[Review] Wurkkos HD10 - A great formfactor Anduril 2 90° headlamp

So this justifies mistreating the cell when it is not necessary?
I am not an environmentalists by any stretch. But I also do not believe that we have unlimited resources. It just seems to me that taking care of our equipment so that it gives the longest service life makes sense. The cost, for me, is only one consideration. In this case, not the primary one.

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I never said i justify mistreating anything. I hate being wasteful

This tiny PCB would be ~4$ incl shipping for 5 units - it grabs VBAT from the main LED anode, GND from the RGB led cathode, and offers a pad to solder the R wire I manually wired up, then offers the regular flash pad layout… Think this might be worth it?

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It looks like a nice idea. But one would still need to de-solder and pull the board out to solder the wire on.

For me, my goal would be to get a current version of Andruil on the light so everything works and all of the current features are there. Once a good version was on there, I probably will not need to do it again.

Great concept though !

The other question is, how well would the board fit and what will hold it in?

It is held in place by the solder joints between this board and the main PCB.

To make it fit I would have to print one on paper and see if my measurements were correct.

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I wonder if this is what happened to mine…

I sent mine to @thefreeman so we might have some answers there.

Great writeup anyway :slight_smile:

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Possible! Usually the ano is pretty sturdy and isolates, but you never know…

If he gets it back to work, I could send him one of the flashing adapter PCBs over so he can add proper flashing pads to yours if you want.

Got it my man. We feedback to Wurkkos engineer earlier. And waiting for the upgraded version available .now

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Good luck! This light is really great fun to use so I hope you get it all sorted until the public release. People will love it, I’m sure of that.

Since in my testing it seemed like a firmware update was all that was needed, I’m positive your engineers will patch it in no time.

Well maybe. That certainly seems to have fixed yours But for some others where the light was flat bricked, and resetting had no effect… Then there are ones like mine that have had no issues even with the same firmware. Well maybe there is more to it.

Try turning it on (in advanced mode), then do 3C. Curious how yours with disabled aux (If I remember correctly) will react to that.

In advanced mode 3C from on just gives a short flash of the main LEDs ( like an acknowledgement flash). I did it about 6 times just to verify, in case it was trying to rotate through the channels. Yes with the AUX disabled.

I also tried it with red AUX turned on. Same results.

Needs some minor tweaks so it will fit better, but should be mostly there

EDIT: I just ordered. Cheapest PCB order I ever made haha

Luckily it seems like production models will not need this, looks like Terry convinced the engineers to add expose flashing pads to the final model.

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PCBs arrived today, but the fab sent me the wrong thickness. I had ordered 1 mm, they sent me 1.6 mm. The post is 2mm tall, with a layer of double sided tape below and the solder joints on top it’s now very tight. No issue with the OG button top, but I’m not sure if it would work with flat tops anymore :confused:

At least they fit:

And work:

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cortocircuito assicurato con le flat top :sob:

PS: se hanno sbagliato loro, fattele rifare gratis, no?

PS2: comunque sembra un’ottima idea

I just checked again, order specs say 1.6mm… I could have sworn I ordered 1mm, what the heck. Guess it is on me after all :slight_smile:

Will re-order, I guess. 5€ down the drain, I can live with that. This time I made sure to triple-check thickness :wink:

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Welcome to prototyping. One mistake and all batch goes down the drain :wink:

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Yeah, by far not my first :wink:

First time the issue was PCB thickness however. Such a dumb mistake.

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I’d like to commission an HD10 with this mod when you get the right boards in, so you can always make it back that way as I think a lot of people might be interested in this…

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The final lights are supposed to come with flashing pads by default (Terry said so), but modding the prototype lights is something I can do :slight_smile:

If thefreeman manages to get your proto working again, he can send it over, or I’ll send him one of the PCBs :slight_smile:

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