Rolling wave of High CRI Triple or single N219b, or stock Jetbeam RRT-01 Rotaries

I’ll try to get a friends photos of dismatled new rrt so you can see what we have here.
I think it’s more mod friendly than old one plus it’s only 60$ :laughing:)

I suspect that lowering the reflector, or raising the LED on an Original RRT-01, does not address the root cause of the rings in the beam, which is the design of the reflector itself… see the rings in the reflector:

that is why I was glad that no one ordered a single LED modded RRT-01
even though I carry one

the beam from the Triple is very nice, no rings,
a triple just does not have the throw of a single LED

While I had the head apart I measured the reflector I got 12.40 mm height and 18.78 mm in diameter.
I ordered a few reflectors from KD and FT to try out using the Easter Holiday coupons.

Useful info, new RRT01 2019 model :

From left to right :

- Stock RRT01 reflector and standard 20mm TIR optic (Yajiamei for example)

- TIR optic in place-

- Add the stock o-ring, it sits right in the gap

  • Add stock lens and bezel and voilà

Wow, optic?
Never thought about it. Can you please give more info where to get it?

Yajiamei’s store on Ali

You’ll find plenty of configuration on this stores.
From 5 to 60 degrees, beaded, stripped, or smooth surface…
They’re cheap enough so you can buy different ones and see what please you with a given LED

That is exactly what I did with mine. Well a new emitter as well of course. I got the 60mm pebbled ones from Convoy. They work great.

The rings in the beam on the old RRT-01 are definitely caused by the reflector.

I had an OP reflector in my TCR-01. The beam wasn’t bad, but there was a large dim ring just outside the spillbeam, which looked pretty ugly.

Last weekend, I swapped the reflector for a different one with a slightly different shape that I had in my old RRT-01. The new reflector has a smaller hole in the center.

Big improvement. The beam is now perfect with no rings of any kind.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where I got these reflectors. I have a TCR-01, RRT-01 and Niteye Eye10, all probably 5+ years old. Both Jetbeams originally came with smooth reflectors that had a horrible ringy beam. The Niteye had an OP reflector. I replaced the 2 smooth reflectors with aftermarket reflectors. But since then I’ve done so much mixing and matching with these lights I have no idea which reflectors came from where.

thanks for the details, good info for owners of New RRT-01 who want to abandon the reflector.

Very happy to hear you are finding simple solutions for TIR in the New RRT-01

also thanks for your comment that short clips can be bought from Jetbeam. I wrote them, and they are sending me 10, for peanuts.

Happy to hear you found a solution, it gives me hope

both my Stock Niteye Eye10 and my Original RRT-01 modded to sw45, have OP reflectors with large holes in the bottom… I EDC the sw45

some say the OP are better than the earlier smooth reflectors, but imo, the OP are not good either, though I only notice on whitewall testing…

Very Picky, I am :wink:

Could you take a pic of the reflector standing up. Might help give a visual of the shape to look for. I got a few reflectors on order and some have different shapes so that might help. Also does the reflector you have just drop right in or did it take some modifying.

Hi guys. Just wanted to poke my head in here to say hello. I’m back from my holiday and ready to get started on this project.

Unfortunately the goods have not been delivered yet so there is nothing to get on with right now. Could possibly be another week according to the tracking we’ve been given.

This is the first time I’ve undertaken requested mods and a series of them at that. So in all honesty I’m a little nervous about everyone’s satisfaction with their final product. I’ll do my best so it may take a bit of time to get them all finished (especially given delivery of the lights to me is still 1 week away).

For those interested to know, I intend to cut down any and all parts so the host remains unmodified. I haven’t worked on an rrt-01 before but figure it’ll be much the same as the niteye eye10. Also I don’t intend to post pics about the mods.

After some catch up reading I’m also interested to see if a replacement reflector can be found.

Thanks to jon_slider for this opportunity for a bit of fun. I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for him. Not sure if I want to commit to modding more lights since I already have a back log of my own builds as it is.

In the meantime while I’m waiting for the postman I’ll try and get the gold paisley light finished and out of the way.

Pinkpanda thank you for chiming in. Your mods started this wave of madness. Happy to see your reply if you change your mind about mods.
Would you be interested in moding if members send you torches?

I guess that would depend on what the mod was. Also since I’m in Perth Australia, shipping would be a deterrent for most people. The rrt-01’s (note- multiple lights) that jon_slider is having sent to me is actually from within Australia so it seemed economical to take on this project. Shipping a single light both ways US>Perth>US or Euro>Perth>Euro would definitely be higher cost.

Yes, you’re right. I’m in EU and this option could increase price above fun area…

> The rings in the beam on the old RRT-01 are definitely caused by the reflector.

CRX changed the reflector in this TCR-1 and it has a beautiful beam:
(I dont know what he used)

more pics here

I look forward to learning more from moderator007’s reflector testing, among others

Hosts and parts have arrived, build starts soon. Thanks for waiting patiently, there were some shipping delays over Easter.

pinkpanda has kindly offered a choice of glow powders, we are including that option at no extra charge to the buyers

Here are the choices:

I have sent PM to each person who opted to order, a couple have not replied yet.

The lights will be supplied with removable self adhesive glow ring, unless I hear by PM if someone wants glow powder instead.

Just saw it…
Possibilities are endless.
EDIT: looks like i’ve posted in the wrong thread
Sorry OP.

no worries, you gave a good link to Vinhs offerings of the New Version RRT-01 here:

thanks for the heads up, for people who did not get in on this run of Original RRT-01 modded to triples.

For those that are interested. A little progress update. I have cut to size the optics, noctigons and spacers. Still do not have leds on hand. I will move on to the glow tails.

Awesome, thanks for the update!