RIC from CN "Quality Goods"

Disappointing first / last experience.

I ordered and waited almost a month for my Black SRK to arrive from CN (Ric) and finally got it yesterday.
http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1708 - this is what I ordered and paid for.

RIC assured me it was an excellent batch directly from the original Sky Ray factory. I have evidence of this in PM’s.

All that arrived was a bubble wrapped flashlight, no logo, no lanyard, no receipt, no box.

Extremely disappointed to say the least. As it has no logo, it’s obviously a replica, not what I paid for.

Is this normal for this “reputable” seller? To say he is selling genuine products and actually send out cheap replica’s and pocket the difference?

*EDIT: this issue has now been resolved. RIC mailed me out a new SRK and it works great.
Would be happy to deal with them again in the future.*

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I have so far only good experiences with Ric - he might be busy, but he answers emails and PMs promptly.

I agree that you should have got the box & lanyard. Ric will either send you those or refund a small amount, I'm quite sure about that.

But "no logo" shouldn't really be an issue? Remember that Ric sells those same lights with any logo (if ordered with this logo printing service), so he might have had some no-logo lights in stock => faster delivery. It's the same light, from same factory, for sure. Even the "original" Skyray Kings (like the one I reviewed) were without logos. See the photo here:

All the reviews and vids on YouTube show the SRK coming in a box with a lanyard as a bare minimum, usually with Chinese instructions.

The fact that mine came with none of that was a clear indicator to me I got a cheap knock off. Why would Sky Ray send out any Flashlights without their Logo on it?

I have PM’d him here (hasn’t been on for 4 days) AND asked a question via his website, I hope to hear from him soon. But from what I’ve read, he is pretty slow at getting back to people.

I hope you are right though mate, I really do…

My guess is most of the stock is gone or they are behind in making them. So you got one hot from factory with no logo or documentation. I’ve noticed these chinese dealers sometimes pull the “whatever” trick. They list an item for sale, then forget to put items in the original sale, whether it’s extra o-rings or AAA holders etc…If u really hassle them they just give u in-store discount. I know they’re out to make a quick buck and getting those extra items could be a pain but really makes you realize what their business senses are.

Oh, and I just put my 4 quality 18650 batteries in it and it just flickers at about 5 lumen…the thing doesn’t even work! It barely turns on and fades in and out and flickers!!!

Did you try emailing him here: cnqualitygoods@hotmail.com

I think he responds the fastest via email. Good luck!

Highly unusual…
I’m in rural Australia, my order from CNQG website was ordered on the 12th, arrived 22nd, (including 3 days in Customs), which is good from Singapore or China. I got a tracking number.

It has a logo, is packed in a white box with high density white padding, spare lanyard and O ring and it works well. I ordered other things in the same order and all were delivered.

It was not my first order from CNQG, and all have been of similar speed and good quality.

It sounds like he outsourced or drop shipped your order.
I would not be happy with an inferior torch.

I have now PM’d, wrote on his website and emailed him. Fingers crossed…

I ordered one around the time you seem to have ordered yours, it’s at my local post office today so I should have it this evening or tomorrow. I’ll let you know what shows up for me.

Suncoaster - your SR King is the Black version for $54, U2-1B or T6-1C T6-3C? (ooops, edited)

Ben - is yours U2-1B or T6-1C T6-3C? (ooops, edited)

Wonder if there's a difference, but driver and the rest should be the same.

Oh boy, was recommending the U2 version to a couple of people and was thinking of ordering one myself. Keep us posted.

Hi, lionheart. This is the only contact from CNQG that I have received a reply to.


I have a couple orders and they had not shipped them yet and I forgot to change the address for one (gift for a friend) so I decided to contact them through the order page, sales@cnqualitygoods.com and the email above. I did not try cnqualitygoods@hotmail.com but the email above is for after sales services and I have received a reply from someone at CNQG.

Mine is NW, T6 3C.
An impressive, powerful light.

I’m thinking that Lionheart’s was a “special” order arranged via PM, direct from factory in China ? With factory care or lack thereof in QC, packing, and accessorising.

Mine came from Singapore, with other stuff and was a straight website order, no special instructions or engraving. Had been through the normal supply chain logistics and prep for retail.

Mine is the U2 CW Black version from the link above.
RIC has been in touch via email, will keep people posted on how it goes.

Very happy to delete this thread should RIC follow through and I finish as a happy customer with the product in hand I paid for.

I hope it does work out for you. If it does, would you be so kind as to ask him to PM me, “indenial,” on BLF? He’s never responded to me since my problem arose. I just gave up. Till then, he’s lost a great customer.

Good luck!

PM him on here and you may get a response. I was sending emails every week for a month, but he responded in acouple days on here.

He can be a little slow i find.I think he has a day job also.He usually gets things sorted.Ric can be a little frustrating because of these trates,but hes honest ive found.Iam not making excuses for him.What i have read i cant see any reasonable excuse,its poor service…period.Im about to send a new order.I will hang back to see if thers some more problems and if you get a pleasant resolution,i hope you do.


Ric is a trusted seller on this site he will take care of you give him time. Do not forget it's the busiest time on the season.

I had a DOA Roche F22 from Ric.
I sent it back and got a working one. Shipping was covered by granting discount.
There were some phases getting the discount since CS probably did not have up-to-date info about giving me discount with code mentioned before.
Anyway, Everything ended well!

I’m sure he is, and I’m sure he will look after me with this matter.

He replied to my email saying it’s probably the driver and asked if I could fix it if he sent a new driver. I said I couldn’t fix it.

Hopefully his next move will be sending me a new one ASAP with a return postage paid bag for the faulty one.

i had a problem with my srk, it worked but a light bump particularly on the butt end would turn it off, easily solved with the addition of 4 3/8x1/8 magnets to increase spring tension. if you have some magnets handy you might try that, could be poor contact issues.