Review: Maxtoch SN6X-2 [ XM-L 2x18650 Thrower ] OEM Flashlight

Well , I was surfing and came across a OEM manufacturer [ Maxtoch ] , and after looking at there wares decided to buy a XM-L Thrower ..

Now Maxtoch manufactures lots of flashlights for the Brand Names , and recently they have decided to enter the market under there own brand name [ Maxtoch ] = Electronics Systems Technology International Co , LTD

Anyhow , I seized upon the opportunity to buy a OEM flashlight , This one being built to the manufacturers own standards as it will be marketed under there own brand name [ Maxtoch ] ..

First Impressions :

At opening the package , I found what appears to be a very well made light , everything is as its supposed to be , the anodizing is nice and dark and very even , the clicky switch is very nice [ Tactical Forward switch ] , being a OEM sample , there is no brand marked on the light [ In fact if you had a few grand to spare , and wanted to market your own brand name ? ]

The light comes in 4 major parts , tailcap [ clicky ] , extension , main battery tube and the head .

Product Page

Product Description:
*Finish: HA III Grade
*Reflector: Smooth Reflector

*Max output: 1000LM
*Beam: Smooth Reflector for focused beam
*Lens: Anti-shattering ultra clear lens, anti-scratching and anti-slip
*Finish: HA III Grade
*Waterproof: IPX7
*Switch: Tail cap switch
*Modes: Max-Mid-Min- Strobe-SOS/Max-Min-Strobe
*Battery: 2PCS 18650 or 3PCS CR123 batteries
*Circuit efficiency: 85%
*Size: L 238 mm (9.37'') *D 62 mm (2.44'')

*Press tail switch for turning light on/off.
*Tighten head to enter three functions mode(Max, Min, Strobe);Loosen the head by 1/4 of a circle to enter five functions mode(Max, Mid, Min, Strobe, SOS).
*With the light turned off, gently press (no click) the forward tail switch, the brightness level will switch between five (or three) functions or "click" is heard will change the function and turn on.
*Remove the tail cap, insert the batteries with the positive ends toward the head of the light, replace the tail cap.

Output & Runtime:
*Max output of 1000 lumens for approximately 2 Hours
*Mid output of 450 lumens for approximately 4 Hours
*Min output of 120 lumens for approximately 20 Hours
Note:Stated brightness and runtime figures are based on tests using 2PCS 18650 Li-ion batteries (approximate 2200mAH) under laboratory conditions. Variances in these figures will occur depending on batteries used and individual usage habits.


Max Output (LM)


Runtime (H)


Distance (m)


Rated Output (W)


Rated Voltage (V)


Rated current (mA)


Length (mm)


Head Diameter (mm)


Weight (g)



2*18650 or 3*CR123

Now if you remove the extension , you can run 3xCR123A [ 9v ] , and with the extension 2x18650 [ 8.4v ] , I would not try running 3x16340 or 18350 as you may kill the driver ...

You may be wondering why on earth I would jam a bit of tape in there ... Well .. You have two mode options , Hi-Med-Strobe , and Hi - Med - Low - Strobe - SOS ... The way the light is set up , when the main battery tube is screwed in it contacts the driver board , locking in the 3 modes , and when you unscrew the battery tube you get 5 modes , but who wants a lose battery tube ? , so the tape isolates the contact ring on the driver , so I can screw in the battery tube tight , and have my 5 modes .

Ive only just charged up some batteries , taken some pictures , and had a bit of a play and set up with the light , so lots more info on the way + beams .

So far no complaints , everything appears to be really well made , and it looks like the light is really well assembled ...

I will do some current and light box measurements and get back asap !

Some Performance figures : 2 x 18650

High = 1.46A / 850L

Med = 0.75A / 450L

Low = 0.18A / 98L

Throw -

High - 51000Lux @ 1M [ Wowsa !! ] Looks like it will be a real nice thrower ...

Medium - 21000Lux

Low - 5400Lux

What can I say , 51000Lux @ 1meter , cant wait for it to get dark ...

Keygos KE-5 - 20,000Lux @ 1M

Trustfire X9 - 30,000Lux @ 1M

STL-V3 - 33800Lux @ 1M

Maxtoch - 51,000Lux @ 1M

Wow even in medium mode , the Maxtoch does 21000Lux , damn this thing looks to be a thrower ... Still hours to go till it gets dark ...

High Medium Low

The hotspot is intense , even in low , its such a distraction , if you like throwers , your going to love this ...


Comes with a really nice Lanyard

Good Quality build

Good finish - even anodizing

Forward Tactical Clicky

Two different sets of modes

Serious thrower

Handles High well

Low pulse width modulation [ Dont like low or slow PWM , well you wont like this one ]

I think its 9v Max [ 3xCR123A ]

Really nice reflector

Glass Lens

Its early days , but for a thrower , I like it .

If I was search and rescue , id want this in my kit , would go great with the STL-V3 , or a L2T XM-L ,

It really pumps , and I dont feel any buyer remorse , Im no 2x18650 fan , so this light is a bit of a departure from the norm , and I feel it may have limited use around a suburban house , but for hunting , search and rescue , anywhere you need a lot of light , that will reach out and find some one or something .. Then this light would possibly excel ...

Well , I have to say , XM-L can throw , and the Maxtoch SN6X-2 has not disappointed in that regard ...

Good build quality , and so far no noises or strange things , no tweaking or adjusting , it just worked from the get go .

I will use it as much as possible , since several of these 2x18650 lights have fried there drivers , so be interesting to see if it has good internals .. So far - all good ...

Where and how to buy for the other series?

Yes, thank you. But there is no buy now, and it seems that they like to deal with distributors (ie at least 25 samples as a start to the cooperation).

There are some nice flashlights inside which i like, *cough* ie Limitop. Smile I could buy 2 if the price is right, but that's about it.

BTW, your flashlight has got PWM? Care to share the price? It went down to 39 bucks i think with discount code, at that either-you-love-it-or-you-hate-it website.....but with the fugly Fandyfire name.

I have both version of your flashlight, the FF and the Olight. The Olight definitely has a different anodising than the FF, noticeably higher quality but still cannot touch Sunwayman. So i am not sure what kind of "HA" is on your copy, the budgetlight type of "HA" which isn't HA, or the premium brand type of real HA. heh.... I hope i make sense. The Fandyfire/Sky Ray finishing is very high for a budgetlight, but still you would not mistake it for an Olight which is quite a bit higher still. (super price for the past week but out of stock already). And the tint is warmer like 1C or 1D, instead of the popular 1A of the budgetlights. (but suffer from green tint in lower modes)

No buy now= :frowning:

You will have to contact them and tell them what you want ...

They are a manufacturer , I got in touch with one of there reps VIA Alibaba ...

They may not be that interested in selling single pieces , check Alibaba , they have online chat ..

From mem it was not bargain priced , + Postage .

Simply an opportunity to sample the manufacturers wares , built to there own specs , and do a review ..

Check the contact page , send them an email ..

That's what I was thinking too.

Thanks for the great review Old, I'm glad you like it.

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2100 did already mention about SkyRay/Fandyfire version in third post ;)

I also have a FandyFire. It looks and works just as in this review. A good shooter I must say. On par or maybe stronger than my Fenix TK41.

Thank you very much for making this nice review old4570. Your reviews are always wort the time to read and study pictures. Very thorough and a nice writeup you have done here. That must also take some time I imagine. It is appreciated.

On a different note...

I'm sorry, maybe I am a little tired tonight

But I was under the impression that the Fandyfire and SkyRay flashlights were made to terrible low standards and I think I recall seeing quite some threads/posts where they either died completely (hence the fryray nickname) or were partially damaged with modes not working or switches breaking and I vaguely seem to recall something about a complaint about the threads on some of them.

But if it is the same body as this one, same driver too, and this one is made really nice without flaws.... Well then I might consider getting it because I think I need (I want!) a good XML thrower. But the varying experiences of others on the forum made me skip the SkyRay and Fandyfire brands completely.

Please correct me if I am wrong :-)

Thanks for the review and the link to their site. Just glancing through all the lights, I see a lot of things I recognize, for instance:

This = That


Nice, looks like a more careful design of the fandyfire stl v2!

This is a copy and paste from a post I made back in November about OEM factory Shen Zhen Original Brand Manufacturer:

A look through their products will turn up many familiar looking flashlights, like 501b, 502b, C8 and lots of others.

Here is an example of a light that some may recognize as being sold by two brand names...

This is my Fandyfire STL-V6, right down to the lanyard in the pic.

Remember , manufacturers make stuff to contract and to a price point , and with components that will meet said price point ..

Which was why I wanted to try a light built to the manufacturers spec's and not a customers spec's ...

Now the other thing that is possible , this is a OEM sample , so the possibility exists that samples are built and inspected and maintained to a higher standard [ possibly ]

This manufacturer makes a lot of name lights [ Lots of *.*Fire for instance and others found on CNQ etc ]

But , from this sample , and if there own house brand maintains this level of quality , then we are talking about a very nice light .

You may need to pay more , I know I did , but so far [ knock on wood ] its great .

Some times I wonder , just how many business names an actual factory works under ..

It might be a group of investors or partners , and each operates under there own business name from the same factory .

I know that several Chinese companies , have different sources for there products , even sales reps work under there own business name .

Gets a little hard to know exactly who you are dealing with , since a lot of companies let anyone who works for them act as sales reps ..

Could be a machinist by day , sales rep after work , or one of the office ladies who moonlights as a sales rep after work , or a 3rd party all together , its hard to know , unless you get on a plane , and knock on their door [ now that would be an expensive flashlight ]

I have never read a SR STL-V2 or FF STL-V6 breaking down. The thread is not that bad, just that the tailcap 2 silicone rings are a bit on the big side, just remove one of them and apply more grease and it becomes easier.

I believe you read about frying Sky Ray SR3800, now that's a bad bugger.

If you want a quality light, this is a similar version. Just got it from a sale on DD for 68 bucks. There is absolutely no PWM in the lower modes, these flashlights has PWM of about 200Hz.

But seriously the STL-V6/V2 is not that bad, by budgetlight standards i'd rate it 8/10 in quality. It has one of the best heatsinkining performance around, heat never really drops the lux .... really never slides at all till about the 2 minute mark. It used to be 45 bucks at DX and then it dropped to 38 or 39 bucks at DD during the sale. The anodising quality is like those Trustfire 3T6 hosts, it's admittedly still budget light stuff but it's good stuff.

I wish i have a close up photo to show you but i only have this. (look at the head) hehe.... But yes you can use a DBS tube or C8/U80 tube and put it in there.

Oh...ok, i so i read that it has low/slow PWM. So it's basically the same. :)

low frequency

or slow PWM , mhz wise

Thank you for putting that confusion straight. I guess I have been reading too many different reviews and opinions and got it all mangled together in my little noggin.

But I see that if I want to run this with a single 18650 cell all I have to do is buy a C8 or U80 flashlight too.

How much is the performance drop when you do that? Does it become direct drive or does it just start to fade after a few minutes like so many other lights.

BTW to OP: Sorry for this OT chatter. But I just want to buy 1 thrower and I want it to be good and preferably 1*18650.

I have both of the copies The SkyRay STL-V2 and the FandyFire STL-V6 and I can confirm they are true throwers. I think they are the best choice for the money. I had a problem when my I got my SkyRay from Manafont the switch was not working so I used the one off the FF, and then I saw a bad solder joint and re-did it and it's fine but I contacted Jim at Manafont and they did nothing. I just want to say that if any one is looking for a thrower get one of these, they throw with my Catapult V3 and my 7G5.