“REVIEW”: Lumintop GT Nano – 10180 / 10440 – NarsilM 1.3 – Osram KW CSLNM1.TG [Pic Heavy]


This is my review of the Lumintop GT Nano flashlight.

The flashlight was bought from www.nealsgadgets.com (non-affiliated).

Thank you Neal for the fast shipping (10 days from shipping to arrival) and for the 10440 tube :wink:

To check some more information about this flashlight, check:

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DISCLAIMER: I don’t do runtime, lumens or candela measurements. If this is important information for you, please consider searching other sources of information. Or…buy yourself the flashlights and the tools for that :wink: Thanks for understanding!


Body Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium
Emitters: Osram KW CSLNM1.TG (aka W1)
Lens: Glass, AR Coated
Reflector: Smooth
Battery: 10180 3.7V Li-Ion (included) / 10440 3.7V Li-Ion (not included)
Switch: Electronic Side Switch
Max runtime: NA
Max beam distance: 300m
Max output: 450 lumens
Candela: 23400cd
Waterproofness: IPX8
Impact resistance: NA
Low Voltage Warning: Yes (detailed below)
Reverse Polarity Protection: NO :frowning:


PACKAGE: Flashlight and Accessories

First I gotta say this: I was hesitant to buy this flashlight! For a while, it was the non-existence of the 10440 tube (which then saw the daylight :partying_face: ) Then I saw people mentioning “it is a toy”, “it is a gimmicky thing”, “it’s so small”… But, you know, I like small lights, so I decided to give it a try. :wink:

As I was going to buy the FWAA from Neal, I reached him and asked about the 10440 tube and he managed to get me one. So, thank you Neal!!

In the flashlight box (thick cardboard box, Lumintop branded, with foam inside) I found: GT Nano flashlight, 1 lanyard, 2 o-rings, 1 carabiner with split ring, 1 user manual, 1 USB to Micro-USB cable, and 1 charging adapter. ´

The flashlight had the 3.7V Li-Ion 10180 battery already installed and protected on the + pole with a plastic sheet to prevent activation or draining during shipping

The 10440 tube was carried inside one of the FWAA boxes.


What can I say about the GT Nano? It is definitely a short flashlight when using the 10180 tube :smiley: It is cute! Really! But then you turn it ON and ‘BANG!’ you see that beam of light out of it and think “How dare you?” :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know what to expect from this flashlight, it could be just a hype, or it could be just a toy. Or it could surprise me, and it did, not only for the size, but also for the output, both the lower and the highest! This thing throws far :o
And this thing is also dim as few lights.

From the top to the bottom, what it has:

  • unscrewable bezel without any etching or engraving

- AR Coated glass lens, o-ring, SMO aluminium reflector and white gasket, above a DTP copper MCPCB, in which the Osram LED is installed

- in the head there are some cooling fins right above the side e-switch that is covered by a rubber button

- under it there is a location RED led, which can barely be seen, only in the dark and at close range

- below the switch there is the engraving of the flashlight model and the Serial Number

- the 10180 tube is only a bit taller than the size of a thumb finger nail, and it has triangular threads, an o-ring and a spring inside

- the spring seems a bit loose inside, but it never felt from the tube

- the tube also as some knurling and a lanyard hole, and on the bottom there is the “bunny” logotype on white

- as for the 10440 tube, it also has some knurling and some flat parts, a layard hole, an o-ring, but it has no bunny logo on the bottom :frowning:

- the 2 tubes have different anodizing types, being the 10440 a bit more shinny than the 10180 one

- I tried the lanyard in both tubes and it can be attached…with some pointy help, as the holes are quite small

- as for the split ring in the carabiner, it can be put in the lanyard hole, but then, due to the thickness and shape of the ring, it cannot be maintained there in a functional way

- the charger adapter can be fit in both tubes, but I only managed to make it work with the 10180 battery, maybe due to threading issues of the type of battery

Here you have the reflector and lens measurements for eventual modding or replacements :wink:

Concerning ergonomics the flashlight can be operated both with thumb or index fingers, depending on the position you want to use it and eventually the chosen tube configuration.

About the weight and dimensions, well…the GT Nano is a reaaaally lightweight flashlight, even with the batteries in it!
With the 10440 tube, it becomes a bit longer, but even with that it is a thin flashlight (despite the larger head)

As for the charger adapter – to be used with the 10180 battery - , it can be used with the included cable or other Micro USB cable you have around. It has a plastic screwable protection where the flashlight tube should be put.

When I tried to use mine I had some trouble making it work well, as there was no contact between the pads inside. Then I made it work and charged the small battery.

When charging the light is RED and when charged it becomes GREEN!

I am not able to make a current test either! So…I’ll be punished in hell for that, I’m sure :smiling_imp:



Similarly to what I’ve just done in the review of the FWAA (“REVIEW”: Lumintop FWAA – 14500 – Anduril 2 – Triple Nichia 4000K & 5000K [Pic Heavy]), I will not get into details about the user interface. NarsilM has been detailed and explained before in charts, threads and videos and in the User Manual the explanations are (at least to me) clear on how to change between the different settings and modes.

I’ve tried both and I can tell that I prefer the Ramping settings, and I enabled the moonlight mode to be the lowest possible! I really like how low it can go!

I wish there was the possibility to use other levels as “momentary modes”, including moonlight, but it doesn’t seem to be possible.
Apart from this, the Ramping setting provides a simple and “no-brain” interface, with ramp up and down and quick access to turbo! Me likes :wink:
click for larger photos



Time for some flashlight comparison, showing how tiny the GT Nano can be, and how big are other lights too :stuck_out_tongue:

Vs AAA Flashlights (unbranded zoomie, Sofirn CO1S. Nitefox K3 Mini, Tool AAA Ti, Lidl Zoomie)

Vs DQG Slim Ti 1/2 AA




And now let’s “let” this Nano shine.
There is no visible PWM, both at human sight and on camera. Only that “flicker” from the driver, but not visible if not zoomed to a close range.

The minimum range of this light goes from 0.5m to 1m on the lowest moon level, up to – at least – 290m , as seen on the photos below.

I really like the beam of the flashlight, specially outdoor, as some of the artifacts on the beam caused by the type of LED and SMO reflector are not perceivable. It really throws far for such a small light.

It also gets hot quite fast, given the thin walls and good thermal path. I didn’t get any blueish tint when using 10440 battery.




130 m


I made a comparison with my Eagleye X3R, which I moded some time ago with the same type of LED, led4power driver and smooth reflector. Here’s a comparison between both, the GT Nano is on the left.

I will try to get some even cleaner beamshots if the night lets me :smiley:



Some “glam” photos before overall appreciation :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, this tiny GT Nano flashlight, which I prefer to use in the 10440 version, is a really cute light! I do not agree that it is a toy, but I acknowledge that it may not be taken seriously as a “flashlight” if someone is looking to use it other way than a keychain flashlight or for some small bursts of light in a throwy way.

I see myself carrying it for some fun but also for something more than that, despite the short capacity batteries and the fact that it gets hot fast on Turbo. I find it funny to use, but not gimmicky, though.

I do not see it as a “fragile” flashlight, despite I guess it must be well taken care of, to make it last!

I like it compact size even on 10440, being a well built flashlight without apparent flaws. I wish the switch red backlight was stronger although it could imply bigger drain for the already small batteries.

The lanyard holes on the tubes could be a bit larger to make the lanyard and the split ring enter more easily.

I also think that BLF designed a great light (the GT) and that despite this is a miniature GT, it proves that the concept was good and that there was a great work making it!

If you have any questions or comments, let them come!

This is a great review and you have the same serial number as mine.Thanks,HB

Thanks for your words Hot Brass :wink:
Well, about the SN, maybe it is referring to a batch instead of a singular sample?

Just had the chance to take some more long beamshots and I got impressed again. I saw the GT Nano reaching +400m.

Wanna see?
House (center) is at 190m, building (right) is at 405m!!!

I gotta say: I’m impressed! Of course this doesn’t last forever, due to heat and battery capacity, but it is a throwy light indeed!! :o

Nice pics!You are probably right about the serial number,most likely as you say,just a batch number. I have a few pocket lights,but this one outthrows them all.Thanks,HB

Yeah, that is my guess too and maybe other have the same as us :smiley:
In any case, it is probably a good batch as you’re happy with yours and I’m with mine too! This definitely is a WOW light :wink:

I forgot to test one thing concerning this light and other 10440 tubes: I tested my Nitefox K3 tube and it doesn’t activate the GT Nano.
I tried to tight it more and still nothing. So, I guess that some (successful) experiences some people had, cannot be taken as granted to work.

I am glad I bought the 10440 tube instead of relying on the K3 tube :smiley:

great photos and comments, thanks for taking the time
I really enjoy your Overviews

glad you got the 10440 tube
saw a post they are available in copper and brass now too

Thanks for your words jon_slider :wink:
I’ve seen the copper, titanium and brass versions, but I am not sure I will get one. I like the alu version and I see myself carrying and using it, but I am not sure I would give some use to some of the others, unless it was for the “bling” of course :wink:

yes, I like bling
copper would manage heat best
and I like copper
temptations abound

glad you are actually using and enjoying

Great review, MascaratumB!

I picked up one of these as well. The 10180 battery is just so terribly weak. I feel like Lumintop should’ve made the 10440 tube the default and then offered the 10180 as optional.

I am finding some inconsistent behavior in mine with physical lockout. Previously I was able to do a partial turn of the 10180 tube and it would cut the power to the e-switch. But now, it’s not happening. I have to detach the tube completely for the circuit to be broken. HOWEVER, as I start screwing the tube back on, there won’t be any circuit until it’s fully seated. E-switch lights up. But again, if I start unscrewing, the circuit isn’t broken. Even as the tube its on its last screw thread, still turns on. Weird!

One last thing — I have not seen anyone mention this. Is the 10440 tube supporting button top or flat top, or both? The 10180 in mine looks like a “half” button top (raised but looks like half the height of most button tops). So I’m guessing a button top 10440 cell is the way to go…

Thanks xevious! :wink:
I will have to reach mine later on and see how it behaves in terms of physical lockout. I know I had another light doing that same thing as you described, but as far as I remember, my Nano stops working if I unscrew the tube slightly. I’ll confirm it later .

As for the battery, I only have Vapcell 10440 so I cannot compare it with other cells :frowning:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I know you’ve got the aluminum one… and I wonder if perhaps the metal might make a difference. I’m thinking I might need to do an alcohol swab to the threads inside and on the tube. What puzzles me is that when the tube is removed and I start screwing it on, there’s no electrical contact. Switch LED isn’t on. I can turn it about 3/4 of the way on and it’s still not connected. But once I do it all the way and connect, unscrewing it shows an unbroken circuit ALL THE WAY to the end! I don’t get it.

EDIT: I think there’s some sort of quirky circuit issue going on. My 10180 was showing 3.9v. I screwed the body back on but like 3/4 of the way. Still no live circuit shown. Left it 2 days. Came back to check… and cell is dead. Not even an LED flash when screwing on the tube. I think from now on, I’m just going to do the electronic lockout.

Vapcell has flat and button top 10440. Do you remember which one you have?

MascaratumB has a Nano w anodised aluminium threads that are non conductive, so unscrewing cuts the negative path

xevious has a Copper Nano w a Brass AA tube. Copper and brass threads Are conductive, unscrewing does not create lockout because negative path is still connected

> What puzzles me is that when the tube is removed and I start screwing it on, there’s no electrical contact.

probably because the positive path is not connected until the spring pushes the battery against the driver

> I think from now on, I’m just going to do the electronic lockout.

Good idea, that is the best option for non anodised threads.

I believe jon_slider is correct in his assessment!
The difference in the host material and anodizing is what allows the power to flow even if the tube is not fully tightened! I just tried on mine as I mentioned I would and even a slight disconnection shuts the light.

As for the cell, I guess mine are button top. These are the ones I bought: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000504067698.html .
They are not flat for sure but the wrapping is so tall that it almost makes it “flat” :smiley:

And I too agree with the e-lockout, since that way you know that you may only have that small parasitic drain.

Well, I need a facepalm. :person_facepalming: I should have known this. I have copper flashlights and yeah, no physical lockout. Except for the LM10 that has a battery tube inside for connectivity.

Yes, I can understand that. But then, wouldn’t it be orientation dependent? Meaning, if I put the flashlight face up, the battery should lose contact with the driver when unscrewed. I tried this, even thumped the flashlight head, but the circuit didn’t break.

Yep, I also heard back from Lumintop and they confirmed that both flat and button top should work. That store at AliExpress gave me an April 22nd estimate on shipping. Insane!

Not sure if this has much interest, but Neal is selling an extension tube to use with the GT Nano and the Frog, in order to use 3xAAA cells :wink:

Cool idea, actually. At $5, not a bad thing to have around in case the need arises. The 10180 cell in the GT Nano is a joke, unless you make a point of sticking to mid and low brightness settings.