Review: TrustFire F15-T6

Thanks. I hope these new MRV (nonTF) have well centered reflector like your F15. The OP will help but even the slight offset on my MF xml dropin w/ SMO drives me crazy, because white walls is all we have to hunt around here. :D

Just for completeness sake, did Foy publish the shootout/comparison somewhere?

E1320 modded Foy's F-15 ( as he did mine ) and I would also like to know how they now compare .

shoot out

Shoot Out


( this is me chanting )

Edit : I want a mouseover , because Mouseovers Rock

I just replaced my led with a t5 from led dna and the v2 kd 3a driver. getting 2.8amps on samsung cells. now if only i can find a replacement tail cap. anyone?

I thought I had a tailcap issue with mine and requested and was sent a replacement . However , the fault was a bad driver connection and I never used the extra tailcap .It didn't fit anyway , the threads didn't line up somehow . I'll bet that the guts are the same , though .

Is it the switch you need or the actual tailcap itself ?

Thanks, i am in need of the whole assembly as it was donated to the stlV2 i sold. who did you contact? Thanks Jack!

Manafont ?

They made me send them a picture of the light and the original shipping envelope ...

i just checked and MF does'nt hhave them anymore. do you have the cap with internals ? maybe itll fit on mine.

Please lmk


I never did the thrower shootout. My bad because there was a lot of interest. Like Jack said, E put a 5-mode/3.5 amp/no-blinky in our F15s. After I put an SMO in mine, it dethroned the 980L by a nose as my brightest single emitter light.

I've been thinking of doing a round-up of a dozen or so of my better lights and although I do have some screamers, my collection of uberlights can't hope to compare to some of the big spenders around here.

Some lights I do have that I'd like to see compared are: (not necessarily dedicated throwers)


Sky Ray

C88 ala E1320

MPP 1 and 2

Skyline 1




F15 ala E1320

P60/3-mode UF XM-L

and . . . one I bet you've not heard of (yet) . . .

Xtar TZ58.

I received today, what appears to be a pre-production sample . . . very odd and quite exciting . . .



So what's the holdup? :)

Just kidding, we all have our problems and obligations.

I'm looking forward to such a comparison!

That driver, was it custom made, or is there a link for that?

E1320 gets them from somewhere. I think he programs them to whatever maximum amps we ask for . . . not sure. All I do know is it's awesome. E knows.