Review: Small Sun ZY-C10-S Flood-to-Throw

Smaller - but what about brightness?

One one hand the light in the spot is more concentrated, on the other the XM-L has a lower surface brightnes... what wins?

Edit: Ignore the above, I'm comparing different emitters with different lenses at the same time.

first-> thick lens; 32k lux

second -> original lens; 23k lux

third -> x2000; 13k lux (just for comparison)

Both XM-Ls at ~3.3A,

I’m confused. If you are using two lenses of the same diameter on the same light driven at the same current then the lux should be the same.

The changing focal length shouldn’t affect the lux but rather than lumen output and spot size.

Optical efficiency of the glass lens plays a part here, as well.

EDIT: The lenses could also be considered to be of a slightly different size, since the curvature on the glass lens extends to the edge, where the plastic lens is already flat.

Where'd you buy it?

You are right. The orig lens has about 33mm effective width, and the other has 38mm (unfortunately I had to grind down a little from the aspheric curve ).

But keep in mind, sometimes they send unusable, garbage lenses...

or :

I received my light today as well. I thought I’d just add on to this thread.

Tail cap current with a newly charged battery was 900mA. I haven’t had time for a proper lux reading outside but the quick and dirty version indicates around 30 kcd.

My unit stops just short of perfect focus as well. It still shows the emitter pattern…just not the lines. The threads are a little roughly cut.

I think the light actually looks better than the Uniquefire HS-802. The push/pull isn’t too loose. When I initially ordered it was supposed to be twist (which I would prefer) but for a push/pull this one isn’t bad.

JohnnyMac, you indicate that yours doesn’t have memory. Mine does however you have to wait for some time period. Try your after waiting for a minute or so and I’ll guessing it will have memory.

The twist zoom light for DX that I reviewed recently has no memory no matter how long the wait so in comparison to that this memory seems fine.

I have no opinion as to whether the emitter is real or fake but just looking at it without taking it apart it looks just like my other XR-E emitters.

I haven’t had time to check out this light throughly. I’m going outside (without this light) soon to use my telescope before the weather changes but even the focus may be perfect.

I think it’s just set for infinity. When I look at the emitter pattern from 3 feet it doesn’t quite focus but when I look at it from another wall 10 feet away I can see the lines in the emitter.

I’m liking this light. It looks pretty good. I’d love to find one like this with a twist focus and a side switch.
[Edit] I’ve now had the chance to do a proper test outside with the light meter and it appears to be 52kcd!

Yes, I had to grind down the border totally, and a little from the aspheric curve about 1mm.

But there is a problem, the original bezel does not fit, because of the curve of new lens, it is too bulging...

C6? As I see from the pictures, it has about 21mm head, and above mentioned lens diameter approx 43mm...

For C8 maybe, but some modifications are necessary.


As I mentioned, there is a chance that you get garbage lenses from dx. In my last order I got unusable lenses.

Finally got mine. Maybe from same batch than viffer750. :)

TC currents 1.35A / 0.30A, tight hotspot in throw mode, >40kcd (didn't have time for proper measurements yet)

Minor dents on one side of the tailcap, looks like it has been dropped to concrete floor or something.

Otherwise I'm very happy with this so far.

I ordered a pair of them for Christmas presents, I will check if the lens is better equal or worse than on the Yezl T9, as I prefer the form factor of that one (it is also more expensive and mounts XM-L).

Dont know if mine has a genuine cree q5.

What do you think?

At least it looks the same as my Q5 lights.. So, Yes, its probably Q5

Just received mine. Here are some comparative measurements, taken from 8.0m. Luxmeter set to Hold Max while scanning across the hotspot.

Small Sun ZY-C10-S (1.45A) .... 59.0 kcd

UniqueFire HS-802 (1.60A) ...... 53.0 kcd

UltraOK (1.75A) .......................... 34.9 kcd

Well, Small Sun does throw. The hotspot is somewhat larger than the 802's, but the latter has a marked corona that helps up to, say, 150m. To my eye, Small Sun seems to have an even bigger brightness advantage over the 802 than figures tell. That's probably because of the stark contrast between the hotspot and its totally dark immediate surroundings.

Today, the UltraOK performed considerably worse than on my first measurement. I'll have to check if that is due to my replacing the original plastic reflector with an aluminium C8.

I’d say yours is legit. No worries there. At least your emitter is centered under its dome. If you look at the pic of mine you will see how it is off-center. I need to pop off the plastic disk to see the PCB. If mine’s genuine then it’s definitely a factory second or should have been.

Got mine today, and it does indeed throw quite well. As noted, stops short of full die focus. Mine came quite well packaged, and arrived with not a scratch.

Mine feels like it has two distinct "steps" in its zoom, between full in and out. Strange. It may be stopped at any point between in and out, however. Hopefully, it will break-in with time, as it is irritating to feel those detents, or hang-ups. This puppy is going on one of my guns, for long distance throw, without spill. Just what the doctor ordered. Very tight beam. I love it! Makes my other aspherics look like chopped-liver.

Only real complaint, the emitter is a bit cool for my tastes, and suffers purple fringe around the die projection at full throw. It is so much brighter than my other zoomies, this effect really pisses me off. No, really, it does.

You are saying that it doesn’t come to full focus because you can’t see the emitter sections on the wall at 3 feet right?
Try putting the spot on a wall 10 feet away. Now can you see the emitter sections in perfect focus?
That’s the way mine works anyway.

anybody know the science of the purple fringe? I suppose the lens is behaving like a prism...but I wonder what property makes some lenses do it more than others - the material itself? impurities? curvature?

Refraction. Probably the angles the light makes with the surfaces - so curvature.
Mines not really noticeable. Could also be the tint of the emitter.

@gcbryan, I can't see the emitter lines, no matter how close or how far. Went outside this evening and nada clear focus, even at greater than 100 yards. No biggie. It's so close, that I'm not going to fret.

@leelou, my emitter tint is bluish, so the purple fringe effect is worse.