Roche F6 Triple

Hi All,
I would like to do my first mod and while there is quite a lot of information in different topics, it’s a bit difficult to try and put it all together and get the information I need, so I thought I would ask my specific questions and hopefully get the information to put this together.

Sorry for all the questions but as I havent modded before with the exception of replacing a few LED’s and tail switches, I need a bit of hand holding :bigsmile:.

I really like the form factor of the F6 (I have one already) and it is a little different to the more common triples out there now such as the Convoy S2 which seems to be done a lot. I think the only thing that will cause me problems is the side switch.

I intend getting XPL-Hi led’s for this mod.

Anyway, on with the questions and your advice would be appreciated:-

1. Is there a supplier (overseas is fine) that can supply LED’s, board, driver, optics that will all fit the F6? Would be good if I can get it all in one place but if not so be it.

2. Can I use the original driver for this mod? If not, what is a good driver that I don’t have to program or alter, what size will fit and where can I get it? 3 or 4 modes without blinkies would be good with a Turbo at one end and a 1 or sub lumen at the other. The middles just to keep it cool and get some run time.

3. Where can I get the LED board from?

4. Optics - I would like a Carclo optic in 10 degrees, as I am hoping for a little more of a throw profile than the original flood characteristics of the F6. I prefer to have a good hotspot and less spill.Where can I get a decent one and what size should I get?

5. Do you think anything else will be required such as retaining rings etc.

6. Is the F6 easy to take apart?

7. Is there anything I have missed ?

While I would certainly like to end up with a pocket rocket, I am fine if it doesnt get as high as some of the 3000 lumen builds I have seen by some of the talented members.

While I know this is not new, all going well, this will help me attempt a second mod which is a MTG2 or XHP50 or 70 in one of my ZY-T08’s.

Thanks for your help !

I got my triple XPL-HIs from Mountain Electronics, soldered and ready for parallel. I also got the Carclo optics from there. A few notes on your project…

You mention you would like throw and a good hotspot. I wouldn’t put those two terms in the same sentence as a triple. You might get less spill but the hot spot will be a lot wider, no matter what LEDs you use.

I have no experience with the F6, but you will need some sort of spacer to fill out the empty space once the reflector is gone. I think one of the main reasons why the Convoy series is popular to convert to triple is because there are spacers available. I wouldn’t have a clue if they will fit in a F6. You might have to find another solution, like soldering copper washers or using something else from the hardware store.

The F6 on FastTech looks like it has AMC7135 chips. If you can solder you could try stacking them, but as that driver looks single sided and you want a pocket rocket you’ll probably need to replace it. Most triples are run on FET drivers. If the driver in the F6 is 17mm, Mountain Electronics should be able to provide you with a driver flashed with the firmware you will need for side switch only. Maybe this one:

I haven’t seen a F6 so I can’t help you with your F6 specific questions. You might be able to find some info of use here: and here

Thanks for the input. A good point about the spacer as I didnt think of that which could cause some problems. I have noticed a lot of members use Mountain Elec and I will probably go through them just waiting to see if anyone has some other places. There are a few topics where people mention making the F6 into triples so I would be interested to see how they did them.

any news with this project?

question-is IMPORTANT to change the side switch by these tripple xpl moddings?its a side switch…

The switch is mounted on the driver, it’s a momentary that doesn’t carry any of the LED current, it just signals the MCU that the button has been pressed.

As far as I know there are only 3 drivers that will fit: the stock driver, DrJones’ F6 driver, and Helios’ Ferrero Rocher. There is not enough vertical height in the head to use the stock driver as a contact board and piggyback another driver on top.