“REVIEW”: Wuben G2 – Keychain flashlight – 500lumens – USB-C – Magnetic tail [Pic Heavy + Video]


This is my review of the Wuben G2 flashlight.

The flashlight was sent for review by the store Flashlightbrand.com without other compensation than keeping the flashlight and accessories and without asking for a positive review. Thanks Simon !

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Wuben G2: https://www.flashlightbrand.com/wuben-g2-orsam-p9-led-500lm-led-quick-release-edc-keychain-magnetic-tail-type-c-charging-super-wide-angle-flashlight-p4101529.html

Wuben Series: https://www.flashlightbrand.com/Wuben-Flashlights-c140511/

For the product page on Wuben’s website : https://www.wubenlight.com/products/wuben-g2-mini-flashlight


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Body Colour: Green ( also available in black and in blue )
Emitter: Osram P9 (cool white)
Material: Aluminium alloy + plastic
Lens: Textured / Clear TIR
Battery: Lithium Polymer 280mAh (not replaceable)
Charging: USB-C Built-in charging
Switches: E-switch
Low Voltage Indication: Yes
Max runtime: 70 hours
Max beam distance: 46 m
Max output: 500 lumens
Candela: 540 candela
Waterproofness: N/A
Impact resistance: 1,5 m

PACKAGE: Flashlight and accessories

The Wuben G2 is packed in a plastic box. The front gives some basic information about the flashlight specs, while the back doesn’t have much relevant information.

Inside, protected by white foam, we find:
Wuben G2 flashlight
USB to USB-C cable
Pocket clip
User Manual

The Wuben G2 is mostly done in aluminium (body), while the top and bottom are hard plastic. The USB-C cover is rubber.

In the top we have the W switch button, an indication LED and the USB-C port.

The sides have some grooves for fitting the pocket clip.

The bottom of the flashlight can be covered by a keychain adapter, removable and with a split ring attached to a rotating pin, or it can be naked and flat, allowing to use the magnetic tail or just to sit it on a flat surface.
The bottom also has 2 screws that hold the flashlight in one piece. This is the way we can access the internals of the flashlight (NOT ADVISED).

In the front of the flashlight we see a flat metal bezel/frame around a*textured TIR lens*, that allows the Osram P9 LED to put out around 500 lumens in a wide beam, with very few artifacts.
The Osram is not High CRI but this combination produces a smooth flody beam with a roughly defined “hotspot” (if we can call it that).

In the back of the flashlight, we have the Serial Number and…compliance symbols.

The pocket clip is installed by the back of the flashlight, with the tip towards the bottom, so that it fits the side grooves of the flashlight. It is removable, but not reversible. To install it, just apply some pressure till it “clicks”.

The retention it gives is good but it is not the strongest. The clip is made form plastic, becoming more malleable than a metal one. It serves its purposes, namely on thicker fabric. It is versatile enough to allow using the Wuben G2 in a shirt, pocket, cap, or backpack.

As for the keychain adapter, it can be removed by slightly twisting it counterclockwise and installed by putting it in place and twisting it clockwise. It has some small flaps that fit the keychain slot, so they need to be aligned to make a good rotation. When installed it doesn’t come out easily.

The indication LED serves two main functions, which is to indicate:
Charging status

- RED = charging

  • BLUE = charged

Battery Level

- Constant Blue

- Blinking Blue

- Constant Red

  • Blinking Red

The USB-C port is protected by a rubber cover, that can be pulled up to place the charging cable.

The included USB to USB-C charging cable is short, but it can be handy to take on a trip of to use it in pocket organizer, if you need it.

According to specs charging takes around 1.5 hours. I haven’t checked this myself, but for previous experiences, I’d say that it is accurate, given the battery capacity/size.

The flashlight can be used in 3 levels only while charging !

The magnetic tailcap is quite convenient and strong and it hold pretty well in different types of surfaces.
This allows using this flashlight as a small worklight, if needed, as it can be attached to different surfaces.

It is also strong enough to keep the split ring of the keychain adapted lifted up :smiley:

As seen above this is a compact, small, thin and lightweight flashlight, that easily fits in a pocket, coin pocket, backpack and eventually in some wallets, without the pocket clip, of course. It becomes slightly larger, thicker, longer and slightly heavier when the pocket clip and the keychain adapter are installed. But just a few millimeters or grams :wink:

Above we’ve seen excerpts from the User Manual, but in the photos below you can check the whole information. This part is written in English while in the back there is information in other languages, without too much detail.


The user interface in the Wuben G2 is quite simple. It has last memory mode for the regular levels, which is one of the few things I don’t enjoy so much in this flashlight.

From OFF:

- press & hold the switch for 0.5s = turns the flashlight ON in the last used mode

  • double click = Turbo

From ON:

- press & hold the switch = advances through the levels in the sequence Moonlight > Low > Medium > High > Moonlight

- double click = Turbo

  • single click = turns the flashlight OFF (from any mode/level)

That’s it, no blinkies!!!

As for the output and runtime, I have no means to confirm (accurately or not) the values presented by the brand.
However I can say that:

- Moonlight level seems higher than 1 lumen (when compared with other lights)

- Turbo drops within 56seconds and then gets stable (I did a 5 minutes test only)

- The 46m range seems accurate in terms of max range for this flashlight (tested it in the beamshots)

NOTE: In the 5 minute test I did, the flashlight just got warm, which I think is a good thing as it shows that there is good heat dissipation and that it doesn’t get very hot, overall, due to the drop down. In such a small light, it wouldn’t be advisable to have high temperatures.


Time for some size comparison and not only!

First of all, a reference to other Wuben flashlights using the same type of textured TIR optics, namely the Wuben H3 (https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/66040) and Wuben D1 (https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/66110). The beams are more or less similar, ones being stronger than the others, though.

Then, the Wuben family, with some members missing here! :blush:

And now the comparison with other flashlights, namely in the same category of keychain flashlights!

Lumintop Frog > Trustfire Mini X >Wuben G2 > Nitecore Tip > RovyVon A8


And now, time for some beamshots to show what the Wuben G2 does in the dark!

First of all, there is no visible PWM.

As for the beam pattern, as you probably guess and as advanced above, this is a floody and wide beam with a roughly defined hotspot, almost inexistent.

There are very few artifacts in the beam, just some slight tint shifts that are due to the type of LED. There are some “rings” visible on lower levels, but that do not interfere with the functionality of the flashlight.

And here is the comparison between the Wuben G2 and the other keychain lights presented above.
Nitecore Tip > Trustfire Mini X >Wuben G2 > RovyVon A8 > Lumintop Frog

And now against the Wuben D1 (Luxeon V2 4000K).

Some distance beamshots



Below you can see the comparison between the Wuben G2 and the keychain flashlights in different scenarios. The top image is always from the G2.

You can click the smaller images to see them slightly bigger!

Nitecore Tip > Trustfire Mini X > RovyVon A8 > Lumintop Frog

Nitecore Tip > Trustfire Mini X > RovyVon A8 > Lumintop Frog


Nitecore Tip > Trustfire Mini X > RovyVon A8 > Lumintop Frog


Honestly, there more things that I like in this Wuben G2 flashlight than things I would change.
It starts in:

- quality of construction, without machining or assembling flaws

- good UI (although I would make some changes), particularly without blinkies and with shortcut to turbo

- good beam, homogeneous, without many artifacts, and despite the Cool White and Low CRI emitter

- magnetic tailcap to attach it to different surfaces and eventually use it as worklight

- size, weight and compactness

- versatility of use, be it through the keychain adapter or the pocket clip

- USB-Rechargeable, since I don’t need to bring extra cables :smiley:


However, I am picky, so I would do some changes namely:

- use a High CRI LED, since it is a keychain light, eventually used for small distances, which can benefit from a better colour rendition

- introduce a shortcut to the lowest level, although keeping the last memory mode

- lower the lowest level (moonlight)

I want to thank Simon from Flashlightbrand.com for the contact and for this review opportunity! Shop there are get 10% Off from your purchase :wink:

And this is it! Thanks for reading the review. If you want, check my video review as well!


Thanks for watching! :wink:
Leave your questions or comments :beer:

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GREAT REVIEW, MascaratumB!

I managed to pick up one of these on a super sale, essentially $12 shipped here in the USA (got free Amazon shipping because it is based on the MSRP, not the discounted price).

Mine came with a charge over 50… but it’s hard to know because >= 40 but < 90% is a wide range of possibilities. Charging took about 30 mins to full.

Overall I like the G2, but I have some misgivings:

  • Moonlight is NOT moonlight. It seems like it’s at least 3 lumens, possibly even 4 or 5 lumens. It is most definitely not 1 lumen. I’m so used to my other lights providing 1~2 lumens that the G2 doesn’t feel right for preserving night vision and minimizing disturbance to others.
  • The USB charging port cover falls out too easily. I didn’t think it was so easily dislodged. The first time I charged the light, I had it propped on a headboard. After charging, I noticed the flap was gone. I looked around and saw nothing. It had fallen behind the headboard. Mind you, I never yanked on it. I just lifted it up gently to insert the USB-C plug.
  • The battery is only 280 mAh. The newer Rovyvon A5 and A8 use 330 mAh and are smaller. Frankly, for this format with the sideways facing emitter, I’m guessing that consumes space that could otherwise be used by a larger battery.
  • The optional clip does feel flimsy… and I think it could’ve been made in some sort of flexible metal alloy.

But I have to say that there are some things I really like about the G2:

  • It’s handsome! Really beautifully done. I chose the green and I like it. It’s kind of a metallic teal or mint.
  • The casing feels rugged and tight and is a very nifty size.
  • The bottom keyring cover piece is nicely done and snaps in place firmly. Plus the magnet is a good strength.
  • The sideways facing emitter is a rare thing to find in a keychain light. This is SO EASY to clip on the neckline of your shirt or jacket pocket and have instant hands-free illumination.

Wuben? You did a great job for your first iteration. But I would like to see a successor, or perhaps a companion model. A slightly larger version with a 500 mAh battery. And maybe a few more UI features like direct battery level indication (with long flashes and short flashes). And I would like to see a beacon blinkie. Maybe 5 clicks to activate?

could never get used to that front facing light….

I have the light and think it has a lot of potential. The USB cover is definitely flimsy. A workaround might be buying a “USB C dust plug” and using that instead (my phone could probably use one too).

Realistically I’ll never use this light unless I can swap the emitter. Has anyone removed the bezel? I haven’t seriously tried yet. It seems like it is press-fit.

I bought two on the Amazon sale last week (blue and green). I really like them so far. Beautiful design and the optional clip seems very sturdy.

The rubber usb flaps are always a weak link. I handle them all with kid gloves.

A front facing light can be very useful. Especially with a magnetic bottom. I’ve used some “L” shaped headlamps for hands free lighting on occasion. What’s nice about the G2 is that you can clip it to clothing and it’s not going to do any sideways rolling like tubular headlamps with clips will do.

I have several flashlights with rubber covers for the USB port and they fit very nicely. Lights such as: Sofirn SP33v3, Niwalker ET2 mini, and Lumintop Geek. The Aurora A8 is good. The Aurora A5 is OK. None of them easily detach from the bodies. The G2 is super annoying with this.

Unfortunately it is stated that the battery is not user replaceable. And that also means that the body isn’t meant to be opened. Upgrading the emitter may be a major challenge to do without damaging the body or end pieces.

Thanks xevious, and I do agree with most of your points (moonlight level, clip)!
The USB port hasn’t give me any trouble, but I do agree that it could stay in place in a better way, though!

Also, I didn’t mention the 280mAh because for a keychain light, that is plenty to use for a while. I charge my RovyVon keychain lights each 2 or 3 months, depending on the use and they have the same capacity, and I normally don’t have reasons to complain.

Indeed a larger capacity battery would be better, though, but would increase the size substantially, making it larger, like the RovyVon E200 version.

I still find this light a usefull and versatile flashlight :wink:

Thanks for your input, folks :+1: