Rolling wave of High CRI Triple or single N219b, or stock Jetbeam RRT-01 Rotaries

Can’t wait! Thanks for the update!

Very nice, should we PM you if interested in purchasing? Which optics did you use?

this wave of triples are sold out. The optics are Carclo, see post #9.

I can source more Stock Original RRT-01, unmodified.
PM me if you are interested in ordering. The cost is in post #1, listed as option #5

I will post an update to this thread if another group of lights will be built as triples. Until then, you have the option to contact Vinh at , he is offering triples on the New Model RRT-01.

I’m in if you do another round

good to know, thanks for your interest.

I will be happy to bankroll another round, but I dont do my own mods, and pinkpanda only offered to do one batch. I can get more Original RRT-01, but will need to find a modder willing to build more triples.

That will be decided after the current batch arrives at their new homes, and the owners report they are happy.

I was actually curious about ordering just the spacer, optic and mcpcb. Or are they only available via a full purchase of the light?

that is not an option
you will need to find a modder with a lathe to do that for you

there is no option to buy into this batch of triples, they are sold out.

Sounds good, thanks.

keeping a spot here to follow just in case you get another batch of triples. Thank you Jon!

Wow! Triples done right. No hollow space under the star like when I modded mine.

Hopefully another batch of these triples will go on sale!

This is a sale thread…

Yes Please!⇑⇑⇑⇑

Wow, how did I miss this thread?

Jon, if another batch becomes available let me know.

Another update…. or more of an FYI because there’s nothing to update. I still have not received leds so there will be a bit of a delay. Apologies.

Do you have more 3500K single lights?

no single LED modified RRT-01 were built in this round

I will post here if I can organize another Wave of lights
After this round is delivered I will try to make arrangements for another group of lights to be built.

for now this Sale is closed

but feel free to PM me if anyone has interest, or questions

Any updates on this? Can’t handle the wait for this one and my FW3a anymore :wink:

glow tails are done, optics are done, spacers are done, triple boards are on hand.
There was a delay in receiving LEDs and Im waiting to hear…

meanwhile, here is a glow pic :slight_smile:

Thanks Jon!

Thanks, nice pic. Now I can stand the waiting for a while again.