ReyLight groupbuy: Titanium LAN | New Pineapple | Red Copper Pineapple

Hello my dear friends!

today i got a new groupbuy to run :

3 gorgeous EDC lights from ReyLight

the links in the images will bring you to the shop

ReyLight Titanium LAN


Nichia 219C 470LM Memory Function EDC Tactical Flashlight & Titanium Light


ReyLight New Pineapple
US$ 37.- (48.95) with Code: MRUNP

Nichia 219C 470LM 4Modes Memory Function EDC Tactical Flashlight


Red Copper ReyLight Pineapple Mini
US$ 22.- (29.95) with Code: MRRCP

Nichia 219C 360LM Simple Operation EDC Tactical Flashlight

Verry nice! Pre ordered a pineapple.

Really interesting! I feel tempted to buy the Titanium light. It looks like they used Tritium gas for tailcap illumination but it could also be some GITD-material like phosphorescent pigments.

Will these come with the improved switch Rey is shipping now, or the original loose V3 switch?

They are trits but sold separately.

Thanks. Where can I get these? Banggood does not seem to sell them.

1pcs 1.5x6mm Trit Vials Tritium Multicolor Self-luminous 15-Years

Is that the only size trits the Ti one takes?

Or is that just the tail cap trit?

All are 1,5x6 on the ti ( should be 10 places to put them). Tail switch slots of the other lights are the same size.

FASTTECH has a larger variety of colors of 1,5×6 tritium vials and a little cheaper

It has new button.


Preordered the Titanium and the Pineapple.



$37 is a great deal for the brass pineapple. It’s basically the same as the Ti Lan but with a brass host. It is very heavy solid brass. However I do like the looks of the Ti Lan more. I tempted to buy backups because they are so nice. Have anyone modded them with different driver or emitter?


  1. Dual light source: LED Flashlight & Titanium Light;
    4000K Nichia 219C high CRI (Color Rendering Index) LED.
  2. Reverse polarity protection.
  3. LVP (low voltage protection) for Li-ion battery.
  4. Temperature control to avoid overheating problems.
  5. AR coated lens.
  6. Aluminum alloy orange peel reflector.
  7. Easy clicky switch operation.
  8. Tail stand capability.

Does this mean it comes with Tri? Else dual light source seems to be misleading…

I will get an answer monday

That won’t be possible for this price. Don’t know what they mean, but in their defence they don’t mention tritium.

I think what they mean is that it takes AA or 14500

Maybe it means the Titanium is so shiny that is serves as a second light source by reflecting light. :smiley: I have both the TiLan and Pineapple and there definitely is only one 219c emitter.