Review : Olight S-mini Ti

I don’t often write reviews here, mostly because I initially did them in my native language which is French.
Although, being so new and not yet massively reviewed here, I took the chanc of writing a text about the new Olight S-mi.

Olight sent me a sample, which I choose to be the Ti BB version for my aesthetic pleasure.

Here are a few glamorous shots before diving in the technical considerations :

Nice gift packaging just in time for Christmas :slight_smile:

Nice and shiny piece of Titanium in an overall empty box

Like I said…I’m a French guy look how tiny this gem is !

I’m sure a large majority of you already knows the S1, look how much shorter the S-mini is :partying_face:

A few differences are to be noted though

The first one is that there is no magnet in the tail of the S-mini (which I found really useful in the S1)

But now that you can swap the tail, they are fully interchangeable !

The second one is the clip, which can’t anymore be rotated in your favorite position. It’s in a fixed position, opposite from the button. If you want to remove it, you have to know that there will be at least two scratches : one from the initial installation and another one from the removal.

Beamshot comparison :

Left : S1 Right : S-mini
Both are NW, the beams are exactly the same (same LED, same TIR optic)
The brightness on all modes is really similar.
Olight claims that the S-mini has 100 lumens more…but with naked eyes it’s impossible to see.
Anyway, there’s plenty enough light for all day use :slight_smile:

Pros :

- Bright

- REALLY compact

- Well finished

  • New UI is faster, cycling through modes is so much pleasant


- No tail magnet

- Clip not adjustable

  • Price ?

Nice, like the cork size comparison :slight_smile:

Does the magnetic tail fit the S- Mini?

I edited my post, yes they are fully swappable !

Awesome review, thanks!
I think i will order one too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great review X3, the pictures say a lot about the light in regards to the size…

Now for the real question, have you gotten into the head to see if the MCPCB is the same size and if the LED is swappable?

Either way, beautiful light, looks like a tempting buy for me…

Thank you for the good words, I will try to get inside this one like I did with other S series Olight for sure!
I’ll keep this thread updated!

Dang, beautiful!

Hey mate thanks for the review! Its a really nice looking light i am usually not a fan of Olights. What way does the battery face when it is in the light?

You’re welcome, it’s always a pleasure to review Olight’s products :crown:
The battery is inserted with the negative pole first, which means that the positive is against the tail cap.

This is backward comparing to other brands, but all the new S baton models are made that way.
It allows them to keep that orientation with rechargeable models, with the double contact on the positive side.

Thank you very much for the short review!

I had a S1 and S2 (both standard aluminium) in the past but I did not like the color temperature and clip designs on both and got rid of them.
Now I have ordered a S Mini in NW (Ti bb) and am waiting for it to ship.

A couple questions:
I know they have changed some stuff with the UI (brightness ramping, lockout) since the S1.
Did they finally include low voltage protection?
Or does it have at least the battery indicator (red LED under the side switch)? My S2 had the indicator, while the S1 did not have it (too small maybe?)
As the S1 usually triggered the protection circuit in my 16340s, I would love to use unprotected Efest 700mAh IMR 16340s in the S Mini (which I bought for my Zebralight SC32w which suffered also heavily from the voltage sag of non-IMR batteries).

Received my rainbow S mini.

Very pleased with it. This thing is TINY.

It’s almost too tiny. I hope Olight comes out with an 18650 S2 mini in titanium. A rainbow S2 titanium mini would be lovely!

Perfect combo : S-mini with S1 magnetic tailcap and a nice 5D1 80+ CRI emitter :slight_smile:
Here is my new EDC :

The old one, retired after one year in my pocket :

Sorry i must ask, what is that green lightchain u have, where did u buy that ?

That’s a tritium fob, this one is a Blackwater Kr36, identical to mecarmy ones…
It will glow for about 15years without any form of charging. Basically a radioactive (weak) element that glows…
If you want one similar for a good price, you could sign up for the Vollsion group buy that freeme is organising
I paid 33$ for mine, so this is a good price.

It would be interesting a review of that tritium fob! :smiley:

Which one ? Mine ? Or the Vollsion one from freeme’s GB ?

X3 thanks gonna buy one green color i think too hard to resist such cool thing :smiley:

I’m quite liking my s-mini rainbow.

  • absolutely gorgeous finish. So far no signs of wear. Hopefully it will last.
  • super tiny and lightweight. With many titanium lights you feel the weight, not so this one. This light is so small it makes my Olight S10 and Zebralight SC32 look like bricks.
  • good tint. Not as good as my favorite 4000K 5A2, but overall quite good. No green. The tint is good enough I’m not sure I’ll change the emitter.
  • great ui. Has the standard olight UI of long press for moonlight and quick press for last used mode. Double-click for turbo. While in any moonlight click and hold to ramp up. interestingly, the light seems to forget the last used mode after a bit and defaults to medium.
  • the head does get hot after a few minutes use on turbo.