Ruined my Convoy S2+-Was lucky I ordered a spare accidentally that is on the way.

Hi people. After thinking I had been misold an underpowered torch, I managed to get the circuit board out and on the other side was 4. Facepalm moment.

Today I went to resolder it properly as I had new solder, I heated the pill to apply the solder where I needed, both sides.

Turned it on, no light. At all.

Turns out the heat had melted the LED’s coating, so I guess I have broken the LED.

There is no point in me repairing it as it only costs about £9, but lesson learned, I should of just not looked lol.

now you have a host to mod :wink:


And a nice host at that :slight_smile:

Make a triple!!:party:

At least you found the 4 missing chips.


Yeah, maybe you’ve just de-domed the emitter?

^^^^ This! ^^^^

Welcome to the ups and downs of modding conanthewarrior. You sound like you have a really good learning attitude.

Something you said made me wonder if you LED is really ruined. Can you post a picture of it? I'm wondering if the emitter just shifted slightly on its contact pads. A dedomed emitter in that light provide a pretty sweet beam pattern.

You said you heated both sides of the pill. I take it to solder the driver to the pill?.

Best wishes on your next light.

EDIT: Changed wording above.

You're right. It would probably be pointless to repair it. However, it seems you might have acquired an incurable (but sort of benign) condition known as flashaholism.

Soon you might find out how much sense it makes to use this perfectly good host to assemble or maybe even build a new S2+.

These are very nice, aren't they? Good finish, good threads, very serviceable and compact. It's not super compact but it's so much smaller than most other 18650 lights. I just received my 4th S2+(ok, the third was just an empty host and still not finished), the red version. I like this one even more than the gray, black or mini.

There’s no need for a spacer in an S2+. Just drill a hole in the center of the pill for the wires and solder the noctigon to the pill.

I’ve pushed over 8A through mine and it gets uncomfortably hot in around 30 seconds.



Left to Right S2+pill, S2pill, and the proper length for a triple. Maybe with a Looong spring?

Here’s mine. I’ve built two like this with no special consideration taken for anything. Both work perfectly.

Scifi, did you paint the underside of your optic?

Yes I did. When I had it apart I noticed a lot of light leaking out the sides of the optic so I painted it silver. I don’t know precisely how much it helped but it took my low from “easy to stare at” to “almost painful to stare at.” Of course, these are accidentally dedomed so that may have something to do with the light leakage.

great picture of the size comparisons between the S2 and the S2+ !

I will get a picture tommorow, it is possible I just de domed it, but the torch does not work now, even with the solder in place. It did, but I wasn’t completely happy with the soldering, should of left it as is.

But, using it as a host for something else sounds fun :slight_smile:

Well it looks like I have just de domed the LED. Any idea why it isn’t working? I soldered the board back how it was to the pill, but it melted the LED Cover

LED De Domed:

Board soldered back:

Any ideas why it wont work at all?

Might have broken the bond wires on the emitter. They are tiny and easily broken.

Ahh I hope not. Some people were saying it may not be broken and I just de domed it and it needs repositioning, Next week hopefully the S2+ arrives and I am leaving that one well alone lol.

This broken one I can play with and try some stuff.