Review: SolarForce M3 with L2T body

SolarForce M3 with L2T body

Overall Rating: ★★★

Hello BLF. I have a short review here, it won't have any beam shots because I don't have a proper camera. Its also my first review and I'm stealing this review layout.

I bought the S6 tailcap in the same order, the only difference it should make is appearance and tail stand.


Battery: 1 x 18650
Switch: Tail switch, Forward clicky
Modes: 3: High, Med, Low
LED Type: 1 x XM-L U2
Lens: Coated Glass
Tailstands: No, unless used with compatible tail switch
Price Payed: $48.99 + $2 delivery per order
From: SolarForce
Date Ordered: 28 September 2012


  • Nice throw
  • High quality
  • Head compatible with all P60 hosts
  • No visible PWM even on low
  • 3 mode with no rubbish
  • Head comes in nice box
  • Memory after 3 seconds
  • Anti roll design
  • Claimed throw of up to 380m
  • Built in reverse polarity protection?


  • Dry threads

Features / Value: ★★★★


The M3 head comes in a black box and the L2T host comes in its standard packaging; its the full host including head, tube and tail.

The card that came in the box just has some instructions for dummies on it.

Buying the head itself would cost around $40, so you get much more value by buying the head in one of the combos SolarForce offers.

The LED can take 2.7v to 9v.

Design / Build Quality: ★★★

The design of the M3 head is quite nice, I like the look of the heat sink area and the SS bezel.

All the threads are cut clean and smooth, but they come dry so you might want to grease them up.

Here's the M3 screw in (left) next to a generic p60 drop in (right).

The threads are the same size but the spring gets in the way of M3's reflector.

The M3 head is of course longer and larger diameter compared to the standard P60s.

The colour match between the M3 head and L2T host aren't exactly the same, but they are pretty close and hard to tell the difference unless you look very closely in good light.

Size and weight taken from SolarForce's website:

Length x diameter: 62 x 45mm

Weight (without batteries): 138g

Battery Life: ★★★★

XML with one 18650. There's not much you can do to get this much brightness in this size with a better battery life.

Runtime depends on the battery you use too, obviously.

Light Output: ★★★★

The XML in this is definitely brighter than the Manafont XML T6 in my L2T.

The throw is significantly better too, beam is much narrower thanks to the deeper reflector. It probably doesn't throw to 380m, but 150m isn't too far fetched. (Ignore the last sentence, I have no idea what I am talking about.)

This light still has the ability to light up a small room using ceiling bounce.

The low mode isn't very low, it looks to be around 20%.

Tail cap amps: High - 1.5a, med - 0.6a, low - 0.07a


A very nice light that's built with quality and decent pricing. Throw isn't as good as full on dedicated throwers, but it is a good in between.

Automatic recommend for SolarForce fans.

I hope this review has helped in any decisions. Any helpful tips are welcome for improving my reviews. (I don't have the money to shell out on a DSLR though)

X2 and X3 review coming soon.

Thanks Pacbough, nice review. Short, to the point, and some cool pics. Do you know how many Amps the M3 Emitter draws?

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

thanks for the review! I think I’ll redo my shortlist of things I want and need, and put the M3 on top… together with (yet another) L2P body tube, and an S4 switch. I have always wanted one of those cigar-grip S4 switches.

You just have given me the perfect excuse to buy one!

Great review pacbough,
…nice to see the emitter is accessible to upgrade in the future

My multimeter says 1amp but that’s seems to be the max for my protected TF flames, which are the only good batteries I have for now.

I’m sure Foy would have the M3 too and he may be able to tell you.

I put my M3 also on a L2T body, I Tthink ist is zhe nicest fit. mine pulls 1,3A from a 3000mAh Trustfire and 1,5A from a Solaforce V3, which is a bit disappointing so I will do a 8x7135 mod.

Sweet. I got my M3 and L2N this morning.

Let’s hope it lives up to expectations!

Thanks very much! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.

Thank you for taking out that screw in, thats what I wanted to know about this head before buying.

What I’m really after is a head like this one with a warm-er/ish emitter.
It’s good to know that it shouldn’t be terribly hard to mod (or TBH get modded).

Thanks for the review. A quick question though.

If you buy the M3 head, does it come with an XML-U2 already? The 40 USD M3 cost includes the XML-U2 or not? Thanks!

Yes it comes with the U2, there is a M3s now, single mode.

Perfect! I want a single mode for my Gladiator. Thanks for the info.

Ordered one the other day. I am going to install a NW XP-G2 and a 2.1A driver. See how she throws :slight_smile:

The L2T anodizing seems to match better than the L2N anodizing. Had to put a L2X body on my M3 head to get a good anodizing match.

Got an m3 head in recently.

Driven only at about 2amps at max brightness = about 680 lumens at the emitter and prob 500 OTF. Heat will probably be an issue as it is a drop in reflector/pill design similar to p60. The sides of the reflector do come out to touch the head though (although not a good fit). The lower near the pill don’t touch the host at all.

I’ll probably alum wrap the reflector and also do the normal wrap that is done on p60s and do some temp tests too. I’ll probably also switch out the led for a t63c (for the tint) and a nanjg 2.8 amp driver)

does the M3 head screw in flush with the L2T body? mine leaves a 1mm gap between the head and the body

Mine screws in flush.

Good info and pics. Yet another useful upgrade from SolarForce. Now what is needed to make best use of the M3 is a 18650 extender w/ a matte finish so it will match-up w/ the newer L2/M/P/T/N matte black finish. [This is a hint SolarForce]

Thanks Pac. I told Jo of Solarforce and she said she will send me a replacement L2T body tube.

Thumbs up, Solarforce!

Are you able to take the generic pill and screw it into the M3 head?