Review : Lumintop SD26 26650 (Awesome runtimes)(+discount available)

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A few words for Lumintop SD26 :

SD26 is a super long run-time flashlight for outdoor activities which uses high capacity 26650 battery. 5 modes plus 3 flashing modes are available for you to select by the side button under any circumstance to satisfy all your illumination needs. It could light on more than 45days in 1 lumen on its moonlight mode which is important for outdoor survival. Also its turbo mode could reach a super high lumen – 1000 lumens and boast a throw distance of up to 205 meters. What’s more, intelligent memory function stores last mode accessed. Intelligent advanced temperature regulation system allows SD26 to adjust output performance according to its body temperature to ensure stable and safe operation… Moreover, SD26 can be avoided turning on by accident in your bag or pocket with its lock function. With its integrated micro USB charging port ,water, you could charge the flashlight through the any USB cable and no worry to change the battery frequently.

Overview/Specifications :

First Look :

Flashlight in it’s box , a nice brown box :

Package Contains :

  • Flashlight
  • Holster
  • User manual
  • Lanyard
  • 2x O-rings
  • Split ring
  • Extra charging port rubber sealing
  • Micro-USB cable

A closer look :

You can see the front side of the flashlight , with the e-switch visible .

Flashlight’s head , with nice “crenelated” bezel :

Head diameter , 38mm :

Flashlight has a SMO reflector and AR coated lens :

Check out the well centered LED too :

It changes modes through the e-switch (and tailcap switch works as an on/off switch) .

Notice also the these nice cooling fins :

Back side , with the USB charging port :

Nice , “square” & anodized threads . They were lubed but i would add some more grease :

It has matte anodizing with rhombic knurling. Notice the little hole on the tailcap too. :

Tailcap , with lumintop logo and crenelated style shape to match the head :

Inside the tailcap , with a big spring and enough space for most batteries :

Here is an example , how a Liitokala 26650 fits in there (length is very good , but this paricular battery struggles to fit due to the bigger diameter) :

And , driver of the flashlight . It has a really small spring :

Flashlight’s Holster :

Holster is designed for SD26 , flashlight fits very nice! :

How it works (&modes) :

From Off , single click turns on the light .
For brightness select , click the side switch again to select desired mode (Moonlight-Low(Default)-Mid-High-Turbo) .
To turn off the light , press and hold the switch for more 2s .

Hidden Modes: When the lights is turned off, press and hold the switch for more than 3s to activate strobe, press further to click Strobe-SOS- Aviation signal in circle, press and hold the switch for more 2s to turn off .

Some notes :

  • It has mode memory , every time you enable the flashlight , you will be in the last used mode .
  • It has lock-out mode . To enable lock-put mode , when you are into moonlight mode , press the switch continuously (approx. for 8s) until the flashlight blinks 5 times . To disable lock-out mode you have to unscrew the tailcap a little and screw it back again .

Battery Indicator :

When battery voltage is below 3.15-3.2 Volts , led indicator blinks :

When battery is even lower , blinks even faster :

Usb Charging :

When you plug the Micro-USB charge cable into the flashlight (when the battery is being charged), LED indicator will flash :

After being fully charged, Led will be on :

Charging Current : 2.00 A
Termination Voltage : 4.20 V

I really like that it is charging the battery at 2 amps , and the fact that it stops @ 4.20V exactly .

Measurements :

Liitokala 26650 battery was used in all measurements

Lumens :

  • Moonlight - 0,8 lumens
  • Low - 49 lumens
  • Medium - 152 lumens
  • High - 501 lumens
  • Turbo - 1046 lumens

Tailcap measurements (amp draw) :

  • Moonlight - 3.9mA
  • Low - 90.8mA
  • Medium - 0.28A
  • High - 1.03A
  • Turbo - 2.83A

Current draw , in standby mode (parasitic drain while flashlight is off) : 0.103 mA

My test , with thermal data :

Turbo mode :

You can view and navigate in the measurements if you click here :

An awesome runtime . At the end of the runtime , led indicator started blinking and batterry was at 3.14 Volt .

High (~500lm) has a runtime up to 5 hours .

Intensity :

Lumintop SD26 : 22.4 kcd

Beamshots :

Wall @ 12m ( ISO 200 , S 1/8 ) :

Turbo :

More beamshots coming today night …

Conclusion :

A very nice light , with everything someone could possibly ask : Long runtimes ( thanks 26650 for that :stuck_out_tongue: ) , nice beam with both good flood and usable throw , and a very nice (fast!) , intergated charging circuit . For more info you can always see my detailed review above :wink:

Comment if you want me to check something on the flashlight , or tell your opinion . Thanks !

Flashlight was provided for review by Banggood . Check out the light here : .
Be sure to send me a PM for a very nice discount !

Reserved for updates :wink:

Note : Swi was kind enough to offer a very good deal on the light , if anyone is interested PM me .

Nice review as usual Giorgo. :+1:

Even though it’s difficult to get a good 26650 in a decent price in Greece, I’m interested for the code. Please pm.

Nice review George. Well done.

Thanks guys ! :beer:

(Just saw the replies , i wasn’t receiving email updates for new replies for some reason :question: )

Very nice. I’m very interested. Please pm purchase code.

Many Thanks.

Thanks ! PM sent :wink:

Code please and thanks!

Color temperature/tint?

Only CW available .

But it isn’t a 6500k i would say , i would guess 5700K - 6000K (just by similar tints) .

Thanks for the review, very nice!

Thanks Gianni :slight_smile:

FYI , I still need to add some beamshots but weather is still bad here .

Great review!

What about mod this flashlight? You think it’s worth to replace with triple nichia?

Some people have changed led and/or driver for better throw , because it has an smooth and fairly big reflector for it’s size .

What optic with the 3 leds ? I don’t know if the cute-3 ss fits in there . Option B would be a quad with the 24mm Carclo optic.

Yes I think about a cute 3ss with a noctigon xp32 but it’s just my thoughts I’m not experienced with mods :smiley:

A Compact+26650+highCRI+longruntime+builtincharger would be perfect for me.

Installing a Nichia 219C high cri (with stock reflector) , and resistor mod (i remember someone doing that…) on the driver will make you happy for sure …

Thanks Giorgo,
Nice to come in here and jog my memory on what this light is supposed to do and how to make it do it. lol

I like the light, interesting style, nice fat well defined hot spot, don’t think I’ll be changing mine as it works really well in stock trim. The built in charging is a plus, makes it easy for a grab and go light. :wink:

Thanks Dale !

This light is the proof that complicated things aren’t always the best choice :stuck_out_tongue: . This light is simple and does everything as promised !

Somehow on my SD26 turbo mode has gone. When you click in cycle goes - Moonlight-Low-Mid-High-High. So instead of turbo it’s high mode twice and then again goes to moonlight. Has anybody an idea how to resolve it?

It seems that your battery doesn't stand the current for the turbo mode !...Try with a good one ( maybe a Liitokala 26650 ...) , and I'm sure that "turbo" will come back !...