[Sale] 7. batch DD 1S/2S Bistro HD OTSM/NarsilM/Anduril drivers 12-47.5mm size S2+, C8, H03, MT03, Q8 Clicky or E-switch

I believe it can make the ramp less smooth between the AMC channels and the FET. So as it transitions between channel 2 and 3 you might get a brief drop or increase in brightness. That’s about all I can think of.

Thanks. I was hoping that’s the only thing to worry about. I can just edit ramping table and reflash if it gets too ugly. Will wait for Lexel’s reply just to be sure.

there is nothing obvious going from like FET+6+1 to 3+1, 2+1 or 1+1 need editing for good ramping behavior
removing all middle AMCs of course needs 2 channel ramping tables but on the 3 channel pinout

Wow, those must be exceptionally bad amc7135 chips. Usually I see them light up somewhere around 5 to 10 (out of 255). I wonder how companies acquire good ones.

Thanks Lexel. I have a couple of my smaller lights that I want max linear to something lower and improve efficiency at mid levels. They can’t sustain 7 AMC output for long anyways. Might improve performance with 3S nimh/alkaline too (for backup) but not sure. So probably 3, 4 or 5 AMCs on the middle channel. Will test which one is best for me. Would not want to remove all of them cause that would defeat the purpose.

Got some stuff from Lexel this week :wink: All working fine!
Thanks for the single sided 15mm drivers :wink:

BTW, the Nitecore Tube was a light for sale in this thread : Selling a lot stuff Germany/EU

Lexel, do you have an e-switch driver that will work with 3v leds and 1-2 li-ion (to extend the working time)?

20mm minimum size

I need 28mm. I would like to use with quad xpl. What is the maximum current for 1S and 2S?
One more thing. I don’t follow your threads regularly. Do you have boost drivers for xhp35 hi and 2S?

Interesting to know!
Not now, but I may be in for one later.

DD drivers can easily handle 20A, even 30A are no big deal with the Infineon MOSFET
30mm can be reduced to 24mm as they have extra wide copper ring

I’m unclear if your asking about the max current for a 1S driver and a 2S driver or a driver that can be run with one or two batteries.

To run one or two cells requires a more complex design to reduce the voltage when you have two cells in it.

Lexel was working on Boost drivers, but they are not available yet.

I mean a driver that can be run with one or two batteries.

I have an extension tube for one light and I would like it to work in both configurations (1S and 2S) with 3V leds.

This is what I wanted to know. Do you know when they will be available?

I am asking for the maximum current, because in one thread you wrote:

I thought they would be ready in early 2018, but they have been delayed, a lot. I kind of gave up on them coming out. MTN E has a couple of boost drivers, but I don’t think the e-switch versions are available yet. Just the tail switch ones.

I just got a skilhunt H03 with a dead driver, and would like to order a driver to replace it. Do I just post here? how do I pay?

Lexel will contact you through the PM (Personal Message) system. He’ll get all the details and you pay through PayPal.

excellent, thanks!

I always say PM me, I don’t keep always track of my topics, but PMs get an E-mail alert
PayPal is the most common way, but also bank account can work

I got a lot done this weekend on drivers and Aux boards

Finished fitting my Lexel driver to my MF04S today, running Anduril - happy customer here.

Just wanted to say that my current set of EDC lights and my “soon to be finished” modded light are all using Lexel’s drivers with Bistro HD OTSM firmware.
I am using 15mm, 17mm and 22mm drivers !
Thanks for your work :+1: