Review : Manker E02 , bright AAA flashlight

A few words for Manker E02 :

“L” shape design that together with a reversible clip and a sufficiently powerful magnet in the tail, offers us an almost infinite possibilities of use: it is comfortable in the hand, on a table, hooked in trouser pocket, shirt, a cinch Of a backpack, side of the car, refrigerator, any small field house, tent, ….

*Specifications :*

Emitter: Cree XPG3 LED or Nichia 219C LED
Maximum output: 220lumens
Maximum beam intensity: 760cd
Maximum beam distance: 55meters
Working voltage: 0.6-1.8v
Water proof: IPX-8,2M
Impact resistance: 2 meters
Magenet talicap
Driver: Most efficiency constant current circuit
Material: Aircraft-grad aluminum body
Surface treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Dimensions: 72mm (length) x 20mm (Head diameter)
Weight: 32gram (without battery)
Accessories: o-ring *1, lanyard *1, user manual *1, pocket clip *1

Brightness levels & runtime:
Moonlight 0.6lumens 84hrs
Low 16lumens 10hrs
High 70lumens 2hrs
Turbo 220-70lumens 3min-1.8hrs
Strobe 220lumens

First Look / Unboxing :

Flashlight coames in a simple grey box :

Package Contents:
1 x Manker E02 Flashlight
1 x Lanyard
1 x Clip
2 x O-rings

Extended View :

As you can see , it has the emitter on the side (like a headlamp someone could say) :

Flashlight in hand :

Pretty small size , length is about 74mm and max diameter on the head is ~2cm :

Weighs 49 grams with battery and clip :

Here is a comparison pic too with a Lumintop tool AAA :

As you probably noticed , it has the e-switch on the top :

And the emitter , a cool white xp-g3 , paired with OP reflector and AR coated lens :

It has a magnet on the tailcap , that can candle the flashlight’s weight fine :

Tailcap . It has a pcb and a small spring on it :

Threads , anodized and well lubed :

Driver’s contact side . Driver is held with retaining ring :

It has a clip , that can installed both ways . It’s really strong , hard metal actually :

How it works (&modes) :

Modes : Ultra low \Low – Medium – High and hidden Strobe – Sos – Beacon mode

From off :

Single click (short) turns light on , on the lowest mode
Longer click turns light on , on the last used mode (not available for low mode , because you can access it with short click)
Double click turns light on High (you enter hidden modes)

From on :

If you are in a regular mode :
Single click cycles between (Low – Medium – High - Medium - Low)
Double click and you’re on High
Longer click turns light off

If you are in a hidden mode (turned flashlight ON with double click) :
Single click cycles between (High - Strobe – SOS – Beacon)
Longer click turns light off

And here is a manual provided by Manker :

Beamshots :

Wall shot :

Outside beamshots , wall is 5m away :

Control shot :

Medium :

High :

Measurements :

Ikea Ladda 900mAh / Eneloop :

Stand-by current (parasitic drain) : 0,009mA

Lumens :

Low – Sub lumen modes / 1.5lm / 4.5lm
Medium – 17 lumens
High – 209 lumens

Intenisty : 380cd


It’s surely the brightest AAA flashlight i own , pumping 200 lumens from the xp-g3 , which i think is a clever move . “L” Design is smart ,and that way the flashlight can be clipped on a shirt or a backpack with the included clip (which is hard) . Quality is good , and anodization seems pretty durable . Magnet is a nice feature too .

Will update with more details .

Flashlight was provided for Review purposes by Manker .

5/24 - Updated some pics

Excellent. Thanks for the parasitic drain measurement; I’m always interested in this value. :wink:

Thanks for your interest !

I have some more things to add tomorrow .

I actually changed the parasitic drain value , 0.014 mA is when the driver “boots” , then it is stable at 0.009mA

Boots? What do you mean? If this thing is powered by Windows, then I’m out! :smiley:

Every eswitch driver that has a microcontroller “boots” when you enter the battery , and draws a little more current , 0.005 more in e02 for example .

“As you can see , it has the emitter on the side (like a headlamp someone could say) :”

Yes I would call it a headlamp! cool light, good review beam shots are nice make me wanna go for it.
But I prefer AA / 14500 size

Ah I see. I suspect booting takes like… what 5 seconds max or something?
Ah man this light is amazing. I’d say one of the biggest “problem” with this light is the customisable moonlight output. This light for this price, because of this feature, makes the LAD a lot less attractive (1 lumen red, or 20 lumen low). And that bums, because the LAD is incredibly pretty… It’s not easy being a flashaholic…

Yes , 3-5 seconds is a good guess .

You can’t believe how nice the programmable low mode is , lowest mode should be 0.1 lumen or what :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I know! Two things:

1) There is a philosophical discussion whether moonlight/firefly mode should be above 1 lumen or sub lumen. Now you don’t have to choose anymore, as you can have both… in a $20 light! Just amazing!

2) You know some time ago you had the Jetbeam RRT0 with the R2 led (I thought). While increasing output with the infinite variable ring you could actually see the led light up. That is just so cool. Is it useful? Probably not… but it’s just cool to have a stupid low output and you can look at the led directly…

Perhaps you may have several of these lights with different moonlight :wink:

Is it easy to point a L shaped light like a regular light? I would guess it needs to be held horizontally?

horizonatally on a hat brim, or vertically in a shirt pocket. Or just use the magnet to attach is somewhere as well. More versatile IMO than a standard flashlight.

It’s easy as a regular light .

Yes it must be held horizontally , but it is very comfortable in hand that way in many occasions .

Exactly :slight_smile:

My Astrolux A01’s firefly mode is rated at 0.14 lumen, and I can comfortably look at the lit LED directly. Very cool indeed.

I have A01 , lowest moonlight seems to be even lower than A01’s firefly .

That’s great! I ordered an E02. Gonna find out how low can it go :slight_smile:

In case you haven’t seen this yet; it’s the MK34 review by Advanced Knife Bro (also member here). Check it out at 4 minutes and 20 seconds for super low output.

Since we talked about firefly mode , here is lowest (1/21) setting :

Emittter barely lights up

nice picture!