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Weird thing, on android, the autocorrect autofill doesn’t work on the text box, also when when typing ”:” it shows smileys, then if you press enter to go to the next line it autofill the first smiley from the list instead, it also does that on desktop and it is quite annoying.
It seems that the text box has its own autofill that overrides the keyboard autofill.

with firefox on ipad…

1 test:

2 test :slight_smile:

1 if word[no space]colon, return: no smiley

2 if word[space]colon, return: smiley

Well finally i got my account back…But i dont like it here too…Too many annyoing things…Would like to get the old forum too…Is not possible to switch to the black layout? On the old fori´´um it was possible…:slight_smile:

I’m on Android and using the Gboard keyboard to write this and my autocorrect and colon key are behaving normally. Typing a colon does bring up a smiley menu, but if I hit enter, it disappears and I’m left with a colon.


  1. Click on your avatar.
  2. Click the icon that
    resembles a person
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Click Interface
  5. Select the BLF Dark color scheme

Tricks for the Editor

Hence the textedior understands Markdown and HTML use both.

Strikethrough Text in Markdown

~ ~ Text ~ ~ gives you Text

Write Markdown formatings as help

Use HTML formatings to display e.g. double tilde

Cheat Sheet for Markdown

How to make headings, etc.

Hacks for Markdown

Also some interesting stuff.

The two boxes below are from this:
It is > for the box : an emoji ** Text ** for bold and the text without empty lines

:memo: Edit Note:
Interesting, when I mouse-over on a markdown headings I get a link within a post.
(on a PC, not on iOS.)
Copy that link and you can direkt to a subsection in a long post. Nice!

:bulb: Tip: @sb56637
That can be usefull for a “Discourse tips” thread. You can pack everything in the first post and link direct to a headline.

Links to headings

Links to headlines simply copied show only the thread title.
Is there a way they show tread title + linked headline?

You can add it with angle brackets, < > , for example:


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I’ve noticed something similar on the desktop, it would autocomplete an emoji when I would end a line with a colon to add a link after it:

It’s because the : triggers the searchable emoji list. I just tweaked a setting that seems to improve things. Now the emoji selector won’t appear until you type the : plus one additional character, i.e. :+ or :shr to get a list of emojis that include those characters.

Thanks for reporting!

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Hi @VrestoTaylor welcome back! Glad you made it.

If you have any specific examples we can give you some tips and/or try to tweak some things.

Actually it wasn’t on the old forum. Some users applied a set of customizations in the browser, and some operating systems and browsers were possibly capable of basically inverting the colors of a website, but it wasn’t an official dark theme that you could choose in BLF. Now there is one:

How did you get to the “Strike through” function. I have looked and don’t see it.
Or do you need to add the double tilde by typing it in?

When the dust settles on defining all the subtleties of the editor for the various device formats, I’m going to need a comprehensive cheatsheet!

Let’s see what happens when text is formatted in Libre Office and pasted in here.
The italics, bold and strikethrough options transfer through but the superscript and subscript did not.
Italics is a * before and after the selection
Bold is ** before and after the selection
Strikethrough is ~~ before and after the selection

Yes, double tilde before and after the text via typing.

I explained it here: New site format - #252 by joechina

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What settings will result in the closest thing to the old “recent posts”?


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Thought so but wasn’t sure. Thanks.

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At first it was like another old friend is gone . But I’m getting the hang of the change ! :+1:

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Yep, that’s right. The homepage (“Latest”) is the exact same thing as the Recent Posts. It has additional features too that the old forum didn’t have to help you keep track of which threads you haven’t seen at all yet, and of those that you have seen which have new posts.

Thanks a lot for giving it an honest shot! I think the key is to just use the site like you would normally from day to day to search for and read both old and new posts and engage with others to see how it works in practice.

:frowning: ell,my final feeling of the new forum is that i hate it…I have to search for all functions…dont orientate here anymore…Lost interest,it makes me really nervous…Sorry…:frowning:
My most beloved forum is gone

@VrestoTaylor Sorry to hear that. However it’s important to distinguish between comfortable familiarity and good design, which are often not the same thing. I used to receive multiple private messages every month on the old forum from new users asking “How do I post?”, so they obviously found the basics of the old design confusing because they were new. So I would encourage you to please describe exactly what you can’t find or don’t understand about the new design so that we can help.

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