[Review] : Olight M1T Raider

Okay, so Olight didn’t released this one yet but send me a sample for reviewing purpose.
I get the light for free with no other compensation than keeping it after having reviewed it.

So, after the M2R and M2T which are 2 double switch tactical-oriented flashlight based on 18650 batteries… Olight is releasing a 16340/CR123 tactical light.

Let’s have a look at the aesthetics :

Classic black anodized aluminum and blue bezel from Olight

Totally new innovative double helicoidal knurling. Really good grip even with gloves.

Forward mechanical rubber tail switch, no tailstanding is possible of course but accessibility is the key here.

TIR optic from the S-baton series, identical to S1 S2 and so on…
The LED is a Luminus SST40, well-known for its great efficiency (and cool white tint of course)

Really good finish overall, anodization is constant, machining is as good as it can be.

Power source : CR123A or 16340. The modes are identical but a CR123 primary lithium will give twice the autonomy !

This last point is the key : this is a true backup light.
Why ?
Well, it has only TWO modes : Low (5 lumens)and High (500 for 5 minutes then 300 lumens).
There’s no memory, it always starts on LOW so if this is enough light you don’t waste energy.
It has an easily accessible button, even with gloves.
You have a baseball cap ? Clip it on the visor thanks to the reversible pocket clip and you got a headlamp.

For me, it’s the light that you keep in a BugOut Bag for when SHTF and you don’t want to remember that fancy UI that you had to learn during two hours.
This is one simple reliable light, stick a primary cell in it, put it in a bag, forget it and when you’ll need it in 3 years you’ll know how to use it in a second and there will still be enough capacity in the cell to last a hundred hours on Low mode.

I will not show some beamshots, because they’re quite identical with any other XM-L2 + TIR from Olight.
You get a nice round spot with a little dim spill around it. Period.

I don’t know how much they will sell it, and TBH I hope that it will not be more than 40 bucks.
It’s somewhat a basic light, with a limited application but good execution.

You can found the M1T on Amazon.fr here

18350 support would have been nice given how much better current 18350 options perform than 16340s.

That thing looks huge for a 16340 light. Maybe it’s just the pictures - could you take a shot of it next to a common light or something else?

Comparison pics along with the well-known Olight S1 :

I don’t see pics

I was a fan of Olight because off the small sizes, nice styling, great optics and ui. To bad the latest models including this one don’t make me enthusiastic anymore.

Edit: Thanks for the clear review X3. How do you like the latest olight models? I know you as an Olight fan also.

Now that is unique machining. But yeah, 18350 would have been much better

I also don’t see the pics…

Sorry guys, I screwed up the GPics links…
Is it better now ?

What leads me to Olight in the first time was their simplicity and minimalism, and I feel recently that they are trying to give their lines a new breath…
They have to be innovative, and sometimes innovation is not what customers want…
I kind of liked the M2R, for its unique 2 stages tail switch with included magnetic charging. The M2T only kept the 2 stages button but it’s kind of mushy… The feedback is not really precise.
I loved the X7R, a real lumen monster with USB-C charging port, proximity sensor and shake sensor to indicate battery level when you grab it.
The S1 mini was kind of a disappointment, for its lack of modability and the not-so-perfect beam (slight artifacts). The 16340 with micro-USB port was really cool though.
That M1T is simplistic, but IMHO it serves a purpose : backup light. I like that Olight sometimes make some choices, and don’t try to implement all their cool features in all their models…
The X9R is kind of late in the lumen monster race though :frowning:

yes, I see them now. Thank you

I like forward clicky lights and 2 speed lights. Don’t think it will replace my Partners but its a neat looking light.

It’s fine now.
Interesting design. I like it.

Just got the price, 45€ on Amazon.
A bit more expensive that I’d like but the production cost can’t be less than an S1 mini for example…

Interesting light, shame it doesnt take 18350. Is there no moonlight mode either?

Nope, only 2 modes : 5 and 500-300 lumens

okay, another question does the light suddenly die without warning when the battery gets low? both my s1 baton and smini does that i kinda hate that puff and it goes dead…

I didn’t try yet.
I’ll put a 16340 and try it tonight on high mode

Surefire EB1 for poor man. But I tend to say for wise man. Almost same light, about 150$ less…

When is this available in the US?

Okay, so I tried it twice.
First time,with an Olight 16340 protected. The protection kicked in after an hour on high and the light shut off obviously.
The second time I used a CR123A primary cell, on high mode. After about 2 hours, the light went down on low mode. I then shut it OFF but couldn’t light it ON again.

I’ll try with an unprotected 16340 but I think it will discharge it quite low

good question, can u answer this x3 about worldwide too ?