Review: Ozark Trail OT 100L 3xAAA flashlight (Made for Wal-Mart, possible modding light)

I bought this light for $10 at Wal-Mart and I think it's worthy of a mod, so I thought I would show the stock light and then I would do a mod later.

Here's the specs from the package.

It's a short light, but a fat one, due to the 3xAAA batteries.

All aluminum body, head and TC.

Plastic Reflector and lens. I believe they are pressed in. Reflector from the inside and lens from the outside.

TC switch button.

Battery holder is attached to the tail cap.

Positive and Negative are both on the top end.

Reflector and lens again

The threads are nice on these OT lights.

LED is on a small star and a tin plate, as was in the 200L light.

The pill is all plastic.

Positive/negative for the pill.

The battery holder will come out.

Depress in three places while working it out.

Almost done now.

Huge spring and the switch is attached to the battery holder.

If the switch goes bad, it's a throw away light.

3 Beam shots. It's more of a thrower.

Overall this light is much like the 200L. The body parts, threads and finish are excellent. The threads are so darned smooth and that's with no lube on them. With lube, they are whisper quiet.

The XB-D leaves something to be desired, but since there is no real heat sink, it's the best led for the light. Low powered.

The only reason I may mod it, is because that plastic pill could be made into a metal one fairly easily. A 3/4" copper end cap will fit in there and a little work will give a solid heat sink there. There is some kind of a board in the pill, but I can't see anything of it without surgery.

The plastic lens and plastic reflector are also very cheap. I think a TIR might go in, but it will need a ring around it, to fit, since the head is more like 21mm ID.

It is an on/off light, no modes. The light is ok for $10, but with the fact of the plastic lens/reflector and the plastic pill, it's not a great light. The led is blue white and a thrower isn't really useful in a camping/hiking situation. No lanyard hole, no clip, can't tail stand. These OT lights just look nice, but fall down everywhere else.

I will mod this. It's a challenge. The battery holder has a lot of resistance in it and I will need to rework it, as well as a pill and possibly an optic, but at least there's room to work with in this light, as far as the pill.

What an interesting battery holder. Having the negative available topside like that gets some ideas flowing. Presumably that holder is of the 26mm variety? Possible to get a 18500 in there?

Thanks very much for the review! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.

I have one of these. I got bored with it and figured I would make a leak trace light for work out of it.

Instead of replacing the LED, I used a razor blade and simply removed the dome, which contains the phosphor (hence the heavy yellow color) and now I have a really bright, royal blue, leak tracer light.

The hotspot is about half the size now also.

Is there any way to mod this light for a remote pressure switch? Or is there one available?