[Review] Sofirn SP40

Sofirn Sp40 review is uploaded!
Best starter headlamp!
Enjoy it!

Sc31b, sp40, sp36s

Sofirn is leading the way with affordable easy to use lights with integrated USB charging

No fancy UIs, no fancy optics, just a plain old flashlight

Which is what 99% of the world wants :wink:

You are right!
Only thing I miss if you want to use just as a headlamp is a wide flood TIR optics.

I understand it’s a head lamp. But has anyone used the SP40 on a hard hat? How did it fit?

I am actually looking for the same thing, something with a head strap doesn’t really hold to the hard head, was looking at maybe sticking a GoPro mount to it and fabricating something that will hold the flashlight

If the diameter of the ’40 fits, you can use the rubber part of the RJ02’s strap. 2 rubber loops to hold the light nice and snug (best I’ve seen), and it has a smooth rubber back that you can probably stick to a helmet with some kind of adhesive (permanent or otherwise).

I appreciate the ideas. If I can find my helmet mounts somewhere, I will try that. I also bought some 3M sticker mounting hooks to test later.

In the meantime, I rely on the SP40's magnetic tail cap to position the light at my electrical work area. I confirm that this February 2020 delivery (by Sofirn Lazada) has magnetic tail cap out of the box. Also the power monitor (green LED on top) does not remain lit. It turns ON only for like 5 seconds after the flashlight is switched ON.

Very convenient mounting at any steel surface.

Secure mounting even at a narrow crook of a door, safely away from hazard:

For my use case, the magnetic tail of the SP40 changed light's state from just a headband flashlight to a class of practical work lights.

Can you do a review with a 18350.

Agreed, the magnetic tail is invaluable and makes the SP40 a great worklight. I think especially for your use case, you would benefit from adding some diffusion film: DC-Fix Diffusion Film Sale - #354 by thefreeman

  • wider and more even beam profile to get more usable light away from the hotspot
  • reduced hotspot to prevent blinding tunnel-vision effect
  • reduced tint shift from hotspot to spill for more consistent colors

I’m using film #7 from that thread and I’m much happier with the SP40 now.

@agent80- sorry I have no 18350 batteries.

@phouton- I appreciate the suggestion on #7 diffusion film. Not available at lazada or shopee though.

You can get some by PMing BLF member Boaz. Details in this thread: DC-Fix Diffusion Film Sale

Noted and thanks.

I know what you mean. I think its for this reason that my main work light, a Bosch 12V-330 has 10 LEDS with a total of just 330 Lumens. There’s no hotspot, just even light spread good for short distances. I’ll use the SP40 a little more at work to see if its light presents a problem. For now, I am not too bothered by its tint or bright spot. But it’s good to know there are ways to improve its beam. Thanks again.

The generic action-cam mounts I have would be very bulky, the 3M sticker hooks would have to be scattered all around the hat. So I decided to just stick some velcro cable ties. All three alternatives are not meant for the purpose I have in mind, but the velcro cable ties proved the more viable option.

Just simple stuff from the local hardware

It's so strong I had to pull hard to remove the light.

Not a very pretty sight but it works.

I can redo this and clip more exposed velcro. Access to battery is not a problem. But I still have to do a field test to see how this plays out.