(Review) Lumintop GT mini

Today we will be unboxing and reviewing the brand new Lumintop GT Mini, this is a wicked little light that is small and throws far. We will also be comparing range tests against the Emisar D1S, a similarly sized and powered mini thrower

Watch and enjoy!

Sweeeet, will watch later.

very nice video and beamshots!

Nice work. I was about to pull the trigger on the D1S a few days ago but held off as the GT mini was still in transit (now arrived). Looking at you video, glad I did. Seem pretty closely matched.

Yea it’s pretty much the same output but I prefer the GT mini because of the UI and size

Thanks for watching!

Thank you!

Nice review!

Waiting for your comparison video between the GT Mini and the D1S… (kindly post the link when you’ve done it…) Thank you.

Will do and thanks!

Are there different brightness modes or is it just the 1 mode only that gradually steps down? Manufacturer site and stores barely list any details about it other than the throw and brightness.

Can it last a full night of occasional spotlighting use?

This light uses the NarsilM UI which you can find details about here
The default setting is called ramping mode where it starts off low but gradually brightens if you hold the button down. You can change it to a mode that has set levels if you prefer.

As for how much use you’ll get it will depend very much on how often you use turbo mode, but turbo is really only used to impress your friends. With careful use, making sure you use just as much output as you need, it should easily last several nights.