Review Thorfire C8s (Upgraded Version)

I received this light from Thorfire for review with a discounted price.

I know there are already a few reviews of this light , but I did get this for review so here goes my take.

As usual the light was packaged very well when I received it from Thorfire. This version looks the same on the outside as the old version with the exception of the tailcap has been changed to have cut outs and is knurled now.

The lens in this light IS glass , although it does not appear to have any AR coating on it. I took some tailcap readings and these are the numbers taken with the Uni-T clamp meter.
Moon 0.00 ……. Low 0.07 ……. Medium 0.79 ……… High 2.97 ……. I am sure these numbers will change with a spring bypass on both ends (which I will do later and update)

Overall another solid light from Thorfire and a good value IMO.

The rest is in the video and the teardown (25 pictures) and beamshots start at 4:28 in the video , with the shining around outside following that , if you do not want to watch the whole thing.

Video and listed specs below that……….

Product Description

Pattern Name: Flashlight Only
ThorFire C8s LED Torch Flashlight CREE XM-L2 LED Torch Best C8 Light Ever for Cycling Biking Camping Hiking Hunting Redesigned for Higher Quality
C8 model is very popular and it’s branded by many xxxFire brands. But this one is not like the cheap made one. Refering to the second pic on the detail page, you will know we redesigned the C8, making it a much better light which deserves higher price.

Upgraded Cree LED
The XLamp XM-L2 LED delivers up to 20% more lumens and lumens-per-watt of the original XM-L. Driven by 2.8A high current, the ThorFire C8s gives out max 900 lumens on High. You might know other xxFires C8 lights claims to be 1000LM or even higher than 1300LM. If you go to cree officail site, you will know XM-L2 gives out max 1198 lumens at 3A, 25¡ãC which is tested in lab. For a flashlight with XM-L2 LED, it’s really hard to reach 1198 lumens.

Simple 4 Modes + Strobe
We made the updated ThorFire C8s 4 modes(High/Mid/Low/Moonlight) with Strobe mode . Furthermore, High is really bright to save your ass and Moonlight (0.5LM) is really low to protect your night vision, check babies, find keys, check machines etc.

Mode Memory
Too many customers are sick of the next mode design. ThorFire C8s remembers the mode after you use it longer than 3 seconds.
Great Warranty
Guaranteed by ThorFire. Within 40 days of purchase.

Very cool. I like your review of the updated ThorFire C8s. I watched you earlier review of the ThorFire C8. Both are good, and (shh...) the music is excellent!

Thanks for sharing your hard work with us.

Thanks KIL.

The music I use in my videos kind of tells off on my age though. :slight_smile:

Thanks robo. I love the music and I’m only a young gun. :wink:

HaHa, my Wife who normally couldn’t give a rip about my flashlights came over and started groovin to the tunes and said ” That sure is better than that junk your Daughter is listening to downstairs”.

Good review, I like how you blended the intro with well labeled pictures and finished up with good beam shots at known distances. The Texas Drawl doesn’t hurt none either.

Any thoughts on how this light compares to the Xintd C8? In stock configuration, which one throws better and is better built?

I have both. While the Thorfire C8S is very well machined, the XinTD is a little more refined and feels higher quality. My XinTD is the XP-G2 version. I think it throws a little further than the C8S in my opinion. Nothing scientific, just casual messing around with them.

I agree with the XinTD feeling like a more quality light but it is a different light all together at the same time.

The Xin does throw better than the Thorfire in stock form with the XP-G2 in it, but I think about the same with the XM-L2 version of the Xin.

Thanks KFF.

Drawl? I aint got no drawl , it is just everyone else talks with an accent……lol

MRsDNF there are a lot of younger people that like the “Classic Rock” style music. I don’t think it will ever die to be honest, but it is what I grew up listening to and I can remember when a lot of the late 60’s hits on up were actually making the charts at the time, so yea it does make me feel old at times.

Thing is I wouldn’t want to grow up through any other era if I had it to do all over again though, was just a great time to be doing the growing up back then, VW vans with “Peace” “Love” and “Rock n Roll” painted all over them………lol

You know what those early VW vans are worth now? :person_facepalming:

Robo, check this out for 2017. Can you say “Paisley paintjob”?

Well it is at least $5 more than the C8 I did this review on for sure. :smiley:

What’s up with the ninja bumping? I’ve seen this same new post like 8 different times in the past few days.

Anyone know if there are any differences between the original C8s and the upgraded C8s besides the original one having a solid ring around the tail light button (as in the old C8) and the upgraded one having the open U shape ring around the tail light button (as in this review)?

I cant remember if the first version had the knurling around the tailcap or not and the new version is rated for 3+amps .I am unsure of what the first version of the C8s had .
Other than that I cant recall any differences but I don’t have the first C8s model , just the upgraded C8s and the Original 3+5 model.
Of course both have been fitted with a FET driver and another board/emitter now. :smiley:

The old version had an aluminum screw in pill, while I believe, the new model has an integrated shelf. I haven’t got the new design, cause I still have 3 of the older model. I really do like the tailcap design on the new one, though.

Actually they made a version of the C8s between the 3+5 mode and the upgraded version of the C8s

Yes, the original upgraded version, 4 mode :smiley: is what I have. I believe the “s”, is what distinguished it from the 3/5 mode.

Yes the original C8s version then upgraded. guess we are thinking the same and saying it different.

Here is the link to the first C8s version and the upgraded version though if anyone wants to look at the cosmetic difference.