Review: Remez SunLike E27 LED bulb (5700K, CRI95)

User SunLike from sent me a Remez E27 LED bulb for testing.
Store page:
Manufacturer website:

The main specs by the manufacturer:
–5700K color temperature (also available in 3000K)
-CRI (Ra) 95
-SunLike SMD 3030 emitters
–455 lumens
–7W power rating (also available in a 9W version)
-Power factor >0.5
-AC voltage range of 170-260V (also available in 110/120V)
-Not dimmable
–30000 hour lifetime
–5 year warranty

The bulb is also available with an E14 candelabra base in 5 and 7 watts.


Measurements were made in a 50cm integrating sphere with an x-rite i1pro spectrometer after the bulbs had warmed up for 1 hour. Intensity (lux at 1 meter, candela) was measured outside the sphere at 50cm.

The bulbs were connected to mains power which at the time of testing was at 228V.

Output at 1 hour is 563 lumens. This is significantly brighter than the manufacturer’s spec of 455 lumens. The output drops 16% during the first hour from 667 lumens at turn on.

The bulb is very light so there’s not much heatsinking, which explains the long winded drop in output. Thankfully the power of the bulb is not very high either so it doesn’t get exceedingly hot. I don’t know if the higher power 9W version has the same configuration. In any case the manufacturer provides a 5 year warranty for the bulb.

Power consumption was measured at 6.8 watts at 238 volts with a low power factor of 0.6. Total bulb efficacy is ok for an ultra high CRI light source at 83 lumens per watt.

Maximum output is reached immediately. Light output in lumens was plotted over one hour. Output is stable after the intial warmup.

Color rendering

The CRI data was measured integrated after a 1 hour warmup in an integrating sphere.

Color rendering is excellent at CRI Ra of 98 and R9 of 98. TM-30-18 fidelity index Rf of 98 and gamut index Rg of 101 are also excellent. There’s three distinct but small humps in the spectrum at different wavelengths (450, 520 and 620 nm). There’s no near UV content.

Visually the light is neutral cool white with excellent saturation to all the colors it illuminates.

Load IES TM-30-18 Color Rendition Reports by clicking the thumbnails:

CGATS CRI Data file:

Color temperature and tint

Tint is very slightly above the black body line. Remember that when LEDs heat up, their duv value almost always decreases and becomes less green/yellow. This was measured after 1 hour in an integrating sphere.

Tint is very even around the bulb thanks to the heavily diffused A60 sized bulb.


The switching frequency of of 56kHz is not visible to the eye. The snob index of 0% guarantees that it’s easy on the eyes. High frequency flicker is probably not visible to a camera at high shutter speed either.

AC power draw

Current is drawn in short pulses 100 times a second as the input voltage gets high. There’s no power factor correction which results in a power factor of 0.6.

Cyan line: mains line voltage
Yellow line: current draw of the bulb
Violet line: power draw (voltage * current)

The cool white SunLike bulb from Remez offers neutral daylight and one of the best reproduction of colors from an LED light source. It has a reasonable 500 lumen light output and a very affordable price ($7 plus shipping). There’s no visible flicker to the eye or to a camera and the bulb turns on immediately at full power. The heatsinking could be better, but the 5 year warranty should cover any premature deaths.

Please note that the test was done when the bulb was brand new. I can’t guarantee that they will perform similarly after months or years of use.

If someone want to buy, I am the dealer of REMEZ with worldwide shipping (6$ for any order) HERE

If someone want, there is REMEZ review from me (rus language)

there is some photos:

e14 5w & 7w and E27 7w works with 110-120v with ~1% pulse (measured by RADEX LUPIN)
E27 9w with 110-120v pulsed on ~25%
all of these works with 80-100v, but throbbing about 50%
in 9W there is 3.3uf, I upgraded it to 4.7uf, and now it works with 110-120v with ~1% pulse

If someone want to buy some REMEZ bulbs with international shipping ($6 for any order) or find out the price, you can do it HERE

Thanks for the teardown video. I added your store page to the beginning of the review.

I am waiting review from you SunLike∞
it is alternative for REMEZ 9W, but 2.5 times expensive

Do you take paypal?

yes, but with 5% fee, sorry

They have a 5 year warranty - great. But that’s only of any use when buying locally.
Who pays the shipping on a $7 bulb back to China and return shipping back with a new one if/when they break? (which is entirely likely in 5 years).
Of course no one in their right mind is going to ship a $7 bulb back for $6 (and hope the manufacturer doesn’t say ‘it was misuse’) so the warranty is useless really.

Yes, absolutely correct. And from USA shipping to BY much expensive than 6$
I think, that 5 years warranty is a bluff.

What’s the approximate beam angle?

Manufacturer specifies 200°.


Quick question for SunLike. I guess that (given bulb shape and reflector) the SunLike6C is a direct replacement for R50 incandescent/halogen bulbs but, in the socket section, any non e27 options are listed as “adapter”? Oh! It's the same for all bulbs.

The socket options for the REMEZ 5-7W E14 are wrong right now, I see two E27/adapter entries.

It is socket or adapter. The same option in all bulbs. For example there is no REMEZ e14 9w, but with adapter can be. Another bulbs can be with adapter or with socket — depends from model. D70+mm (9+w) there is no GU10 socket, but there is adapter from e27

My 8W and 2.5 times expensive alternative for REMEZ 9W

Excuse me, but I will not sell this shit anymore (just selling what I have in my storage)

because this bulbs works only 2000 hours (90 full days)

because 3000k duv with some pink

because there is no 4000 and 5000k and 4200k

because manager is boor (moscow’s MORDOR)

results (was in my telegram 2 may 2020 link )
93 days (24/7) ~2230 hours works 5W E14 C37 REMEZ 3000k with sunlike leds (6v 3030).
Already charged a new one.
Before that, there was ERGOLUX (5w, but real 3.8w), which worked there more than 2 years (> 17500 hours) and still alive
93 суток (24/7) ~2230 часов прожила 5вт е14 C37 REMEZ 3000k на санлайках (6в 3030).
Уже заряжена новая.
До этого там стояла ERGOLUX (5вт, но реально 3.8вт), которая сутками проработала там 2 лета точно (>17500часов) и все еще жива

my new review (rus language)

Oh boy, thanks for the update.

The lamp itself is china manufactured, that’s true. But the diode is real korean sunlike. If you are willing to modify and fix cooling then it STILL cheapest way to get sunlike.

You are the one to talk though, considering review of your product lost in all aspects to Remez factory produced:

and you charge 30$ (!) for that

no, only 13$ for 3w model

s. If you have much free time, yes, you can upgrade anything. But it is irrational

So is to pay 30$+shipping for a equal 12W product which’ only redeeming quality, in comparison to competitor, is the lifespan of service, while being considerably worse at the rest of the qualities. It requires some effort but you can force Remez to do warranty bidding.

The point I’m trying to make is before trashtalking someone (even if I agree in some aspects with the core message) - check the color of your pot.

Oh, sorry… I just find


In this review 7W model, not 9W or 12W.

Even if 12W model of remez… Analog (by flux) is my 9w MASS model for 27$ (9$vs27:money_mouth_face:+shipping

my review (RU) of 11(12)W moder here (it is much better than 9W):

s. It is the reason why I do not use RU forums. It is “toxic”

pps. yes, (27$ vs 9:money_mouth_face: + shipping, it is 5 times :money_mouth_face: