Review : Utorch UT01 Flashlight (XP-L V6 / AA & 14500 / e-switch)

Utorch UT01 LED Flashlight - 800Lm Cree XPL Memory Function
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Utilizing latest CREE XP-L LED, the UT01 provides an incredible illumination that is up to 800Lm on single 14500 battery, is also compatible with AA battery. Side switch offers one-handed operation and allows you to select from 4 constant outputs with ease. Precision reflecting system ensures powerful lighting in illumination and distance. it’s small but bright, simple but functional, well-built and incredibly lite weight!

Overview :

Brand: Utorch
Model: UT01
Lamp Beads: Cree XP-L
Emitters Quantity: 1
Lumens Range: 500-1000Lumens
Luminous Flux: 800Lm (14500) / 400Lm (AA)
Color Temperature: 6500K (1A) / 5000K (3D)
Feature: Cooling Slot of High Efficiency,Lanyard,Lightweight,Pocket Clip
Function: Camping,EDC,Hiking,Household Use,Night Riding,Walking
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Side Switch
Mode: 4Mode (High > Middle > Low > Lower)
Battery Type: 14500,AA
Battery Quantity: 1 x AA / 14500 battery (not included)
Mode Memory: Yes
Waterproof Standard: IPX-8 Standard Waterproof

First Look :

Package Contents:
1 x Utorch UT01 LED Flashlight
1 x Lanyard
1 x Clip
1 x O-ring
1 x English Manual

Extended View :

Flashlight :

UT01 length : 84mm
Max UT01 diameter : 22mm

Utorch logo & e-switch close-up :

Back side , nice knurling :

Square anodized threads & tailcap :

Tailcap :

Head & Reflector , note the AR coated glass too :

Driver is 17mm , press fited in the head (not glued probably). It has a small brass “post” , not a spring .

Beamshots :

CW :

NW (nice tint , not green) :

How it works (&modes) :

UI : Ultra low – Low – Medium – High and hidden Strobe – Sos – Beacon mode

From off :

Single click (short) turns light on , on the lowest mode
Longer click turns light on , on the last used mode (not available for ultra low mode , because you can access it with short click)
Double click turns light on strobe (you enter hidden modes)

From on :

If you are in a regular mode :
Single click cycles between (Ultra Low – Low – Medium – High)
Double click and you’re in Strobe

If you are in a hidden mode :
Single click cycles between (Strobe – SOS – Beacon)
Double click and you’re in last used regular mode

Measurements :

Doesn’t fit protected 14500 batteries

Stand-by current (parasitic drain) : 0,014mA

Efest IMR 14500 V2 650mAh :

Amperage Draw :
Lowest – 24.3 mA
Low – 133mA
Medium – 0.60A
High – 2.01A

Lumens on High : 775

Intenisty : 2197cd

Nitecore IMR 14500 (NI14500A) 650mAh :

Amperage Draw :
Lowest – 24.2 mA
Low – 132.8mA
Medium – 0.60A
High – 1.90A

Lumens on High : 735

Eneloop AA 2000mAh :

Amperage Draw :
Lowest –
Low –
Medium –
High – 4.2A to 3.3A

Lumens on High : 360

Intensity : 1648 cd

Runtimes :

Actual tested Runtimes (will be updated as i test in more modes) :

High (Efest 14500) : 42 minutes (until first “LVP” warning)
When battery voltage is below 3V drops to the lowest mode

High (Eneloop AA) : 55 minutes (until shutdown)
Medium (Eneloop AA) : 1hr 40 minutes (until shutdown)
When battery voltage is equal or below 1V shuts down

Light has programmable output levels for every mode . Here is a how-to :

1) Open the flashlight , navigate on the highest mode , and turn off the light
2) Press the button until it blinks two times (it will open in highest mode , and flash 2 times after 7-8 seconds)
3) After it blinks twice , release the switch and double click again (It will enter strobe , beacon etc and a constant current output level & regular modes )
4) Now navigate with single (short) click to the lowest mode
5) It will ramp through 3 different output levels . Single click confirms selected output level of mode and goes to the next one
6) Do the same for all the modes , and when you are in strobe turn off the light with a “long” click .

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Updates will come for more runtimes and measurements (post #2 update log)

12/11 added Medium mode (on AA) runtime
12/11 added Intensity measurements
12/19 added Lumens using Nihm and how to program output levels

Waiting for the updates and your overall impression Giorgos. :slight_smile:

Please specify if you can the max battery length that can fit in it.

Overall impression is really good :slight_smile: Very small light , capable of great output , for a small time of course ( limitations are : the capacity of the cells and of course the small mass of all the lights of that size )

Edit : longer cell i have is 50,6mm and works fine .

Very nice, thanks for the detailed review!

Any idea on parasitic drain from the e-switch?

“_High (Efest 14500) : 42 minutes (until first “LVP” warning)
When battery voltage is below 3V drops to the lowest mode

High (Eneloop AA) : 55 minutes (until shutdown)
When battery voltage is equal or below 1V shuts down_”

Is it common for the LVP to keep on draining an unprotected Lithium Ion battery while a NiMh cell is simply shut down via the same LVP?

Thanks for the review! A few questions for you:

  • is there a lock-out feature, so that it won’t turn on in a pocket?
  • can you give us just a brief qualitative description of the mode spacing both with a nimh and a 14500?
  • does it seem to have fairly flat regulation (output remains fairly constant) or does it dim gradually?
  • how slowly do you have to single-click to change modes, without accidentally engaging the strobe modes?

How much PWM with this one? I would also like to know if it has a lockout mode.

Thanks Matt

Syrbuff has a youtube review on this light.

sb56637 , as i mentioned on the review it it 0,014mA .

Freedom , it is designed from the factory like that i guess .

peteybaby , No there isn’t lock out mode . It has a fairly good regulation , no visible dimming , until battery is not able to provide the required current of course . Only if you press the switch for a second time exactly after you release the switch it enters strobe .

mattlward , i will measure PWM frequency tonight .

Thank you George.

No lockout mode? I thought the light would lockout if the head is half turned?

Yes , this is phusical lockout (if light has anodized threads , as ut01 has).

Thank you for all the info giorgoskok.

Would you know the lumen values for the different modes?

I might get a couple more while the price is good, if the spacing is to my liking.


I’ll give you an estimation :

Lowest - 10-25 lm
Low - 70 lm
Medium - 270 lm
High - 775 lm

A little bit disappointed, :frowning:

OP updated with runtime for Medium mode , with AA .

Why , if i may ask ?

Just saw your edit.

Since a 50.6mm cell fits & works, I don’t see why a 50.5mm protected XTAR 14500 wouldn’t. :wink:

Do you have any XTAR 14500s (or any other 14500 protected of about that size) to check if they fit?

I have the same cell you mentioned (xtar 14500 protected) , and it’s actually longer (50.9mm - 51mm) and it doesn’t work .