Review Solarforce Z1

Solarforce Z1

A couple of days ago I got my new Solarforce Z1 through the post. I’ll add more to this review over the next few days.

Overall I like the light, but still have doubts with Solarforce :frowning:

+ Points:

-anodising and finish
-superlightweight, but sturdy quality feel
-pretty bright and a very nice beam
-clicky switch
-mode spacing

- Points:

-Clip while stays attached, rotates very easily, can see this scratching the light in due course
-Complete and utter balls up on the rated input voltage specs. The packaging says 4.0v, the flashlight itself has 4.2v printed on it, but Solarforce claim max of 3.0v. What gives?? This really lowers confidence in Solarforce.

Finally! Thank you :slight_smile:

This might give a little better overview:

What is the driver size, and how large is the switch?

Says HA III, I thought all coloured anodizing had to be Type II, HA III is a misnomer in any case, anodizing is either type I or type II, HA is HA and doesn’t have any other designation.
I was looking forward to the Solarforce Z2 now I’m not so sure.

Yeah, I don't think that's hard ano. As for the light itself I'm not impressed. It looks like a knock off of a cheap crapfire knock off. I would like to be wrong about that.

Looking forward to the rest of your review, CD. :)

I’m looking forward to more pictures of flashlights spinning around.

No. seriously, that was pretty cool.

I’ve been using this torch for a few days now. I’ll update the review in due course with more info and some beamshots.

But I have to say it’s really really nice. It’s very lightweight, but inlike some of my cheap lights, it feels premium quality.

I don’t know about the ano, all I can say is, it is very mat in finish and not shiny like a Maglite or other type 2 finishes.

I’m also impressed with how bright it is. Solarforce only claim 240 lumens, but I can tell you it’s brighter hotspot, spill and has more throw than my Olight S15 does, which is rated at 280-300 lumens depending on power source.

I think the only downside to the Z1 is it’s battery. Runtime is rated at 40 mins on high and I’d hate to be pumping CR123a’s through it at that rate.

And as a regular li-ion 16340 is a no no, I’ve been using an Ultrafire 3.0v LiFePO4 battery (more info here: ).

And so far I have no complaints. Runtime is still short, but comparable to the Olight on a 14500.

Just bought one based on your last post, wish they would release the Z2.