Review: Lidl Smart Home LED Bulb E27 9W

The bulb itself utilizes the standard E27 socket. It only weighs 71 grams, which doesn’t instill confidence in the heatsinking department.

The bulb is sold in Lidl under the LivarnoLux brand and promises an adjustable color temperature range of 2200 to 6500K with dimming functionality.

The bulb is compatible with Zigbee products. This is great as I didn’t want to buy another gateway.

I only bought the LED bulb, not the starter pack that also contains the gateway and remote. On my Ikea ecosystem consisting of a gateway, remote and app, I couldn’t access the coolest white mode the Lidl bulb should offer. CCT control doesn’t work at all on the Ikea remote. Also the gateway and app think that the Lidl Bulb is RGB even though it isn’t. That’s why my testing is limited to 2200-5200K instead of the advertised 2200-6500K. From the flicker oscilloscope tests it was apparent that there was still some LED CCT mixing going on at the coolest mode I was able to achieve.

The product number is IAN 334392_1910 and is manufactured on 06/2020.

Ample output of 806 lumens and a CRI Ra of 95+. That sounds great!

Adding the Lidl bulb to the Ikea gateway went without a hitch using the Ikea remote’s pairing button. The remote only controls power and brightness, not the color temperature.

Ikea gateway thinks this is an RGB bulb even though it isn’t. White CCT modes are limited to 2200-5200K so the coolest mode is not available for testing.

Color temperature and tint on a CIE chart in different CCT modes.

CRI results in different modes

CRI data on the warmest mode (2200K)
Nice warm temperature with a slightly rosy hue of duv –0.0026. This should please many. Spectrum drops off quite early so reds won’t render as vividly as some people might want. TM-30 values of Rf 91/Rg 101 are good.

CRI data on the next mode (2700K)
Adding some output from the cool white LEDs raises the color temperature to incandescent range. Duv value decreases significantly, which is expected. The light is visibly rosy and pleasant. CRI improves a bit.

CRI data on the third mode (3600K)
The results on the middle mode are very good. Reds are getting more pronounced while the overall tint is quite magenta. This is not a bad thing as long as you don’t have any more neutral light sources near you.

CRI data on the 4th mode (3700K)
Next mode up is visually practically identical to the previous one. The Ikea app can’t really take advantage of the bulbs as well as I’d like.

CRI data on the 5th mode (5100K)
The fifth mode is visibly much cooler than the previous. Here we have very good color rendering, but the hump at blue wavelengths isn’t ideal. Overall tint is very neutral and close to daylight.

CRI data on the coolest mode the Ikea app allows (5200K)
This is the highest the Lidl bulb will do in my system. It’s practically the same as the previous mode.


Flicker on warmest mode at 100% brightness. Shouldn’t be visible to the naked eye.

Flicker on warmest mode at 50% brightness. Flicker is visible to sensitive eyes.

Flicker on warmest mode at 5% brightness. Easily visible.

Flicker on coolest mode at 100% brightness (Ikea control limits CCT range to 5200K). Here we see that the different LED groups are still being mixed, since their PWM timing is a bit off. Flicker isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Flicker on coolest mode at 50% brightness (Ikea control limits CCT range to 5200K). Flicker may be visible for the more sensitive people.

Flicker on coolest mode at 5% brightness (Ikea control limits CCT range to 5200K). Flicker is clearly visible when the lights are in your peripheral vision and you move your eyes.

Electrical conditions during the test. Power consumption on maximum brightness varies between 8.1 and 8.4 watts depending on the CCT.

Overview of the results

Output exceeds the rated 806 lumens at the cooler CCTs.

Idle power consumption was measured at 0.27 watts.

Wow the tint is really good on this one! Too bad it’s not available in the US

This looks very good, thanks for the test.

Did you check if it makes any noise (buzzing/whining) ?

Slight 1kHz whine when dimmed. Only audible with the ear right next to the bulb so nothing to worry about at least on my one sample.

I have hyperacousis so usually when somebody can hear something with the ear right next to it, it means I can hear it in the room, but if there is nothing without dimming that’s good. Thanks.

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