, this beam pattern looks like a good balance for an EDC light.

Size wise, the E10R is on par with my other AA light, the UT01. It is actually slightly thinner than the UTorch, which I appreciate. Fatter lights discourage me from carrying them in my pocket (I don’t use a backpack), that’s why I don’t EDC 18650 lights. They are just a tad too fat for my taste.

The one thing quite noticeable regarding size, is that the E10R is longer than other lights in this class. This is probably to accommodate the recharge mechanism. It’s not necessarily a strike against the light. Longer lights provide better grip for people with larger hands.

The recharge port (micro USB) is hidden inside the light. To access it, you unscrew the light to essentially separate the light into two parts. Many argue that this provides better water resistance, compared to those lights with the port on the outside, secured with a rubber flap.

Charging for NiMH battery stops when the indicator light turns red. For 14500 Li-Ion, charging stops when the indicator light turns blue.

Li-Ion charging stopped at 4.22V for my eFest 14500, which is within acceptable range.

However, as some have reported, NiMH charging for this light, along with its smaller sibling, the E01R, stop prematurely for some reason.

I tested NiMH charging three times. It invariably stopped between 1.37V - 1.38V. Attempts to continue charging by unplugging and reinserting the charging cable were thwarted as the indicator light went from green to red again within seconds.

While not being able to internally charge NiMH batteries to ~1.5V is less than ideal, personally I don’t think it is a deal breaker.

If you use the E10R sporadically, you probably only need to plug it in a couple of times a week and you’ll always have enough power to take you through the day. The fact that you can plug it in just about everywhere (at home, in your car, at your work desk, using a power bank, etc.) makes it much more convenient that carrying an external charger.

This is my first encounter with a JETBeam light. I am impressed with its high build quality. The E10R ticks many boxes for my idea of a perfect EDC light, including internal charging. Despite it’s shortcoming with NiMH charging, It is a strong contender for anyone looking for the ideal EDC flashlight.

Good review. Too bad about NiMH charging stopping prematurely.

The only other trade-off is that the charging capability adds a bit of length to the light which may or may not deal-break depending on how big you want your EDC to be.

Also, I love the Hello Kitty battery that you included for reference. :wink:

Aren’t NiMH cells supposed to be ~1.4V when fully charged?

Those Kitty eneloops are my favorite cells, even though they are not FDKs.

They should be in the high 1.4s. At least that’s what most external chargers charge them to.

I have 3 units of E10R, all stop near 1.38-1.39V: that means (I have measured) that we insert around 500-600mA in a 2000mA battery……this is unuseful for charge NiMH, but charge ok the 14500.
1.38 V is good Voltage for a NimH after some hours or days of charge, but really: inside this E10R (in the moment of highest Voltage ) the battery never get more than 1.38-1.39V, and normally battery NiMH with a good charge reach 1.5V in some moment.

I agree that NiMH charging for this light is underwhelming. I’m just saying, from a practical standpoint, if you EDC this light and only use it sporadically, it shouldn’t be an issue if you plug it in a couple of times a week.

If you’re going to be using a light extensively, even a fully charged battery may not be enough.

Certainly a handsome little light

I just looked them up on eBay. Ironic that Eneloops featuring a Japanese character are made in China.

Got one for a friend, just received. Veeery nice!

Anyone dismantled the head? It'd be nice to see if the emitter is an easy swap.

MCPCB size? Hope it's 16mm…

too long.
shortness is the main thing for me in EDC.
this thing is about 25mm longer than it needs to be.