“REVIEW” [V & T]: Wuben E62 – Multifunction EDC ‘pen’ tool


This is my review of the Wuben E62, a multifunction EDC ‘pen’ tool.

This is an unreleased product (yet) from Wuben; whenever it comes to stores, I will add the link and price information here on the thread.

The Wuben E62 was sent by Wuben for review, with no other compensation. Thanks Cindy and Wuben for this opportunity.

I made a video review in which you can find the major features of this tool. Hope you enjoy it and, in case you want, you can subscribe to my modest channel to see more amateur flashlight reviews. :innocent: :+1:


Given that this is a sample and not the retail/for sale version, the box in which it came is different from what it will be in the end.

Inside of the box, the Wuben E62 comes along with a USB to Micro USB cable. Both are involved in pick n pluck foam .There is no User Manual in this version, but I asked Cindy for some information about the specs and will present them along the review.

The Wuben E62, is sort of an evolution of the Wuben E61 (reviewed here), but with a different approach as you will notice! In some cases I find it to be more carryable, and usable or, eventually, helpful :wink:

It is made of 6061 aluminium alloy, and the anodization in my sample is blue. I am not sure if Wuben will offer this in other colours, but I really can tell that this blue is neat :blush:

The E62 is rated IP68 waterproof and impact resistant up to 1.5m.

Concerning the tools and functions, it has:

- Glass breaking tip [“attack function”]
I am not sure what its’ material is, but maybe it is tungsten carbide. The tip is pointy and “sharp” and I believe it can make some serious damage on glass or other materials. About the material, maybe that information is released later on. The tip is exposed, so there is no protection on it while carrying in a pocket.

- Scalpel blade[“cutting function”]
Or, following the information provided by Wuben, “Knife - No.11 surgical blade”.
This blade is “razor sharp”. It is a good cutter, replaceable by other easily available blades. It is “hidden” within the E62 body – so that there is no accidental draw - and it can be pulled with 1 or 2 fingers from different positions. I reinforce that it is not easily opened, so there is no risk of accidental draw.

- Flashlight [“lighting function”]
This one is more or less similar to the one in the Wuben Gecko E61, depiste some differences in the illumination levels (lower Low, brighter High) and the tint of the white leds (rosier on this E62 model). It has white light and also blinking blue/red as I will describe later. The flashlight is activated by the W button in the opposite side of it. As I’ll show, the W button has coloured led indicators to provide information about charging and battery status.

- Micro USB charging [“charging function”]
Well, I know that most of us are in the “USB-C zone” already, but I actually don’t know if that would make any difference in this case (apart from needing to carry another cable in case). The USB port is protected by a black silicone cover with a slightly raised tip for pulling it out.

The Wuben E62 also has a strong and sturdy pocket clip in one of its’ largest “faces”, unlike the E61 model that has it on the thinnest side. It provides good carry and retention, leaving only a slight tip outside the pocket! I actually prefer the disposition of this one, in comparison with the E61 version.

What you will notice is that the Wuben E62 is a ‘pen’ tool without an actual writing pen! :zipper_mouth_face: Yes, that’s right, and it is probably the only thing I miss on this “tool”, to make it work as a pen! Despite that, in my personal case I already carry one or mode pens everyday so I can always make use of them.

Or…_maybe one can carry both the E61 and the E62 models in a complementary way_ :smiley: :partying_face: :innocent:

In a short resume:

- in one of the larger faces, it has the pocket clip and the W button/switch, and it has engraved the Wuben logo and the model ;

- on the other side, from the tip to the back, it has the flashlight/leds, the USB port and also the CE and Serial Number engravings; also on this side it has 4 screws that can be removed with screwdriver and hex tip T7;

- the blade is opened through one of the sides and it stays on the back of the ‘pen’ body;

- in the front, near the tip, the is some knurling to eventually help on holding it in a “pen” style.

Let’s take a look to some details now.

First, let’s take a look at the blade and how it fits. It can be removed by slightly pressing the bottom of it towards the top and pulling it from the tip (I did it in the video, in case you wanna check it).
Also, I did a quick search in AliExpress and I found several of these blades, so it is easily replaceable in case it breaks or becomes dull.
Note that there are grooves on each side of the blade holder so that you can pull it out.

As mentioned above, the pocket clip is quite strong and sturdy allowing good carry and retention even on thinner fabric/tissues. Note that you can carry the E62 with the flashlight towards outside the pocket, to light you path or any works you are doing. The clip is held in place by the same structure/axis of the blade holder.

This side view shows how the W button/switch is slightly raised so it can be easily found, and the same happens with the tip of the USB port cover, on the opposite side. The button stays in the direction of the pocket clip, so one can slide the finger through the clip to find the button!
Also, note that screws near the USB cover protrude a little bit if you slide the finger through the side of the E62 body.

Also concerning the switch, it acts as an indicator for the battery status (Constant Blue > Blinking Blue > Constant Red > Blinking Red) and for the charging status (Charging: RED; Charged: BLUE).

This is a detail of the Serial Number and also the special “screw” that holds in place the clip and blade holder. Also in the photo, the groove to draw the blade, that I mentioned before.

Here’s a close look of the glass breaking tip, and also the flashlight. As mentioned, the tip is pointy. As for the flashlight, it is not possible to see which LEDs are in there, neither the 3 white LEDs, nor the blue (1) and red (1) LEDs. The diffuser above them seems to be more “opaque” and larger than the one of the E61. This has impact on the type of beam (wider, more diffuse, and also rosier).
You can also see the disposition of 3 of the screws and also the knurling pattern I mentioned above to help on a “pen” style grip!

Now let’s check the dimensions and weight!

This is not a completely lightweight item, but considering it is sturdy as is, I don’t find it to be “heavy”. Actually, the E61 version is heavier than the E62.

Concerning the size, in opposition to the weight, the E62 is longer by 2 or 3mm than the E61, but then again, it depends on the tip that you are using on the E61, as some are longer than others.

I will not compare the width of both because the pocket clip position is also a factor to consider. Despite this, the E62 seems more “robust”.


Before giving some other technical details, here are some photos of how the Wuben E62 can be used.
You can also check the video when I show these things “live” !! :+1:

Let’s prove how the glass breaking tip is pointy, both in the wood and in the skin.
Sorry, I didn’t break any glass (yet) but in case I do it, I’ll post some photos or video, to prove it functions well :slight_smile:

As for the *scalpel blade*…
Well, it is sharp and cuts different materials: paper, cardboard, thin leather, thick leather, wood, and… skin :o Yeah, when I was making the video I accidentally cut myself, deep :person_facepalming: [no photos…but if you ask… :stuck_out_tongue: ]

So… CAREFUL with with the blade !!!

As for the pocket clip, here’s how you can use it and how the E62 looks like in the pocket!

And now, how you can handle it depending on what is the function you need :wink:


About the user interface of the flashlight, here it goes! First of all, it has memory, so it will remember the last used mode or level, and there is no way to contour this.

It has a cycle of 3 regular levels: Low > Medium > High > Low…
And it has a blinking/strobish mode that cycles through: Blinking Blue > Blinking Red > Blinking Blue/Red >…

How to operate it?

  1. Single Click for ON turns ON in the last used level/mode
  2. Single Click for OFF from any level/mode
  3. Press & Hold to cycle through the 3 regular levels
  4. Double Click to enter the blinking mode (from ON or OFF)
  5. Press & Hold 1.2s to go to the 3 regular levels when in the blinking mode

As for the Runtimes, these are the specs provided by Wuben:

Low Medium High Blinking Blue/Red
Lumens 3 30 130 > 40 10
Runtime 15h 2.5h 1m+45m NA

I made a 15 minutes runtime test to check when does the flashlight stepdown.
I turned the E62 on High, one palm above the luxmeter, so the lux numbers reported below are merely illustrative.

- At turn ON – 1074 lux

- At 40s – 1068 lux

- At 1m30s – 414 lux (first stepdown started at 40s)

- From 1m30s to 3m15s – 413 lux (output remained stable, second stepdown started at 3m15s)

  • From 3m30s to 15m – 281 lux (output remained stable, between 278/284 lux, until the flashlight was turned OFF)

Seeing the numbers above, you can notice that the timing of the stepdowns I registered are different from the specs presented, although I think that in general terms the lumens are what Wuben presented, meaning, around 30-40 lumens after the 2nd stepdown .

Still, my method was far from accurate or scientific, so…don’t quote me on this :wink:


Now let’s go for the charging specs. First, the included USB to Micro USB cable is around 65cm, and it is Wuben branded as most of the cables included with their flashlights.

As mentioned above the charging port is located in one of the larger faces of the E62, in the lower part, protected by a black silicone cover. Raise it up and to the side to clear the port and plug the cable in.

The battery status is marked by the switch led indicator. The order, from full to depleted is: Constant Blue > Blinking Blue > Constant Red > Blinking Red.

I don’t have battery %s to tell you to which levels do these correspond to, but I hope it comes included in a user manual in the retail version. Still, you will know that it is time recharge the battery when the switch is Constant Red or, eventually, Blinking Red .

I tested the battery depletion and the flashlight can be lit up for a while blinking red, but at a certain moment where it is really low (3-4 lumens, eventually), the flashlight shuts OFF. You can turn it ON again, but it will shut OFF again after some seconds. While in this lower level, you cannot alternate between levels or modes.

As for the charging status the when charging the switch will be RED, and when fully charged it will be BLUE.
You can use the flashlight function while charging, although I do not recommend it, unless you really need it.

I also made a test with my recently bought USB tester (I know, I need to get a better and more accurate one). From the time when the flashlight shut OFF after several attempts, till when the switch turned blue, 1h30m passed.

With the charger I used, it was charged at 5.02V (m= 5.00V, M= 5.03V), and max 0.10A until 1h elapsed. After this, the Amps started decreasing and around 1h15 it dropped below 0.00A, but I couldn’t see the exact value because my tester only has 2 decimals… :weary:

In the end 113mAh were registered on the counter. I am not sure if this is an indicator for the battery capacity, though.


I’ve been talking about the previous model, the Wuben Gecko E61, so here are some comparisons, in size, shape and illumination between these two models.

Comparison with Gecko E61 (on the right)

Please note some things:
a) Low and Medium levels are lower in the E62
b) High level is higher in the E62
c) The beam is more diffused in the E62
d) The peripheric tint is slightly rosy in the E62 and greenish in the E61


Well, there are more than beams and tints to compare in this Wuben E62, so here’s an interlude to compare different aspects! :crown:

Vs Blades

Vs Tactical pens

Vs Colours (sorry, I accidentally changed the WB to 5000K :person_facepalming: )

Vs Wuben Family 1

Vs Wuben Family 2


Interlude finished, time for more beamshots.
What to say?
Low is good up to 1m-1.5m; Medium is good up to 4m-5m, and High will be good up to 8m-9m.

We have to remember that this has a diffused beam and only 130 max so, it is hard to do more than this in terms of range.

I will try to get some outdoor beamshots to see how it looks like in those conditions.

It doesn’t have PWM on any regular level. The blinking mode…well, it is already blinking :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no information about CRI, but I assume it is not High CRI!

NOTE: please don’t be mistaken, the photos of the coloured beams are just a shot to capture the colour, as they are blinking, not static!!!

As for the beam pattern, here’s how it looks like.



Last but not least the comparison with the LEDs (beams and tints) of other flashlights. Camera was used with WB at 5000K.

Luxeon V2 3000K (OP reflector)

Nichia 219C 4000K (triple frosted medium TIR)

Nichia NVSW219BT 4745 – 5310K (OP reflector)

Nichia 219C 5700K (triple frosted medium TIR)


Well, I guess much was shown from this Wuben E62 multifunction EDC ‘pen’ tool. What are my final observations on pros and cons, or things to improve on this item?

First of all, there is nothing I dislike on it as it its, and that says much, as I am normally picky. However there are things that can be changed or improved.

What I like?

  1. The overall construction, quality and feeling, with no machining flaws, no sharp edges, revealing that this is the top Wuben quality that they have implemented throughout the years on their products;

2) The colour and anodizing, smooth, matte and brilliant at the same time, being the blue a very pleasant colour for this “tool” escaping from the “tactical black”;

3) The +overall design and shape*, being intuitive to use the different tools/features/functions, and also to locate the things that may be needed, such as the switch and the blade;

4) The mode spacing of the flashlight regular levels, which in my opinion is an improvement since the E61;

5) The scalpel blade, that can be used as utility knife, and also the fact that it can be easily replaced if needed;

6) The implementation of the pocket clip in a larger face, which is, in my opinion, an improvement since the E61, and also its quality and retention provided;

7) The glass breaking tip, that even not being used daily for that purpose can be used in a defensive/attacking situation, or even emergency situation as well;

What can be changed/improved?

  1. The Blinking Blue/Red mode, which is useless for me and probably to most of the users. Instead, a constant blue, constant red and constant blue/red would be better.

2) There is no “writing” pen on this tool, which would actually be a plus for me, despite what I mentioned above about carrying other pens with me.

3) The USB port cover could be less “tall”, avoiding eventual accidental openings and dust entering. Still, it is very protective and covers the port well.

4) The 2 side screws could be less protruding, but they do not interfere with the usability and carrying of the E62 tool.

Some will ask about the Micro USB charging, but, as I said, I guess it won’t make much of a difference in this product!

And this is it, pretty much! I will try to add some outdoor beamshots later!

I want to thank Cindy and Wuben once again for this opportunity to review one of their quality products!

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to leave questions or comments below. :+1: :beer:

Thank you MascaratumB, you make a good review. We will consider your suggestion and improve the product.

Will provide the link once the E62 is available, stay tuned!

Thank you Wuben for the opportunity and when it is available, please let us know :wink:

Oh, and since people insisted sooo muuuch to see the “skin cut” made by the scalpel blade, I’ll show it :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
It was just 3mm deep into the flesh :disappointed:

Oh I am so sorry to see that. Please be careful when you use any sharp objects. Wish you heal soon.

So, I know that the flashlight part of the Wuben E62 is not super strong, but I took it out in the night to see how it works outdoor.

My thoughts about the range don’t change that much, compared to what I mentioned above.
The beam outdoor seems evem more floody and the range doesn’t go much more than 10meters. The 130 lumens are really diffused.
Still, it provides good illumination in that range and, given it is a tool with a flashlight, it can be helpful in a dark situation :wink:

Here are some photos at different distances.

And this is slight comparison with the E61 version (right). It is not much visible, because the light becomes cumulative more than comparative :zipper_mouth_face: Still, both tools and lights can provide some visibility at close range (up to 10 m)

The Wuben E62 is available for purchase now.

You can check the link (non-affiliate) and you can get 20% discount :wink:

BTW, I’ve been carrying mine lately and I the 3 regular modes are, indeed, nice to have for close/medium distances :wink:

Why wouldn’t that just be a pen, lol!? I don’t need another glass breaker.

It's a flashlight and knife as well.

Indeed it is and it works well as each one of them :wink:

Instead of “pen” we can call it a “writing device” (in wood, concrete, etc…) :wink: Many ways to write with the E62 :wink: