Review : Qualilite D81 Cree Xp-l hi V3 (Kaidomain's C8)

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Qualilite D81 6500k Review

Some words for the flashlight :
The D81 of the QUALILITE D-Series (Dynamic) is the tactical flashlight with powerful output. Flexible mode arrangement can let user to choose according to their preference. D-series is standing for Dynamic Series means users can install various LED modules, QUALILITE accessories, even other D-series products depending on your needs. The diversity of D81 flashlight must have once that meets for your needs.

Overview :

First Look / Unboxing :

Flashlights comes in a nice , black box with the Qualilite branding and some basic info (lumen performance , throw distance , max run time and safe dropping height) :

Back side , we see some more info .

Package Contains :

- Flashlight

- Lanyard

  • Soft cleaning cloth

Extended View :

The flashlight itself :

Flashlight’s length is 14,7cm

Flashlight in hand :

It has a little “Warning” logo on the head too , if you see closely the previous picture .

The “D81” logo on the head :

Tube & tailcap , front side . Very smooth knurling . :

Back side :

Tailcap , with a kind of “crenelated look” , for easy access with the thumb :

Reflector :

And the threads . Not anodized , but excellent quality . Very smooth , well machined :

A quick teardown :

Head , tube and tailswitch :

Switch , it is forward clicky switch :

Switch assembly :

And some close photos of the switch pcb & spring :

Head , from the side that the tube screws in (head , with pill inside) :

Led drop-in module (one piece reflector and pill system) :

Driver side :

Pill with reflector removed . Notice the centering ring too . :

Led board close-up . It is a square , copper DTP board . It uses xp-l hi v3 . Driver wires seems thin :

Lens , good quality AR coated lens :

Thickness , 2mm :

Modes and driver info :

Flashlight has 2 mode groups :

  • Lo > Med > Hi
  • Lo > Med > Hi > Strobe > S.O.S

To change between the 2 groups , you simply cycle through the same group for 3 times (continuously) and it changes to the other group automatically .
Pic by KD

Driver accepts 1x 18650 (li-ion) battery or 2x CR123A (3V) batteries , i will test if i can use 2x 18350 too .

Measurements :

Battery used in all measurements : Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh

Lumens measurements :

Hi : 938.8 lumens
Med : 117.3 lumens
Lo : 19.3 lumens

Intensity on highest setting : 72,7 kcd

Amperage Draw :

Hi : 2,84 A
Med : 0,29 A
Lo : 0,05 A

Measured with Uni-T UT210E

Beamshots section :

  • Second tree on the left is 180 meters away :

  • House is 160 meters away :

Control Shot :

Beamshot :

  • The other side is 130 meters away :

Control shot :

Beamshot :

A few words :

A well built C8 , with a smart reflector - pill module , and quality components : thick AR coated lens , high quality SMO reflector designed for xp-l hi (produces a nice beam) and xp-l hi v3 on copper DTP board .

Flashlight was provided by Kaidomain for review purposes . You can find this flashlight here .

Thanks for the review giorgoskok. Good to see you got the reflector removed from the pill. Was it hard?

Thanks !

It didn’t have any glue , i used a wrench to get some grip on the pill , and it was done in seconds .

Edit: i don’t know the exact name of the tool i used (lol), closest i could find is Monkey wrench

Thank you for your reviewing.

Hope you guys will enjoy it.

Thank you :+1:

Seems you have covered all the bases with this review. Well done. Considering other C8’s have loose interchangeable reflectors AFAIK, and this one has a drop-in, is it possible to share some more (comparable white wall) beamshots?

Thanks again for your support Ban !

Thanks !
Unfortunately white wall beamshots are hard to get right , but i will give it a try . Anyway , i can ensure you it has a perfect beam pattern .

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