Review: Thorfire PF01 New Upgraded edition with Moonlight

ThorFire PF01 Upgraded Version



  • List Price $29.99
  • Reg price $19.99

From: Thorfire supplied by Eachinedirect

Battery 1 X AAA
Switch Tailcap, Forward Clicky
Modes Moonlight, Medium, High, always resets to Moonlight
Lens Clear Poly Resin
Tailstands No

Nice and Bright
Great Low Moonlight
Small and Lightweight
Improved Tint with upgraded CREE XP-E2 R3 LED
Great Mild Orange Peel Reflector
Good Build and Nice Anodizing
Strong Clip

Still has plastic retaining ring for tail cap switch
10440 Li-Ion not supported

OK folks, Here is the New Upgraded ThorFire PF01 provided to me from Thorfire for review.
This is the Latest Updated Model with an advertised 100 lumen output on High and a nice new Moonlight mode.

I will be doing this review on the new improvements over the Original PF01 and showing some Beam Shots.
This is a very nice small High Performance AAA flashlight with very good output, nice thermal management and light weight.
Anodizing is superb and it has a nice feel in the hand. The tactical forward switch is easy to operate and takes a firm push so as to not turn on accidentally.
Modes are in this order, Moonlight, Med, High and it always starts in Moonlight.
It has a very nice High, Medium is somewhat lower in visible light to conserve power but the real treat here is a very nice usable Moonlight mode.
Combined with the New Mild Orange Peel reflector Thorfire has pretty much eliminated the rings in the beam that were present in its predecessor.
Warmer Tint is now present with the upgraded CREE XP-E2 R3 LED.

The new Stronger Clip is also present and can now be reversed as they have changed the milling near the head to accommodate the clip so you can use it on a baseball cap, etc.
Now some pictures and thoughts on them.

Comparison of Reflectors, new version on left;

Tint comparison, New model on Right;

Improved Clip thickness seen here, New Model on Bottom, Also note the cutout near head for clip reversal.

Breakdown shot;

Pill and XP-E2

Ceiling shot on high;

Shown here with the PF02;

In closing, This light has lived in my front shirt pocket for the last 2 weeks and has been used, dropped, torn apart, abused and it is no worse for the wear.
Tough little piece that has just the right size to it, big enough that is not flopping around against cell phone, pens, etc. without being too heavy or awkward. I have had the earlier version that I bought when they first were featured by Thorfire and liked it but did not care for the Strobe and rings in the beam.
Well, They listened to our concerns and made the right improvements.

  • Nice to see a manufacturer be able to make small batches and then improve on the product and they stand behind their product with this great Warranty; ThorFire provides customers with 40 days money back guarantee and 2 years warranty service!
  • (As quoted from their Amazon page)

Hope you enjoy the review.

Thanks for the review/comparison Muto.

Appreciate the review. I received one of Thorfire’s other lights, a TG05 AA, a few weeks ago and was impressed with its performance. Nicely packed with a case, an extra tail switch, switch caps, O-rings and even a replacement lens and a manual. A quality product and I liked the company’s approach to packaging it. Based on your review I’m tempted to give them some more business.

Thanks for the review! This is not my type of light, but I sure want to own a Thorfire one day, love the name! :-)

Thanks for the great review!!! I was very glad to see a manufacturer listening to customers as Thorfire did. I’m really interested on the PF02, I would like to know if in your sample there id visible PWM. Thanks again!!!

Nice review! Where to get a water tinted version? I just lost my Lumintop Tool and this would make for a nice substitute.

Yeah, I can see PWM on Med and Low.

Would using a 10440 in this fry the emitter? Has anyone tried?

Tried it and Fried it :slight_smile:
You can use the PF02 head on the PF01 and then it will handle it but the run time sucks on one 10440 anyway so in the end it is not worth the trouble for a few more lumens.

The Thorfire PF03 will handle the 3.2V LiFePO4 10440 and works good on eneloops as well and it is cheap @11.99 amazon prime.


Ahh okay, man I was so close yesterday to chucking in a fully charged Efest 10440 just to see what happened, glad I asked, now it can be a stocking stuffer lol