[review] Wurkkos FC13 - 18650, SFT40, multicolor sideswitch!

Yeh, I liked all the FC series. Not sure what the purple one has, though, but that’s a nice one, always gets compliments because of the purple, too.

LB, I know you said you’re only following this thread, but here’s a new thread about how to use Discourse that can probably help you:

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SB and I had lots of back’n’forths because at first nothing was rendering, which was because a) everything is now js-dependent, and b) lotta things don’t like vpns. And vpn-off isn’t an option.

Ironically, being that gmail is (for me) completely broken with firefox, old or new, and chrome didn’t like blf at all at first, I only settled the password issue via edge. And as I just mentioned today, I’d rather shave my head with a belt-sander than use edge. But doing the forgot-password via edge, changing it, then changing it back, eventually worked.

So sb suggested trying brave, which I was going to do at some point because I don’t like chrome and goggle/gmail/yootoob’s snooping on me.

Think I’m kidding? I sent people email about my mushroom’n’onion concoction, and whaddya think I get on yootoob? Assload of how-to-saute-mushcooms, mushroom’n’garlic-recipes, etc.

Drainpipe (tailpiece) under the kitchen sink cracked, mentioned that casually in email, and again, DIY sink/drain fixes on the yootoob.

Look up something on amazon, bam!, buncha yootoob vids on exactly that.

Had a bunch of those kinds of things happen over the years, but it’s been ramped up a lot lately.

I’ve been screwing with them by looking up beekeeping equipment on goggle, searching girls’ volleyball shorts on amazon, pricing out aquarium rocks (interesting how many have colors/dyes that actually turn the water colored and kill the fishies… ouch), etc., but it’s not even a blip on their radar.

Did get some interesting woodturning videos, though. NO idea where they came from.

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:smiley: Haaaaaaa! I love it.

I just sent you a PM too with some other things to try.

Also let me know if you think it would generate some good user participation if we add new forum categories here for beekeeping equipment and fish aquariums, you could start some of the new topics there. :wink:

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Oh, so you’re using Brave.
I used that browser for a little while.
People that care about online security tend to like Brave. :grin:
Also, you can make a little crypto by using Brave and enabling Brave’s advertisers…
(Too bad Discourse requires Javascript, though.)

I thought it was funny, but now I’m inundated with emails, etc., from amazon touting all sorts of grils’ clothing, starting with volleyball shorts, “boy shorts” (had no idea there even was such a thing), running shorts, etc., that they must think I run a high-school gym or something.

Bad enough you order a can-opener, then for the next year get emails offering 20 different can-openers. Like, I just bought one, how many more do I need?

Grils’ clothing, I never ordered a single thing, yet keep on getting those emails, as well as “People who bought [can-opener] also bought [grils’ yoga pants]”, like… what??

But hey, the more I waste their time/energy, the better. Still kinda funny.

Not yet, was considering it, but haven’t done it yet.

js kills too much stuff with needless bloat and a serious performance hit. Plus, it enables and even encourages lazy website development. More emphasis is on eye-candy and less on functionality.

That is often the trend, totally agreed. It does have useful implementations too though. For example this forum engine runs a Javascript timer from when a user starts writing a new post until they hit send, and if it was inhumanly fast then it automatically flags the post as spam and requires manual approval. It’s already caught quite a few copy/pasta spam posts like that here. There is also Javascript involved in the way it optimally rearranges page elements and scales images based on the individual screen size.

Okay, no idea how to create a new post, only to reply to one, so I guess I’m talking to myself… :laughing:

Was just contacted by Wurkkos, got a surprise!

A discount link for 30% off (20% coupon and 10% promo code), 5XQDPZZI, that’s good up to March 31st.


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You can olso try Opera Browser works nice for me on Android phone !

I use brave on an iPad only for youtube to get rid of adds and I have buttons for scrolling.

On PCs I use Vivaldi
They don’t track.

I don’t need plug ins because a lot of stuff is built in and thererfore tested and doesn’t cause problems.
Vivaldi is from ex-Opera employees because Opera turned in the wrong direction. Also owned by the programers.

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I’d imagine you got a whole bunch of Google’s Business Model. They sell views to advertisers, and are pretty shameless about the tactics used to connect the two.

Like, go visit someone for a couple days, google notices your phone location (or other identifier) overlaps with theirs, and it’ll spend the next week cross-pollinating – showing you ads for each other’s toothpaste and stuff.

To minimize this, it helps to reduce or block tracking, of course… like by using an un-google-ified browser and a good ad / script blocker… but it also helps to decouple things as much as possible, to keep different sites, services, and devices in separate non-overlapping silos. Like, instead of using one email address and one account to sign into a hundred different sites, use a hundred different accounts and email addresses. You’ll probably get more spam, overall, but it’ll be much easier to identify. Like, if your Amazon email address gets a message saying you need to reset your Netflix password, it’s obviously fake. And if 5 different addresses all get the same message on the same day, even if one of those is actually your Netflix account, you can still assume it’s fake since it was part of a whole batch of fakes.

It’s kind of a pain, and definitely requires some sort of password manager to keep track of all the accounts… but depending on how much you care, it can potentially be worthwhile. Plus, when sites eventually get hacked (when, not if), or when companies sell their customer databases, this approach limits the scope of damage to just that site.

Anyway, about the new forum, it’s definitely different… but stick with it for a while and you might find things you like. As with any change, it just takes time.

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@Lightbringer The texteditor understands

How to do headings is nice to know

There are Editor Tricks
more Posts after

( It looks like sb, added added more tricks like strike through and tables since then to the editor)

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Hey there @Lightbringer , the Reply button at the bottom of each post allows for your reply to be linked to that previous post to show that you’re specifically replying to it. Or, if you want to just reply in general about the thread topic you can use either of these:
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Yeh, both Brave and Vivaldi are recommended by Mercola for the privacy-conscious.

It’s only inertia that’s kept me from switching.

“You’re not the customer; you’re the product.”

Absolutely. And I still get blown away at my first-ever spam on my old phone. First time I ever stopped off in The Stop Of Games at lunch with some others, and like 2 days after, what spam do I get? From GameStop. They must sniff the “Yoohoo! I’m here!” pings that phones send, which is ironic because I rarely carry my phone on me, and just leave it in my bag, and that day was a rare one that I had it on me for some reason.

Good opsec in general, yep.

Trying… trying…

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Uh. Code to Where? I tried that code on the Wurkkos site and Amazon and it’s not valid in either place. I have some other stuff in my cart on the Wurkkos site and I might add this light.

5XQ… sound like a generic amazon code, whereas one-time-use codes are way longer.

Just looked. There’s a 13% off dealy now, so that might negate any other coupons.

Hey look what the cat drug in. Missed ya. Also wondering how I missed this thread all week. And I always knew you wore girl shorts.