XTAR WK41 Sirius AA


Brand: Xtar
Model: WK41 sirius AA
Reflector: OP
Voltage Range: 0.9-4.2V
Battery: AA (Alkaline,NiMH, Primary lithium) / 14500
Modes : 4 (Low-Mid-High-Turbo) + 3 Hidden(Strobe-Signal-SOS)
Switch: Side switch
Lens: Glass. Antireflective coating.
Provided by Xtar for review


The WK41 came in hard cardboard box high quality with Xtar logo. Inside the package you will find the flashlight, spare O-ring and Lanyard. Warranty card and instructions in English (the instructions are very well detailed and easy).
The cap is magnetic to facilitate the closure


The flashlight is lightweight and perfect EDC. Not too small, is better than other competitors to use with gloves.

I have found no flaws in the anodizing, is perfect, and the knurling provides excellent grip. I’ve watched very closely and there is no little defect, here is premium quality note.

I like the detail of the engraved logo on the silicon side switch, here is the low battery warning. Rails on the head of the flashlight to facilitate heat dissipation (very common in flashlights that supports 14500, there is little mass and be cooled). The flashlight design prevents roll, with or without clip WK41 will not roll.

The tail allows tailstands, is very stable. The clip is strong and well designed. The flashlight in the pocket protrudes slightly.

In the Tail only a spring, the body thickness is intermediate, perfect for an EDC of this size, not too delicate or too heavy. The threads are fully anodized, this allows unscrew a Little we cut the circuit and avoid accidental start.
Also provides physical protection against reverse battery installation, clamped by a pair of readily accessible Phillips screws.


XM-L U2 : The LED is perfectly centered
The reflector is OP (orange pell texture) and little depth. We have many flood and Little throw.
Beam is one of the most perfect and cleanest I’ve ever seen. It’s really nice.
Tint is cold. Not observed blue tint.

Here I compare with a similar flashlight, the zebralight SC52.

User Interface:

Easy and intuitive
To turn the light on:
press the side switch, the light turns on in the last mode used. With short clicky mode is changed: Low (3 lumens) – Mid (30 lumens) – High (60 lumens 150 L with 14500)) – Turbo (150 lumens-300 L with 14500) – low mid ……
If pressed twice in rapid succession turns Strobo mode (with the flashlight off or the flashlight on), if again we press 2 times quickly turn signal mode and pressing 2 times more light SOS mode (by pressing in a special mode only one clicky goes Low mode).
To turn off the flashlight; press the switch 1.5 sec.


I tested the flashlight using different batteries.

The beam produced is clearly flooder. Advertised 150 lumens for Turbo mode( with NiMH). I compared the performance WK41 with H2 mode (172 Lumens) of Zebralight SC52. In my view the Xtar gives very similar beam, lux output is almost the same, and my feeling is that the WK41 visual illuminates a little more.
With Lithium Battery performance is very good, stays five minutes in the theoretical 300 lumens (I think more because wins by a landslide for the SC52 280 lumens with NiMH) and then descends to High mode that is 150 lumens with Lithium 14500. I compare here output light in the center spot with different batteries:


My opinion with this data is;

- NiMH have a very good regulation

- Primary Lithium have a excellent runtime (NICE Lithium, Energizer L91,…)

  • With 14500 Extra Power 5 minutes (300 Lumens), then down to high mode(150 lumens) and the 2 lowest modes continue with the same power.
    -The flashlight recognizes battery Type used
    -There is a low battery warning on the switch,
    -The flashlight has protection against over-discharge when using 14500, which turns off the flashlight in case the voltage drops to 2.75V.

Edit: to add data, Mode Mid (30 Lumens) with eneloop and 14500;

  • Runtime Mid (30 L) with eneloop 2400 :
    Runtime 50 % 5 H. 46 minutes.
    Runtime 10 % 6 H 2 minutes.
    Runtime official 8 hours.

-Good news. The Low Battery Red Led works with rechargeable and non-rechargeable (NiMH, alkaline, lithium primary and 14500).
Mode Mid (30 L) with Xtar 14500; The red Led fixed at 4 hours 31 minutes (messured voltaje 3.56V).
Stop the test after 5 hours. Red LED not blinking, the voltage is 3.49V, but I do not like to force unprotected.
I think it will near six hours runtime that Xtar says to “14500”.

Is one of the most powerful AA NiMH.
Is the same level as others that report more lumens, but the WK41 is on the TOP level.



The low battery indicator is located on the side switch. As indicated by the manufacturer, fixed red led when power falls to 25, and starts flashing when it falls to 5.
These are my data:

- With NICE Lithium battery in Turbo, low alert turns red in the 87 minutes, and starts flashing in the 94 minutes. I remember runtime to 50% is 93 minutes and runtime to 10% is 118 minutes. With this battery model the alert is very useful and indicative.

- With Eneloop 2400mA in Mode Turbo, low alert turns red in the 80 minutes and flashing begins at 84 min.

  • With Eneloop 2400mA in High mode (60 L), low alert turns red in 3 hours 10 minutes and flashing begins at 3 hours 16 minutes.


Group picture, my best AA, the WK41 is one of the best EDC AA (in the top 3)

For this flashlight we can use 2 cheap and quality accessories:
The holster Tank007 and silicone diffuser 20-25mm (fits perfect)


- Accepts batteries with different chemistries. We can choose for power, runtime or regulation.

- The beam is perfect.

- Good output with AA.

- Great Quality anodized. Good finishes and good grip (love the knurling).

- LED low battery warning.

- Overdischarge protection in lithium batteries (cut 2.75V)

- Tailstand highly stable.

- Special modes hidden, but with direct access to strobe.

- Side switch is protected.

- We can block unscrewing (anodized threads).

  • The Instructions (in English) are simple and complete


- Compatibility with different brands of 14500. Zebra 14500 and Nitecore NL147 not work with it. With Xtar 14500 works fine. I must find protected 14500 that works well.

Final rating

This is surely one aa 5 stars :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
The flashlight was provided by Xtar for review. I do not know the price. It’s one of my best aa flashlights, is at the same level as other well known EagleTac D25A clicky or Zebra SC52.
I buy it without hesitation. Xtar has done a great job with this flashlight.
Regards guys.

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Thanks for the great review, Trevi_lux! :D

Thanks for the comment Raccoon city :beer: :beer:

I like your review, especially your graphs. Nice design.

Thanks Trevi_lux for the review. Looks like a terrific little light.

Great review! It looks like better than sc52.

LOL. DD have lost the plot.

Edit - Oh, and nice review, thanks.

In the picture zebralight is in mode H2(172 Lumens), but the H1 would 280lumens (of course 280 zebralumens are not really 280 lumens) :wink:

At least not green thanks for the review! :slight_smile:

Hi f42 :slight_smile:
The SC52 in the picture looks very greenish, the camera is not good, but really does not look so green.
I also prefer the Xtar tint.

If you didn’t take two different shots of lights one by one and merge the pictures, it is not because of the camera I guess.

Tint of xtar definetely looks good! :wink:

I add a short video; XTAR WK41 with eneloop and 14500

Nice review.

Which would you recommend out of this and the Sunwayman C15A?

Both look very interesting to me.

In OP it was mentioned “Zebra 14500 and Nitecore NL147 not work with it”. May I ask why? Size problem or other issue? Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hi :smiley:
It is a difficult question ; C15A or WK41.
The newest is the WK41, but consider several things.

- Low battery warning light: in Xtar alerts with NiMH, Alkaline. In C15A alerts with 14500.
EDIT: Xtar alerts with NiMH and 14500 (and alkaline and L92)

- Cut to 2.75V battery in Xtar. In sunwayman i do not know.

- Compatibility 14500: In C15A the Nitecore NL147 works well, the 14500 Xtar works well (zebra 14500 not work) … is very compatible. In Wk41 the Nl147 not working, not working Zebra14500, of mine just goes with the XTAR 14500.

- The reflector of the C15A is smooth(more throw), the OP of Xtar more floods.

- Size: the Xtar is lighter and better EDC.

- Interface and sharing modes, better Xtar. Tint is colder in Xtar, in C15A is almost neutral.

  • To turn the flashlight off Xtar wait 2 seconds making clicky, I do not like.

For a little, I think I prefer the XTAR WK41. When I have protected 14500 battery that fits well in the Xtar, then be my favorite.

EDIT : VIDEO Sunwayman C15A battery 14500 / Xtar WK41 battery 14500

Sw C15A 14500 Video

Xtar WK41 battery 14500 Video

The problem of “14500 zebra” is that it is “flat button”, and physical protection Xtar is avoiding contact.
About NL147, I’m not sure. I think the size is not the guilty. This is Top Button, but protrudes very little (i think this is the reason). The positive in the Xtar 14500 is the same as in the eneloop or alkalines.

Hey nice review. Good use of text in your pictures.

Thanks for a great review Trevi_lux, very much appreciated

Nice Review! I like that diffuser- I wish every decent light came with one, that was similarly styled. It helps turn them into nice camp lanterns.