“REVIEW”: RovyVon Aurora A2 & A5R – Keychain Lights – 550 Lumens [PIC HEAVY]


This is my review of 2 flashlights sent by RovyVon: RovyVon Aurora A2 and RovyVon Aurora A5R! No other compensation was given besides the flashlights and the included accessories!

These flashlights can be found in RovyVon store (non-affiliate):
Aurora A2: https://www.rovyvon.com/collections/keychain-flashlight/products/a2
Aurora A5R: https://www.rovyvon.com/collections/keychain-flashlight/products/a5

I got the A5R version that has White and Red sidelight LEDs. There is also the ARU version with incorporated UV led as sidelight!

NOTE: RovyVon Aurora flashlights are sold in different options – host colours, host materials, LEDs, user interface - depending on the chosen version (from A1 to A6).
Link: https://www.rovyvon.com/collections/keychain-flashlight

Reviews on BLF (there are some discussion threads as well):
A1 – toddcshoe - https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/51847

Reviews on YT (some…as there are many :stuck_out_tongue: ):
A1-A5 (comparison) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcGt0AkstQE&t=
A2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M4iYf-gJ8E
A3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szRl7OenBKQ&t=378s
A5 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5udqre4vJH8

This said, let’s start the review :ARROW-RIGHT:


As these RovyVon flashlights are somehow similar, I will make this as a “comparative review”! Therefore you’ll be able to check similarities and differences throughout the way :THUMBS-UP:

Model A2 A5R
Material Stainless Steel Polycarbonate + Fluorescence Powder + Stainless Steel bezel
Colour Blue “Semi-Transparent + Luminous”
Emitter XP-G3 S5 (CW) XP-G3 S5 (CW) + White + Red
Lens TIR Optic TIR Optic
Battery 130mAh Li-polymer - 4.2V 130mAh Li-polymer - 4.2V
In-built charger Micro-USB Micro-USB
Charging Time 45 minutes (350mA / 5V) 45 minutes (350mA / 5V)
Switch E-switch E-switch
Max Output 550 lm 550 lm
Candela 980 cd 1160 cd
Max Runtime 2.5 hours 2.5 hours
Max Beam Distance 80m 80m
Waterproofness IP-65 IP-65
Impact resistance 1,5m 1,5m
Low Battery Indicator RED switch - 2.6V RED switch - 2.6V
Low Voltage Cut-off 2.4V 2.4V

Besides this, there is also mention to a “built-in temperature controller”, what makes sense due to the high output and (of course :FACEPALM: ) temperature that these small lights reach!



For both the Aurora A2 and Aurora A5R, the packaging and accessories are quite similar. The major difference is in the backside of the boxes, where some specificities are pointed out, namely on the Aurora A5R.

The boxes are compact but are protective to the flashlights and the accessories, specially in case of impacts. They arrived inside a plastic “box” with the flashlights’ shape so that they are correctly places and handled.

[NOTE: Don’t open the box through the top, or it will get damaged as mine did… :FACEPALM: ]

About the accessories for these lights, what we got then?
1 Nylon Lanyard + 1 Beaded Chain (“neck lanyard”) + 1 Stainless Steel Clip + 1 USB port cover (rubber) + 1 USB cable + 1 User Manual + 1 Warranty Card

Here, only the User Manual is different as it will address different specificities of the flashlights. All other accessories are the same for both flashlights.

Now let’s go onto a flashlights’ overview.
My first thought when I saw them was… “These lights are sexy!!!:open_mouth: O:)
I guess receiving them on my birthday date was also a “bonding” factor, but…they are really good looking!
The A2 (blue) in particular…I loved it at first sight!!! :LOVE: (wish it had the same UI as the A5R… :x)

These are small lights, very well built, with a nice feeling on touch! We can feel their quality just for looking! They seem to me, somehow, innovative not only by their looks, but also for being “high” output flashlights (for some seconds, of course, but… ) !

All well machined, with a classy touch here and there, but also that inspire confidence to get “beaten” in a keychain or a back pack or…whatever messy pocket or bag you want to put them into!!

I also thought “It is now that I will use a “neck” flashlight!!! ^:) ” Yeah…I’m currently using the A5R as a neck light with a homemade lanyard :crown:

Let’s view them “side by side” :wink:

The differences are obvious just by looking, of course. Please note that the Aurora A5R has a Stainless Steel bezel that adds some shinning to the glowing of this flashlight!

Also note that with the pocket clip, the A5R will not stand “heads-up” due to the lack of balance / weight. The Aurora A2 stands perfectly :wink:

What can I show more about these cute flashlights? Oh yeah, the weight and size!!
From the specs…
|Model| A2 | | A5R |
|Weight| 28g | | 11,7g |
|Diameter| 14,5mm| | 14,5mm |
|Size| 53,9mm | | 54,8mm |

And my relatively “imprecise” measurements :smiley:

And a size comparison with some batteries :stuck_out_tongue:



And now we’ll take a look at the RovyVon Aurora A2 & A5R with the accessories!

The Lanyards

The USB Cable and Port Cover

The Clip
I do not dare to say that it is a “pocket clip” because this may also be a “cap clip” or…a book clip, or a knife clip…or…a clip :wink:
Please note that there is a different number of grooves in these flashlights that has to do with internal filling! The A2 has 5 grooves for the clip, while the A5R has only 2! This won’t play a major role in usability, but for some people may be still relevant!!

Well, I didn’t take a photo with the Auroras + the User Manuals, so you’ll only get the Manuals here :wink: I found them interesting as they present the features, some schemes and the specifiucations one need to use the flashlight correctly! It is will written, only in English.

Top is the A2 (also designed as AX manual, for the lights from A1 to A4, as the UI is similar)

Down is the A5R (that is similar to A5R and A5U, as there are only few differences in the UI)

This one also includes a runtime graphic that I will show later on the Output vs Runtime part, tout de suite!



So, I will start to compare the User Interface of these 2 flashlights. In summary:

Model A2 A5R
User Interface Low > High > Medium > Strobe Low > Medium > High > Strobe
Special modes ——- Direct access to High / / / White + Red+ Blinking Red

As seen here, the modes and levels’ sequence are different, as is the flashlight’s operation.

Aurora A2

- Long click (0.5 - 1 second) turns the flashlight ON.

- Single click (when ON) to cycle through the modes as shown on the table. A

  • Long click (0.3 – 0.5 seconds) will turn it OFF, from any mode.

Aurora A5R

- Long click (0.5 - 1 second) turns the flashlight in Momentary ON in High level. When released, it will turn OFF.

- Double click (from OFF) enters the “regular mode”, and a “single click” will cycle through the levels as shown on the table.

- Triple click (from OFF) will light up the side LEDs and a “single click” advances on them, first the white LED, then the constant RED and then the Blinking RED!

  • Long click (0.3 – 0.5 seconds) will turn it OFF, from any mode.

About the Output vs Runtime, here’s another summary! Please note that there are small differences, as well, on the Lowest mode.

Model A2 A5R
Level Low High Medium Strobe Low Medium High Strobe
Output 22 lm 550 lm 230 lm 550 lm 15 lm 230 lm 550 lm 550 lm
Runtime 150 min 38 min 55 min / 180 min 55 min 38 min /
SPECIALS White LED Red LED Blinking Red
Output 4 lm 630nm 0.8lm
Runtime 10h 14h 28h

According to RovyVon’s website:

Also, here is a graphic with the Aurora A5R Outuput through time (click for slightly better image…):

This said, it is obvious that these flashlights will not be able to keep the highest outputs at their max for a more than some seconds, both due to the battery, the body construction and other factors , for sure!

A last word for Charging!
As mentioned above, these lights have a charging ratio of 350 mA / 5V. They will charge in 45 minutes according to specs.

When the flashlights are charging, a RED light will be ON. When charged, a BLUE Light will turn ON.

To plug the micro-USB cable, the cover needs to be pulled. It has a small tip pointing towards the tail so that grabbing becomes easier!



Left will be the Aurora A2 (blue) and Right will be the Aurora A5R (Luminous)

Beam Profile

All levels have PWM. Despite in High it seems to be absent, after some seconds the lines started to appear on both flashlights!

Some beamshots now!
Both flashlights provide a good illumination at more than 20 m, but not much more than that! I used them in pitch black environment at night and after 25m they will have illuminate less! Also, bearing in mind their runtime, the range will also diminish rapidly. Still, they are very nice for a 15-20m range, no doubt :wink:

@ 7 m

@ 15 m

@ 20 m

Some photos on how they look! I normally use the white LED when I need a dimmer light and don’t want to turn it on the Lowest mode! Pretty useful!
The RED, I use it less, but it is useful in night vision environments!!

Pretty, ain’t it? :LOVE:
Mine doesn’t get like this many times as I normally use it below my shirts, but at night I normally pass the UV or another light over it so that it can glow :blush:



What I liked:

1) Overall construction. These are well built flashlights, that despite their size seem quite resistant and capable of getting “beaten” in a pocket or keychain!

2) Design. The looks, the colours, the finishing, the overall shape and ergonomics are all things that pleased me much in these flashlights. They are compact, with nice lines and a great sense or practicability in the design (including the parts for clip and lanyards). The A2 in blue is gorgeous :LOVE:

3) Reliability. I’ve been using the A5R for some weeks now and it has been working pretty well. Used several times a day, with a charge about 2 weeks ago, and it is still working fine. Also, it’s design allows it to be ready to use whenever I want or need, either from a pocket or from the neck :wink: Also, I guess it must be mentioned that the e-switch is perfectly operated on both lights, both for single or multiple clicks! The timing doesn’t fail, so firm clicks must be done to change modes or Turn ON/OFF!

4) Output. 500 lumens from a small flashlight like this (not modded by BLF modders :smiley: ) is, IMO, quite impressive! Even with “reduced” runtimes! But I guess we can’t expect much more from this small pack :wink:

5) Special modes. Although I don’t have (yet) the A5U or the A6, I like the White and Red leds on the A5R! It allows having dimmer light and “signal” light if needed, that most keychain flashlights don’t have! So I guess this is a plus! And the UV…will be even better, I believe :wink:

6) Accessories. A hand full of accessories, with all that we need to make the flashlight work and be carried is incredible! I love the “beaded chain” and the clip that can be reversed and used in different configurations in these lights! Also, it brings a USB cable that is always helpful even if we already have dozens on them at home :smiley:

7) Luminous Body on A5R. I love GTD things, so for me this is a big plus on the A5R. The glowing will last some hours (2 / 3h, but didn’t test it), but the simple idea of having something that you’ll be able to find in the dark when lights are out, pleases me !!!

—- /// —- /// —-

What I would improve:

1 - The User Interface. By phases:

a) Low > High > Medium doesn’t seem a “good” sequence in output levels, so L > M > H would be better in my opinion;

b) Strobe in the main sequence is also a “no-go” option that many of us will reject from the beginning. So…I always go up to High and then I fast clik to get Low again, to pass Strobe quickly!!

c) I would replicate the “long press for momentary ON in High” in all these flashlights :wink: [very personal preference :smiley: ]

Besides this, despite the “long presses” for ON/OFF are somehow “annoying”, I do understand and accept the reason why the lights work like that, to prevent accidental activation in a pocket.

2 - The Emitters. Well, XP-G3 LEDs normally provoke a green shift in the beam (even XP-G3 5000K 90CRI) so the one of the things I would change along with the UI would be the emitters. I wouldn’t mind to stay with Cool White if they didn’t provoke tint shift.
However, Neutral White emitters would fit these flashlights better. In a glimpse of desire, 90 CRI would be top notch. :LOVE:

a) According to RovyVon’s website, the Aurora A6 has 90CRI Nichia 219C R9050 LED (along with White LED + UV LED) what is a great thing

b) In another thread RovyVon has explained that :

After the review, another thing has to be said about RovyVon that is about the easy and friendly communication! I’ve been in contact with them due to the RovyVon Angel Eyes E300s flashlight Group Buy and all the answers and details have been given and clarified! :THUMBS-UP:

Another manufacturer that must to be recognized by the community, at least for the “innovative” or fresh input in flashlights’ world and their “friendliness”!

Thanks again for this opportunity RovyVon!

Feel free to comment or to make questions folks :THUMBS-UP:

Very thorough review! Great job! I have the A5, (with the additional red light), and a red A3 and just love them. What great, tiny and lightweight lights!

To my eyes, the XP-G3 emitters are fine. I like CW and my examples are pure white with no blue/green and no tint shift that I can notice.

There will be some that will balk at the lower capacity of the built-in cell and that it’s non replaceable, (but that could be overcome :wink: ). With all the accessories that come with these and the tiny size, anyone looking for an incredible keychain or necklace light, should give these a serious look.

Concerning the capacity of the cell in these, like you I’ve been using mine on a regular basis and on a single charge, they go for a good while before needing charging.

I also agree that RovyVon’s customer service is top notch. Rapid response to emails and willing to quickly correct any problems, if any.

Thanks Gebe :+1:

Indeed these are pretty little lights :wink: Easy to carry, practical, “concealable” and useful in many situations :wink:

Hum, I find it interesting you don’t notice the shift on the beam! Still, if I could I would replace them ! Maybe I am getting a bit “tint snob” :stuck_out_tongue: Or not :smiley:

I guess the cell will be a concern if we are thinking about using it as a “primary” flashlight for extended use. Other than that, for our regular bursts or daily use in short periods of time, we’ll manage to use it well and make it last ! I guess we would get a bigger light if we wanted more runtime (Nitecore TIP or similar comes to my mind).

This one is small and puts a good amount of light so it serves the purpose!

And I am also with you, the “whole package” and features are ideal even for non flashaholics that want a practical flashlight for a keychain or for a “not bulky jeans” use :stuck_out_tongue:

I am very tempted to get the A6, with Nichia and UV light at the same time! I wish it didn’t have the strobe, but still, it pretty nice :blush:

Really enjoy your reviews MascaratumB, thanks!

Thank you offline :slight_smile:
I try to do the best I can ! Hope it helps to show what the product does or not! Thanks for reading :+1:

Luckily, I’m not a “tint snob”. :smiley: I’m one of those strange ones that just want my lights to be pure white and light up the darkness and don’t give a hoot about tints. If it’s white, it’s right. :slight_smile: To each their own and that’s what makes it great around here.

I agree that these tiny lights are for intermittent use and are so handy for what they are. I have other lights when I want long stretches of use.

Ahah, I know what you feel :wink: Every now and then, the “pure white” is what I need or want just to light the path or place! But honestly, working in a place with low light and mostly “white” is sometimes eye-tiring ! So some better rendition is what my eyes need :wink:
Or a neutral to warm (not incandescent!!!) just to get more cozy :wink:

I don’t have many keychain lights, and with “similar” characteristics I only have the Nitecore TIP, that I have attached to and adjustable 2mm paracord lanyard so that I can use it on the neck as well!

But the compactness of the Auroras win over the TIP! And being for short use at a time, I find them perfect!!
Even with the UI “issue” (Strobe) I find them winners!

And now I want the A6, specially after seeing zeroair’s thread with a 20% discount in a GroupBuy :money_mouth_face:
I will bankrupt before Christmas…. :person_facepalming:

Thanks for the review!
How long does the glow last?

Thank you Agro :wink:

Hum, the glow will last about 2-3h as I mentioned above! I didn’t do a “test” to see that, but while I was writing the review (that took a while) I lighted the A5R with my UV flashlight, and put it hanging on my bedroom’s door, in the dark. After a while I went there and could see it, so only in the end of the review I could go there again I could see the glow in the dark.

These are my rough estimations, but I can try to “measure” it again :wink:

Oh…well…read too quickly and somehow missed that part. :wink:

Ahah, no problem mate :wink:

BTW, I took the A5R with me to Poland, last week ! Despite the cold, it behaved consistently :smiley:


Nice review :+1:

Thanks mate :beer: :beer: :beer:

Great review, MascaratumB! Your details were very influential on my decision to buy the A8. I wrote a review on the A8 A/B/R.
I also like your outdoor shots. By the way, given your location being Portugal, have you been to Madeira? Looks beautiful.

You did a fine job of taking photos of the PWM effect. I do see some of it in my A8, but I consider it mild. When looking at the illuminated subject and moving it, like a hand, I don’t notice PWM. It’s only when the reflector is in view and I move my eyes from side to side that I can see the PWM pattern (for moonlight and low). It would be nice if that wasn’t present at all, but I have seen worse PWM by some lights by other brands. My feeling is that if RovyVon can hide it altogether, it would create a better “feel good” among the flashlight community. But obviously, the average person who buys this isn’t going to notice it.

I have been in touch with them and I made the suggestion for a possible larger battery in the next release of the A8 (or A9).

Thanks xevious!
I went to comment your review already! I had different expectations for the A8 ABR , namely the UI, as I mentioned there!

Hum, I get what you say about PWM! I don’t notice it unless I use the camera/cellphone! But when I do…it is somehow annoying! Specially to compare beams.
They may increase the battery, but that will also make the flashlight bigger. I have no problems with the battery so far, as this is a keychain or neck light, not the primary one! But I do get your point!

I also read about your thoughts about the host. I’ve been carrying the A5 (luminous) in my keychain and so far the scratches is minimal. The bezel has some tips there, but barely noticeable! It is still a winner for me :wink:
The A8 is more secured below my shirt, so no risks of host scratching :+1:

You’re welcome, and thanks for your comment. I made an update already.

I wouldn’t mind the body being increased slightly. It’s already so very small, that perhaps 2mm wider would still be fine. I had tucked it in my pocket with keys for half a day and when I looked at it under magnification, I could see a few small nicks in the polished polycarbonate directly over the side emitters. So that had me a little concerned. I am going to put some vinyl film over it for protection.

I’m also impressed by how the head doesn’t get too hot to handle even after running for several minutes on high. Thermal regulation works well.

Supposedly the Samsung LH351D emitter is more efficient than the Nichia, so perhaps that could be installed in a future version for even longer runtimes. But again, overall for the mini-EDC purpose, the A8 is a brilliant light. RovyVon is a very small company compared to the “big league” light makers, but I hope that changes. More people need to know about the Aurora line. It probably would have taken a lot longer for me, if my Nitecore TIP CRI fiasco hadn’t happened (2 bad lights in a row, which forced me to look elsewhere).

I’m just looking at getting an A5 with the red side emitter and tempted to opt for the Nichia 219 version. For me with small pocket lights with limited runtimes and usage I tend to go for the cool whites as I’ll get better illumination and I choose the neutral tints for harder working bigger lights.

Couple of questions, does anyone know if the Nichia runtimes are the same as the cool white version?

Do the white side lights get the glow working or does the shell need sunlight or another light to charge it?

And, am I being daft choosing the Nichia and effectively losing about 200 lumens? I know I’ve regretted choosing neutral before now for small, occasional lights.

And does anyone have an estimate on how many charge cycles a lithium polymer battery will supply before it’s worn out?

Hey RichH!
So, about the comparison on the Cree vs Nichia versions, I did a comparison here: “REVIEW”: RovyVon Aurora A8 UV – 350 Lumens – Nichia 219C – Keychain Light - #14 by MascaratumB
One is the A5R and the other is the A8U.
If you ask me the major differences and advantages, I’ll tell you what I think:

-If you need a brighter light and for a longer range illumination, choose the Cree.
-If you will need it for closer works/needs, and need better colour rendering and less tint shift, go for Nichia.

-The RED side light on the A5R is dimmer than the A8U
-The WHITE side light on A8U is more pleasant than the one in the A5R.

About charging I can tell you that in about 8 months using them, I only charged them twice, but I don’t use them constantly. I carry the A5R in my home’s keychain and the A8U in my neck. Both are used almost everyday, but for short periods. And because of this I cannot tell you much about runtimes too, as I don’t use them for long periods of time.

They have a new flashlight, the A23 with XP-L and Nichia LED that has a battery with bigger capacity (1000 lumens, 600mAh). Take a look at it here:

I hope this helps on your choice :wink:

About the side leds being enough for making the GITD body glow, here’s an example.
If you turn it ON and OFF quickly (5 seconds) it will lit them a bit. If you leave them ON for a longer period, they will be glowing longer too.
Sometimes I take my keys out of the pocket before entering home and within that period (it I have natural light) normally the GITD body will start glowing.