Review: TrustFire F15-T6

Just ordered one .

Budget light forum.

This place has cost me more money .

( in my best Nick Nolte ) Aw , Jeez !

3.5A? I hope mine comes more conservative. My electricity bills have been high enough.

Interesting...Manafont no longer sells this torch. :(

Seems to be replaced by this one (with smooth reflector):

I wonder if it’s driven as strongly as the TrustFire. Would be a shame if it was a step down in performance.


My TrustFire F15 should arrive any day now. I hope it won't be one from the Returns shelf.

i ordered 10 days ago, what you mean by returns shelf? ones returned due to customer complaints-defected etc?

Yes, that's what I meant, but in reality I believe Manafont to be above such practices.

I sure hope you get a good example, Boris. I am thrilled with mine. BTW, the hotspot from one meter is roughly 3.5 inches. Sorry it took me so long to get that for you. I forgot all about it.


Still on time, thank you Johnny Laughing

I see that Manafont sells the P7 version of this light. Is that good or bad? I am considering this light if I can find one. :)

Get the XM-L version.

So far my only real miss has been a P7 light with a 27mm wide reflector and 1400mA from battery.

It's like having a 60W bulb dangling from heaven out there in the open. Boring as boring could be.

So I received my F15 today, with one minute nick on the bezel edge as the only visual defect. The huge amount of crud from machining on the rear threads wouldn't be worth mentioning if they at least didn't apply lubricant over it, making it stick.

The replacement C8 SMO reflector I got from Manafont fits perfectly. It's 0.3mm shorter than the original OP, but focuses correctly, without any rings or other artifacts. The bezel ring screws down tight as it should. The beam pattern is nice.

This light was obviously designed with a flat (springless) driver bottom in mind. The tailcap plunger and plunger guide protrude so deep into the battery tube that upon screwing the tailcap over the battery you can feel the plunger spring being tortured. Therefore, I removed the stiff front spring and now all is well.

Depending on battery (mine are all protected), the High current starts somewhere between 3.5 and 3.9A and settles to about 2.9A after a minute. A freshly charged Soshine 2800 tripped at that current surge, making me think for a moment that I had already blown the poor thing.

The working Low mode draws 340mA, so the brightness difference between modes is substantial indeed, unlike with many other lights, where switching between some brightness levels is hardly worth the tap. High is simply impressive.

I have already had to add some solder to the pill on mine , as well as grinding about 1/4 " off the brass piston in the tail cap . Aside from the tint shift I have gotten all too used to with XMLs , and the Psycho Strobe , this light was worth what I paid .

The new non-Trustfire version comes with the smooth reflector. I actually wanted an OP, so unlike the other members here, I'm going to find an OP reflector separately somewhere to replace the stock one. :D

For me, F15 with the replacement C8 SMO reflector is within the right flood for walks.

Anyway, you can order from Manafont an Ultrafire C8 OP reflector, the sister to the C8 SMO that I bought, although the fit in this new combination has not been verified yet.

This is it:

BTW, my C8 SMO spare looks perfect on whitewall as well. Seems we are dealing with some wide tolerances here.

THIS OP reflector is better quality, as the original ;)

Andi, you mean better than the MF one? They look the same to me?

Bob, thanks very much for the offer. I'd take it but don't want to inconvenience you over apparently 4 buck part.

The left one is the orig. KD C8 (with not really good centered LED), right one is mine with the C8 P7 reflector.

It´s a little bit smoother and hole is bigger (better for playing with focus).

Manafont reflector i mean, it´s the same as the orig. KD C8 OP reflector ;)