[Review] Speras M4 || S50, 1 x 18350 , TIR || Mini Thrower || Output, Thermal Regulation, Beamshots

The flashlight was sent to me by Speras for review.
Here's the product's link for more info: Speras M4

The flashlight comes in a nice cardboard box.

The following accessories are included in the package:

  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • 2 x replacement o-rings
  • Speras branded 1100mAh 18350 cell
  • Wrist lanyard
  • User manual

The Speras M4 is a mini thrower flashlight.

It comes in a matte black anodization and its fit and finish is excellent.

The head integrates some deep heatsinking grooves, while the body comes engraved with some nice texture.

It's operated via an e-switch that's mounted in the lower part of the head.
The switch also includes an LED that will shine during normal usage / charging to indicate the battery's charge level.

Opposite to the e-switch one finds the charging port, which utilizes a regular Type-C interface.
The port is secured from dust / moisture via a rubber flap.

The tail of the light is completely flat, which allow it to tailstand.
A little cut-out is in place, which allows the installation of a lanyard.

The front part of the head uses a subtle bezel which is used to protect the glass lens.

The Speras M4 utilizes a TIR reflector along with an S50 LED.
The combination produces a very throwy beam, especially considerings the flashlight's form factor.

A solid metal tab is used as the positive terminal.
The driver seems to be press-fit/glued into the rear part of the flashlight.

The body and tail is a unibody piece, so the flashlight has only one screw point.
The threads are cleanly cut and arrived nicely lubricated. The presence of anodization over the threads allows it to be mechanically locked out.

Looking down the body tube, we can see a very thick bronze spring, which is used as the negative terminal.

As already said, the manufacturer includes an 1100mAh 18350 cell with the bundle.
The battery is button-top, but the flashlight itself works OK with flat-tops as well.

User Interface

The Speras M4 comes with a very nice User Interface.
Here's all the supported actions by the flashlight's firmware.

Turn on/off: Single press
Mode cycle: Long press ( Low > Medium > High > Low > ... )
Moonlight: Long press (0.5s) while off.
Turbo: Double press from any state.
Strobe: Triple press from any state.
SOS: Triple press from Strobe.
Lock: Long press (2s) while off.
Unlock: Triple press while locked.

The flashlight comes with mode memory.
Low Voltage Warning is implemented through the indicator LED, which Low Voltage Protection is also present.


Here's my output measurements using the include 18350 cell along with the current draw for each output level.

As we can see, the M4 pushes 1210 lumen at turn-on on Turbo while drawing more than 4A.
Mode spacing looks good, though I'd appreciate if there was an extra output lever between Low and Eco to fill in the gap.

Thermal Regulation

Here's the 20min thermal regulation graph for the Speras M4.

What we can see in the graph:

  • Turbo's full output is sustained for 1 min and the light will later step down to 600 lumen.
  • The stepped down brightness is sustained for 14 mins, until another step down occurs down to High's output level.
  • High, Medium and Low is fully sustainable for the whole span of the test.


And finally here's a few outdoor beamshots.

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Thanks for the review bilakos10 :wink:
Interesting light from a not so “known” brand.

As for the UI, I have a question: does it advance from moonlight to the following modes if we do any kind of action (ex: Olight UI) or the moonligght is completely separate from the other modes?

Thanks again :+1:

What’s this ‘S50’ LED?

Yinding 5050 round LED

Oh, that one.

Fantastic little thrower! Recently received the Wurkkos TS11 and the Speras is definitely the better light.
D1 on the way for yet another comparison.