[Review] Wurkkos FC11 - 18650 EDC with USB-C

Can the battery tube of the FC11 be interchanged with the SC31B? This would likely mean the Sofirn 18350 tubes could also interchange.

I haven’t tried every lego combination, but I’m going to say yes. I can try more interchange combinations tonight.

I’ve tried swapping the tailcaps and it works fine (helpful if you want to swap magnet for no magnet). And the heads (excepting the bezel/reflector which is longer on the SC31B) look like they came off the same assembly line.

Good thought on the short tubes. I might have to pick some up… I’ve got a couple nice Shockli 18350’s sitting in their wrappers unused. I sold my only 18350 lights.

Kinda like this?
Using the BLF A6 deep clip it will disappear into your pocket.
Want it smaller? Use the tailcap from Wowtac A3

These Sofirn 18350 tubes fit lots of different flashlights, Get you Some!


Thanks for verifying both the fit of the A6 deep carry clip and the Sofirn 18350 tube on the FC11. I have both an A6 and a Sofirn 18350 tube from my SP40, so I’ll try that combination when mine arrives 1-6-20.

The 18350 tubes aren’t available on their own anywhere, are they? I checked Sofirn’s Aliexpress store and didn’t see any. Perhaps we can see if they’ll add them.

EDIT: scratch that, I see 77outdoor has them on Amazon. I wonder if anyone else has them? I still feel like it’s something that Sofirn should have an Ali listing for.

I just got mine t’other day, but haven’t tried legoing anything yet.

It’d be nice to remember wherenahell I put my 18350s first…

Here ya go, best price on sale now 2 for $1.49
Free shipping over $19 order.
The ones on Amazon still get shipped from China.
Ordered a few more sets last week and they shipped with tracking in about 4 days.


Ahh, thanks Keith. I forgot they had their own storefront now. $1.49 for 2 isn’t bad at all (+$1.99 for shipping if your order isn’t over $19… still not too bad).

Got this light today. So far looks great. I feel like this is the best light at this price. I’m a big fan of the LH351 though!

It really is a great light, especially for the price. I’m kinda surprised I haven’t seen more posts/threads about it.

Yeah, I did a quickie review, got a couple of one-liners, and that was it.

Surprised, being that it’s quite a nice light. Thought it would’ve made more of a splash.

I got mine two days ago.

I like it pretty well - good tint, very useful beam. Good UI. Feels great in my hand.

What I’d like to see added:
Direct access to low from off, regardless off what mode it was in when turned off. I like this option on all of my lights.
Dim light in the switch to make it possible to find in the dark.

I’m currently carrying it in place of my BLF A6 with 3D tint, which I’ve been carrying for over a year.

The FC11 is on my short list of lights to crack open and see if I can come up with a pinout for the MCU so I can transplant RampingIOS (D4 UI V2) or Anduril. Now that would make things interesting.

Nice review. Looking forward to the disassembly :slight_smile:

Btw is there a wurkkos rep on here?

Waterproof usb-c sockets are a thing….

Shame they don’t seem to exist in China.

How do you remove this type of ring on the switch cap, is it press fitted? or are they threaded and need to fit something in the notches to unscrew it ?

It is threaded. I use really small needle-nose pliers. Snap ring pliers should also work. Others also use spanner wrenches (like for a camera lens).

Having a tool like this in invaluable in modding. The most moddable lights use multiple retaining rings.

Thanks a lot for the tips.

Is the Wurkos battery protected?
I’ve been searching for a more or less “muggle” light to give my parents and my aunts and this seems a good option.
Beeing rechargeable avoids using AAAs all the time; being WW tint avoid having that blueish light; but I wanted to check if the battery is protected or not, otherwise I may need to get a protected one to give it to them.

Thanks in advance for the information, and for the review :wink:

It’s not protected.