Review: Solarforce L2T Black Forward Clicky

Solarforce Takes On Tactical

I've never found it difficult to hold a flashlight. When I do hold a flashlight, I'm not inclined to employ the "cigar" hold and although I enjoy "tactical" features in a torch and find them entertaining, my admittedly unexciting life has little actual need for such overkill. Of course, most of us here also don't need several dozen different flashlights either so, I'm probably in good company and that's why you will probably like the L2T.

Upon first seeing the L2T, I thought immediately of the Surefire Centurion. The C2 is listed discontinued on Surefire's site and that's too bad because I always thought it was a handsome light and I think Solarforce's interpretation (if that's what it is) is even better looking. I've never owned a Centurion so I can't compare the two but I can say, without reservation; the L2T is one hell of a high quality flashlight. I'm not sure if it's my favorite and while I do feel it is worth its $17 asking price, you really have to want (or need) its unique features

Bottom line: feature rich, tough as nails and an all-business look gets the job done as well as, and perhaps a little better than any P60 host out there. As a weapon mount light, it certainly looks the part and looks like it could withstand a lot of recoil. I like having this guy in my collection but I'm guessing it's probably going to be a shelf queen.

What I like:

- "tactical" look and feel

- spectacular build quality and machine work

- snug o-ring fit

- grippy texture on head/tail cap

- buff finish

- recoil rubber

What I do not like:

- non-tail stand design

- can't think of anything else

Solarforce L2T Flashlight Host Light is being reviewed with a brand new UltraFire 3-mode XM-L drop-in from Manafont, powered by an Xtar 2600 protected 18700 battery.

$16.99 from

- accepts P60 style drop-ins

- T6061 aluminum alloy

- dull black finish (type?)

- can use 2 x CR123, 1 x 16340 or 1 x 18650 battery

- standard (non-tail stand) forward clickie tail cap switch

- waterproof (IPX?) No ingress in the shower or after a few minutes in the sink.

- 138 x 32 x 25.4mm (from Solarforce)

- 87g without drop-in or battery

Amps with UF 3-mode XM-L drop-in and Xtar 2600 protected 18700

high - 2.70 (max 2.92)

medium - .78 (max .85)

low - .14

Visually, there's a lot going on and most of it, presumably has to do with grip and/or holding onto the light. If that is the case then, mission accomplished because it seems to be grippy everywhere and if you're a cigar hold kind of guy, you're going to love the L2T. You'll also like it (I suppose) if you need a weapon mount. I have lots of weapon experience but have never put a flashlight on any of my guns so, I'll just say that it looks like it might do quite well in that role.

Knurling is low cut but with the matte finish, grips as well or even better than more aggressive knurling.

I take these extreme macros because machining bug-a-boos often go unnoticed to the naked eye. That's not necessarily a bad thing but when I'm reporting my impressions of quality, this is a good way to be accurate. As you can see, machine work on the L2T is stunning. Quality like this is no accident; a lot of thought and careful attention to detail results in a flashlight delivered to the customer almost without flaw.

It is often said that too much is made about squared threads. My own feeling is that if there is a choice between making a light with threads that have thin, sharp edges that can fold over and/or chip, or making a light with threads cut smooth on top, I'll take the latter. Ten years from now, the head and tail cap are more likely to still screw down silky-smooth as they do today.

Size comparison to some of my favorite P60 flashlights.

From left to right: Surefire 6P; Solarforce L2P, Solarforce L2/Version 2011; Solarforce L2 (previous style) and Solarforce L2T.

I do like bling on my flashlights and although every optional bezel and tail cap fits the L2T, shiny things aren't what a light like this is about.

There you have it; a short pictorial review of the superb L2T - a light you probably don't need, but certainly do need to own.


update >>>

Just wanted to add a few pics of my latest journey into silverland . . .

Full disclosure: I miss my beautiful matte black L2T very much and after re-reading this review, must confess to having a much stronger attachment than previously stated.

I got my new black L2T so, I included some updated pics. I must also add that this new L2T is nearer a new L2 in color than the old one, which was much more grey.

My much loved black L2T now sports a new M3 head.


Nice review and again great closeups.

I really like this line : "a light you probably don't need, but certainly do need to own"

I think the in order for the L2T to really look like the C2 it needs the L2's head and tail cap and of course the aggressive bezel.

Can you take a pic of th L2T with a SS bezel and the S11 Tailcap ?

For a couple dollars more you can get the reverse clicky that tailstands as well.. So that's not a valid complaint with this light ..I've got one for solarforce though ..What's with the stupid writing on the head ..and an advertisement on the tail ?? I'm always amazed that flat spots need to be hacked out of a nice round knurled tube to slam their name on the light .In America we call that tacky . I'm in search of a classy light .If I'm paying good money for equiptment or a tool I'm of the opinion it's the makers job to add their name or logo tastefully .. I like everything else ..I like the fact the parts actually match unlike some previous models And i like the fact it doesn't by default come with a stupid bezel that most people dislike ..I don't know if this can be considered a compliment if you finally stop doing something retarded .Anyway I'd be happy to see all models come with at least a reasonable bezel .Matte or stainless steel . and keep the other bezels as options . If Solarforce was actually listening I'd say dump the up coming ugly blue for a nicer gun metal blue like the farka . i like the idea of somewhat limited color runs on lights to keep interest high and force collectors to buy a million more lights :P..Sorry Foy

I missed the gun metal grey L2i and I'm sad ;(

Thanks for the great ( as always ) review , Foy .

Great review as always. BTW love you’re photography work! What camera do you use?

gen - I use a seriously abused Canon Power Shot SX20 IS. It does close-ups so well, I use it at work to decode cars. Pics like this:

VIN derivative: (left)

1 = Chevrolet division

8 = model year 1968

S = St. Louis, Missouri assembly

4 = constant number for all Corvettes that year (often thought to mean a V8 engine)

00158 = 157th 1968 Corvette built (early build car, numbers match)

engine stamp/suffix code: (right)

V = Flint (Michigan) engine plant

08 = August

18 = 18th day (1967)

HT = 327 cubic inch/350 horsepower with manual transmission

Which means this engine's build date (August) correctly preceded vehicle assembly. (September)

(what I do at work, several dozen times a month)

The camera gets stuffed into greasy nooks and I drop it on oily cement a couple of times a month. So far, it seems no worse for wear but I know its days are numbered. Hope I can find another that performs this specific task as well.


Hike -

It just happens that I have a stainless steel bezel and an S11 tail cap so, here ya go:


This REALLY annoys me! It's so played out and so unoriginal. You see it on almost all budget lights and it's come to be expected. It really cheapens a light, imo. That's what I like about the L2T. They were able to incorporate model/brand in a practical space but didn't have to detract from the design. The typical cylinder with an oval for the brand is getting pretty boring and unattractive. I'm glad I don't have to share this frustrations alone.

"For a couple dollars more you can get the reverse clicky that tailstands as well.. So that's not a valid complaint with this light"

It's valid if you don't happen to like a non-tail stander because that is how "this light" ships.

I'm with ya on the bezels, though. I think I've "complained" about the strike bezel on every Solarforce review I've done.

lovemygreyL2iandI'm happy ;)Foy

Awesome ! Good stuff.

You each have valid points. The way I see it Solarforce is a lego-flashlight company so any host model they offer, be it L2 or L2i or L2T, should be viewed as a starting platform in which you can tailor to your requests. The L2T is still unique enough in the L2 family that adding a tail switch is still viable for most. And to be fair, Foy, you reviewed the "L2T," not the "L2T forward clicky." His suggestion still seems valid since it refers to the same L2T host body. I still don't agree with paying $2 more for the same host outfitted with a tail switch that is priced $2 less. I might as well stick with the forward clicky version and purchase a reverse switch separately because I save $4 (assuming I have a use for the foward clicky)

Point taken. Will change title.

I got the forward clickie because it was the cheapest one and I have several tail caps but . . . I've found I like the L2T just as it is and the tail stand thing is not that big a deal, really.


Oh man, That's great! Thanks Foy!

Yeah I was really Looking for a bad thing to say about solarforce ..i agree that the changes made from the older L2 are dramatic and all in the right direction . the old one was too slick for me and the tail and the body knurling not matching is sorta dumb and not enough knurl ,,All thses things have been fixed and I just noticed the writting on the head and thought ...WHY ?.. the reason is of course surefire did it and we're just copying them .. I actually like the blue idea I just personally don't like the color and after seeing the really pretty colors of the farka blueish grey and the brown that is almost black or the nitecore greys and almost kakhi tan,greyish gren ...makes me wonder why if you're bringing in a new color you'd do something as ugly as the new blue ..i think xeno screwed up on their colors too and went overboard on ugly ..

The L2t and the L2p Twins package is a sweet deal....I was going to buy two stainless steel bezels .. but at $9 the true flashaholic in me took over and I opted for another host and so i bought the L2i for only $9 instead .

weiser ...i'm glad you agree this is what attracted me to this light as well.a high amount of aggressive knurl fore and aft with nice clean lines in between .i've also learned to like the rubber cigar grips added to these lights ,just one more thing to keep it securely in your hand.

Foy ....your pics are absolutely impressive. Your reviews are not to be missed .Solarforce and the members of BLF owe you a debt of grattitude .

Unfortunately we are going to have to owe you ....because we just spent the rent money on Yosemite Sam Mudflaps and Solarforce L2T's. :P

Hi Foy, I read your review about the UF-980L and I am currently in dilemma between the two. In terms of looks I dig the L2T, the build quality also seems better, but it seems the UF is has more brightness and throw, is that correct? Would you say that the difference is drastic?

I like flashlights which performs laser-type, with a visible beam at night. Which one would you recommend? Or any other one for that matter? Thanks.

The L2T has a better matte look and the over all design is more functional and even appealing, imo. It just really works. I, too, am becoming very fond of the cigar grip. And I also greatly appreciate the lack of a machined oval in the knurling. The slightly squarish design and the lettering simply printed (etched?) on that part of the body is much more attractive than fitting in some typical oval. The "Solarforce" lettering is also centered whereas it is not on my L2P.

Ordered my second SF light, which is the L2T, 3 days ago. Can hardly wait! Thanks for the review!

Ventsi -

Yes, the difference is significant. I suppose it might be less, doing a ceiling bounce in a dark room with both lights but there really is no comparison in terms of total output. The 980L has a larger, deeper reflector and pulls over 4.5 amps. These lights fill two different roles, in my opinion but the 980L is brighter.

By laser beam I assume you're talking about throw? I have a couple of lights a lot less powerful than either of these that make an awesome "visible beam" at night. The Masterpiece Pro I has a seemingly weak XR-E (WC/R2) and it out-throws the 980L by a country mile. My best pencil beam light is the Skyline I, if that's what you're after but I don't think it is. It sounds like you want a little throw and while an XM-L equipped L2T has respectable reach, and dedicated XR-E throwers have a lot of reach (with less light) a C8 size flashlight might be a better choice. I happen to like the 980L but there are lots of XM-L lights of this type that are certainly as good or maybe better. (just trying to be nice, of course the 980L rules)

Of course I'm assuming we're talking about a particular price range. I've got a couple of lights on the way that I'm betting will have high output and some throw . . .


Thanks for the detailed explanation, mate.

Well I guess I was looking for a thrower, plus a beam. Anyway I ordered the L2T, I just like the looks of it better than the UF. I love attention to detail, plus I was looking for something more compact.

I hope you are going to do some reviews with the newcomers ;)


Great pics! I ordered my L2T a few days ago also and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.