[Review] RovyVon Aurora A1 XP-G3 550 Lumen Keychain Flashlight.

Found this cool little light on Amazon. They come in black, grey, red, rose gold, silver, and olive green. Think they even have a few stainless ones too. I picked up the olive green one for $26.95. Comes in a nice little box as you can see. Included accessories include a charging cable, extra micro usb cover, beaded necklace, lanyard, a pocket clip and a instruction manual. Threw a 14500 in the picture just for a size comparison.

Specs as listed in the manual.

Cree XP-G3 S5 LED
USB rechargeable 501030 130mah Li-ion battery
Dual color switch led indicator for low battery and charging indication.
45 minute charging
Smart temperature control
IPX-65 water resistance
1.5m drop resistance

High: 550L for 19 minutes
Med: 210L for 29 minutes
Low: 19L for 900 minutes

Switch light is red when charging and blue when complete.
Switch light is red when battery is below 2.6v and the light will not work at all when the battery is below 2.4v

2 year limited warranty and Lifetime workmanship guarantee.

UI is pretty straight forward and not awful for a key chain light.

1 second press for ON, comes on in LOW every time. No memory.
single click goes to HIGH, another single click to MED, and another single click to STROBE. Every single click after that will just cycle through that order again.
1 second press from any mode will turn the light off.

I like the 1 second press for ON in a key chain light that is rattling around in my pocket and thankfully if it does get turned on in my pocket at least it is in LOW mode.

I really like the little light. It has a texture on the body of the light that makes it easy to get a grip on. The body is some type of polymer on this particular light but some of the other color options of this light are stainless and the price increases a bit for those. The tint is a decent cool white and the beam with the TIR lens is quite nice. I like it anyway. The stainless head/bezel of the light does get pretty hot somewhat quickly on High and it will step down to 160 lumens after about 5 seconds. The manual stated 3 seconds but it’s closer to 5. It’s not an instant drop. It slowing ramps down. About 3 minutes is what it took to get from 550 to 160. It did stay at 160 lumens with no problems. I would wait till it cooled down (it cooled down quickly) and jump it back to High until it stepped down again, kept doing that till I drained the battery about 15 minutes later. Recharged the battery, that took about 50 minutes, turned it on in Med and left it on the table until it shut down on me. About 37 minutes later it did just that. Another 50 minute recharge and it’s now sitting on Low and we will see how that does. I am assuming nobody really cares how long strobe will go for. If I am wrong in that assumption, I apologize, but I’m still not testing it. :smiley:

I tried with just my bare hands to remove the bezel to get a look inside but I couldn’t get it to come off. Maybe it will come off with some heat and the proper tools but I wasn’t chancing it. I don’t plan on swapping the emitter or anything so no sense in me breaking it if it don’t need fixing. It’s just going to be my key chain light. I won’t be out hunting for bowls of fruit, pots of flowers or hunting walls all night so, I will leave it well enough alone.

Beam shots were taken from about 10 yards with just the default settings on my iPhone using the Camera+ app.

Low mode. Looks a bit blue to me in the photo. Might be a camera thing because I didn’t notice it with the naked eye.

Med mode

High mode

All in all, I think it is a great little key chain light. The wife carries a Tini and I like this more than the Tini. I think the price reflects the quality at first look. Time will tell and maybe a email out to RovyVon to ask a few questions will reveal more about their customer service department. They have a website www.rovyvon8.com with all the other versions of this light, knives, and a few other products. A small card that came in the box claims RovyVon is run by RUNFREE equipment technology Co. Ltd.

If this one holds up, I can see myself picking up a few more for gifts and having a few of the nicer stainless models.

Great looking light! One of the nicer ones of that style. I like the A2, silver, copper, black, like me all! Pricey however.

thanks for the thread……

There are many other key chain lights with the same or even sometimes less features and output of this light. Acebeam, Mecarmy, Nitecore, I am sure I am missing a few. I really think this one needs a fair shake. Some of those other key chain lights get up there in the not so budget bracket.

The A2 is a super nice light. Maybe not exactly a key chain light but definitely worth the money I think.

Thanks, I’ve been waiting for someone to get this light and report back as I consider getting either alu or plastic variant.
May we see a photo next to Nitecore TINI? :slight_smile:

Smaller than I thought. Thanks!

Thanks for the look on this toddcshoe! I guess my keychain must have one of these :FACEPALM: :smiley:

As Agro, I’ve been thinking to get one. I just wanted to see if they open an European Amazon Store so that I could order from there. Otherwise it will have to be ordered from China (the US Amazon store doesn’t ship to Portugal the one I wanted).

Thanks again and enjoy the light 8^)

I got an e-mail from RovyVon that they are available from amazon.co.uk.
Still no amazon.de though. I haven’t checked other branches. And they only have A1 and A2 in stock.

Received update from them:
“We will sale on the amazon.de very soon,and A3 will become available very soon.”

Same here! But for amazon.co.uk:


Just saw this on amazon and was looking for a review…Thanks :THUMBS-UP:

I like the titianium with the two Tritium

Do you think it’s really 550 lumens ?

That actually looks kinda nice. :smiley:

I’d be afraid of the tail-loop snapping off if made of plastic, or if it landed on it if dropped, etc., but still looks quite nice.

Over 500 lemons is nothing to sneeze at, even if throttled down in a bit.

interesting, but I think overpriced.

Compared to a few other AA lights like the Tool AA, JetBeam, Sofirn SF14, and Thorfire TG06 I would say it’s brightness is right up there with them. I don’t have a way to test for a real output number but it’s right up there with the hot running AA lights on 14500’s

I have the blue version of this light since march and its still working. Slight wear marks from the key rings.

I have been talking to the nice folks at RovyVon for a week or so now. They are really nice people. They are shipping me some lights for a giveaway here on BLF. Not sure of their shipping method or if they are sending them from China or from their Amazon store so I’m not exactly sure when they will get here. As soon as they get there I will snap some pictures of the ones they sent and get the giveaway going. They also expressed interest in doing a group buy sometime after the giveaway. As soon as I have more information about the lights for the giveaway and the group buy I will start new threads for those.

Good… I’ll wait with my purchase then. Please keep us informed. :slight_smile:

According to specs, this light has 550 lm while Nitecore Tini has 380.
I assumed that this would make Aurora much brighter…but since then I’ve seen reports of Tini doing 460 or even significantly more than that.

How do they compare in this regard?