S2+ 18350/16340 version and CR123 version

S2+ 18350/16340 version

S2+ CR123 version

Sweet but big for keychain.
Forward button is a plus for single mode.
Except driver & switch, is there any difference in flashlight body, between the 2 variants?


Wow…that’s awesome!

17mm driver?

very very cool!

Will there be a host option for these?

not for keychain ,just show the size.
the hosts are no different,

yes ,will add it on my shop in the future

NICE Simon!!

Please, tell me the head / body is interchangeable with the standard (18650) S2+!
Also is S2 body / head interchangeable with S2+?

Nice. I had an s2 on my wishlist I might have to go for the 16340 version now.

Radioactive, S2+ is different from the S2 though.

Yesss! That would be awesome if they where :slight_smile:

I would love to buy an extension tube for my S2 to use with the efest purple 18350’s.

Although the use of the word extension is kinda like a contradiction in terms, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine a triple with a 17DD! Yeah…it would be a light grenade…ultra stupid bright for a short time mainly because the battery would get sucked dry in a matter of minutes…but just imagine such a small light with that many lumens! :smiley:

I believe the S2+ is the one with the larger pill (more threads) and the short reflector so no need for the extension…only problem…not alot of thermal mass at all for those 3 XP-G2’s or dome sliced XP-L’s, wads of lights…but also wads of heat

And just switch the head if you want a little less crazy.

Your hand is the heatsink.

Ah fooey…I missed the options

Can I get mine upgraded Simon? I want 4*7135 and XML2 T6-4C
Order NO:64319319773152

Please start making the s2+ with a tail like the s2 . I like the finish much better but hate that split tail business ..it adds to many sharp edges and makes them poor tailstanders . Also how about making a real clip like the old D-10 nitecore clips instead of that 1$ cheap junk ones that people throw on the convoy lights .It makes a nice light feel cheap , or a cheap light feel expensive ..> <

i also like the less floody deeper reflectors like the original s2

1+ for a good pocket clip!

Me too.
Would the s2 reflector fit into the s2+ head in any way? I guess driver cavity in the pill is too deep, taking up room. Could be cut down.

Could 7135*5 be done?

Or 7135*8. You know you want it!

yes ,but the first batch S2+ can not

ok ,note

i can make it ,but i think big current will damage the battery

Sorry, which question are you answering here?